Skylar Rickards was a normal girl just like anybody else. 5 Seconds of Summer. Her enemy's. But we're they really? Or was there friendship going to bloom. Just friends? Or something more.
Sorry summary sucks not good with summaries.


4. Not him!

"Lucy sent me over to get you."

"Oh um okay...sorry for being rude?"

"It's okay you weren't expecting me."

"Um yeah..."

"Let's just go."

So just my luck Calum is my new neighbor! But then I can watch his beautiful face every mornin-NO SKYLAR STOP IT YOU HATE HIM!!! But he's just so nice and beautiful! STOP IT!

"Skylar? Sky? HELLO?!?"

"Huh what?"

"You zoned out." Calum said as we entered Lucy's house.

"Oh um sorry, just thinking."

"What about? How hot I am?"

"Ha! That's funny! I hate you and don't forget it!"

"Sure you do! You want me! So bad you hate me!"

"No I don't you asshole"

"Geez someone's on their period!"

"Ugh, no I'm not!"

"Skylar! There you are! Thank you Calum for getting her! That was very nice of you! I see you to are getting to get along."

"Your welcome Lucy. And yes we will get along great." That bastard he's smirking I just know it! Calum turns to look at me, yes that bastard is freaking smirking at me!

"You better wipe that smirk off your face or I'll gladly do it for you!"

"With a kiss?"

"Hell no!"

"You must be Skylar! Lucy has said a lot about you! Oh! So has Calum! Calum! She's prettier than you said!!!" Said I'm assuming Calum's mother.

"Mom! I didn't say that!!

"Yes you did! Remember? The other day? You said 'mom I can't take it anymore Skylar is so beautiful! I wish she didn't hate me so much! Oh! Maybe it's a love hate! Nah she hates me. Sadly...maybe I can make her like me as a friend at least! I love her!! Sjfjcjsnsjcksjabdj'

Now it was my turn to smirk.

"Oh really now? Geez Calum I didn't know you had it in you!" I turned to look at Calum his face red as a tomato.

"Let's go see if Lucy needs help, Mom? Come help?"

"Oh no Calum your to busy loving me so you just sit down and keep 'loving' me! Oh and Mrs.Hood you can have a seat too! I'll go help Lucy."

I can feel eyes on me the hole time...more like a glare so I know who it is. I made my way into the kitchen to help Lucy but she wasn't there. Hmm..I'll go look for her. I went upstairs to look for her and found her in her room.

"Hey Lucy can I talk to you?"

"Sure sweetie! What's wrong?"

" I don't know what I think about this guy, I mean I think I do. But I've been feeling something else when I'm around him. I mean I say I hate him but he he's so cute and sweet then he's a total asshole! What do I do?!?!!!!!???"

"Oh sweetie it sounds like a love-hate relationship. Tell me about him."

"Well he's just so nice, he's really cute, he's tall and has brown hair and is tan and has brown hair, he's in a band. But then he can be a cocky arrogant bastard! But we hate each other! We're enemy's! What is wrong with me?!?! GAH!!!!!"

"Well it sounds like you love the person. No matter how much you hate him you still love them. You can't help if you love him, you can't change it so make the best of it!"


"Like I said you can't change on who you love. But we need to get dwonstairs, we has guest! Who is the boy anyway?"

" Calum..."

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