Friendship At First SITE

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  • Published: 18 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 18 Aug 2014
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Two people. Two computers. One Friendship.

Tess receives a simple message online from a boy named Alex. Little do they both know, this message is the start of an amazing friendship.


5. Chapter Five - Final

Dear Alex,


Thank you so much for the trip to New York. It was amazing. It was so cool to finally meet you. I can officially call you my best friend. Not that you weren’t before but now that we’ve met, it’s different. Your house is amazing! It was so nice to stay somewhere other than a flat. Your parents are so nice and so is your sister. All your pets are awesome and your friends are so nice. Ahhhh, it just seems so surreal.


You’ll have to come over here at some point, Alex. You’d love Brighton. Sorry this is so short I’m just really happy and I don’t know what else to say, I’m going to go and upload the photos to my laptop now! I will email you them!


From your official best friend,





From: Tess

To: Alex

Subject: Photos

              Attachments—statue of liberty.jpg

                                      blogging together.jpg

                                      you being a complete dork.jpg

                                      slideshow of all the pictures.mp4


I individually attached my favourites and the video is all the photos I took. Enjoy!!



From: Alex

To: Tess

Subject: Wow


Some of those photos are amazing! Oh, I sent you a letter in reply to the one you sent me, hope you get it soon.



Dear Tess,


It’s so funny that in a little under a year, we’ve created an amazing friendship. I never thought that when I messaged you online one day, that I was making friends with this awesome and ‘really cool’ girl. I’m so glad I sent that message, I don’t and never will regret it. It was the best decision ever.


Meeting you was so weird and amazing and crazy. Before, you were just a person on a screen and then you were a real person standing in front of me. It was so insane. We should do it again but this time me coming to you. We’ll try and sort something out next summer. But for now, we have this summer and that’s perfect.


I’m so glad I found you Tess. You went from being my internet friend to my official best friend. I hope it stays that way forever. And I know it will. 


From your eternal best friend




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