The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


10. Day 4 (part one)

Rose spent the morning feeling like crap. She was attatched to nurmerous machines and was unable to breathe properly. Her mum and best friend, Mickey, made their way down to the hospital as soon as possible. Unfortunately for Rose, her mum didn't stop crying and she knew Rose's time will be over soon.

Amy and David were unable to grant access to leave the school and see her which annoyed them to the measures where they tried to leave the school themselves to only be caught. 

David was worried sick about her. The shock had finally left him and panic replaced it. He was a wreck. Crying, shouting, refusing to calm down. He wanted to see his girlfriend and he wanted to see her now. 

"David, my dear David, if you don't calm the hell down about Rose then I will slap you with a freaking fish until you bleed enough blood for me to drown you in." River told him as they sat down together in his room. It was break time and he hadn't gone to lessons. River, being the kind person she is, checked up on his and she was right to.

River didn't know the whole story of Rose but she knew she was ill as anything. 

"I need to see her!" David yelled, making his baby doll cry. He looked down at Mickey, feeling bad but he didn't go to comfort him.

"David John Tennant!" River yelled at him. "Grow up! This is the real world not some fairy tale! You can't get what you want in life just by asking. You have to work for it. You have to do something in exchange. The sooner you realise this, the better." She glowered at him and picked up Poppy.

Without saying another word, she left the room and went to her next lesson which was science.

David didn't know what to do nor say so he went back into his bed and silently wept.

(  .  )(  .  ) <.< 

Dan spent his first 2 lessons fleeting away from Phil. Phil was pissed at Dan for lying and he wanted answers. Everything was crashing down and Dan was scared. He didn't speak a word to Dean, his best friend. He didn't answer the register for the first two lessons which annoyed the teachers. He only wrote down the work and kept quiet.

He wasn't purposely giving everyone the silent treatment. He was just paranoid that if he said anything, it would be the wrong thing.

There was only a faint mark left on Dan's face from Mr Meyers but Phil questioned him about it and Dan still didn't answer. Zoe was worried about Dan, although they weren't the best of friends, she still knew what was happening and she hated it.

Cas was also worried. He felt bad for Dan and wanted to help him but there was nothing he could do without betraying him. 

"I swear to god Dan, I am leaving you if you don't answer me." Phil said seriously as they walked to their third class of the day. He had just finished another antagonising detention with Mr Meyers and he was ready to die already. Dan stopped in the middle of the hallway, wide eyed. "I'm serious, Daniel. You lied to me and now you are ignoring me!" 

"I..." Dan croaked out. "Please don't." He said, tears in his eyes. 

"Then tell me where you were yesterday and who hit you!" Phil yelled at him. Dan was quiet. 

"I can't." He said and walked to science. Although the lesson was spent a desk away from Phil, he was happy that he didn't have to do much in his lessons. 

He walked into the room and sat down by Cas who was quiet. Mrs Amosi wasn't in the room yet so the few students that like to make it on time were loud and annoying. Dan rested his head against the desk. 

"I'm sorry to be a nusance here but, your lover is looking at you quite hatefully." Cas spoke up. Dan looked up and saw Phil frowning at him. "Want to tell me what happened?"

Dan shook his head when the students suddenly stopped talking. His eyes flickered to the door where Mr Meyers had just walked in through. 

Oh, God, Dan thought to himself as the evil man took a seat at Mrs Amosi's desk. "I'm going to be taking your class today. So shut up, sit down and detention for a week to anyone that misbehaves." He said. Dan sighed, this is going to be a long lesson.

"What happened to Mrs Amosi?" Sherlock asked from his seat at the front. Mr Meyers narrowed his eyes at the student. 

"She's ill. The rain gave her a cold and I told her I would cover for her, why? Do you have a problem?" He asked.

"No, Sir. Just curious." Sherlock shrunk back down into his chair.

"That's what I thought." Mr Meyers hummed to himself. "Register." He called out names. And half way through, he got to Dan's. Now, does he answer and surprise everyone or ignore it and be in even more trouble. 

"Yes, sir." He mutters. Phil looks at him strangely, as do some other people that have been in his lessons. 

"Pardon?" Mr Meyers says as if he doesn't hear Dan. He gulps and says 'yes sir' louder. Mr Meyers smirks and continues on with the register.

Throughout the whole lesson, Mr Meyers picked on Dan and he hated it. Phil sensed Dan didn't like where this was going and 15 minutes before the end, he had had enough. 

"Sir!" He yelled out. 

Mr Meyers turned and looked at him with disgust. Phil frowned but continued anyway. "You are showing an awful lot of favouritism towards Dan..." 

"Excuse me?" He asked shocked. The class went silent and all eyes were on them. 

"I'm just saying that you keep picking on Dan for every answer when it's easy to see he doesn't want to answer." Phil said. Although he was scared like hell of Mr Meyers, he needed to stick up for his boyfriend. "Maybe it's not favouritism... how about you are bullying him?" 

Castiel's ears perked up and Dan froze. 

"Mr Lester, would you mind shutting up?" Mr Meyers asked. Phil frowned. "I know that your boyfriend," he spat, "is behind in a lot of things so I am making sure he understands." 

Phil sank back down in his chair, he could feel Dan's eyes burning into his back. "Okay, Sir." He mumbled and looked down. 


"Shut up, Humpfrey!" Katniss whined at the crying doll. 

"Katniss, please!" Peeta insisted. "Let me take him and quieten him down!" 

"No!  I need to do something for once." She replied and rocked Humpfrey harder. And he still didn't quieten down.

"Katniss..." Peeta warned. 

"Shut up goddammit." She growled at it. Peeta stepped behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. 

"Slowly rock him." He whispered in her ear. They started swaying from side to side with Thirty Seconds to Mars playing in the background. Humpfrey hiccuped and so Katniss started singing along to the sound. 

"We were the kings and queens of promise... we were the victims of ourselves, maybe the children of a lesser God, between Heaven and Hell... Heaven and Hell." She sang quietly and soon he was asleep. They stood there, swaying for the rest of the song, Peeta's head resting on her shoulder. 

"Thank you." She whispered greatfully. He wanted to kiss her cheek, he wanted to relive this moment in 8 years time, holding their first born baby. 

But that wouldn't happen. 

"It's okay," he smiled warmingly at her and removed his hands. He walked away from her.

Katniss' eyes followed him. She felt butterflies in her belly when he hugged her. This was new... She had never experienced his touch ever like that, and yet she craved for it. 

They were in Art right now, the radio playing on Kerrang! after a class debate. They were working on some coursework that needed to be finished soon. It was portraits of people, anyone they'd like, but it had to be donw in an interesting way. Pop art, black and white, anything. 

Katniss was doing an outline of her idol, Alex from All Time Low, using black and white song lyrics but then she was going to blow around some watercolour paint on the most important lyrics. 

Where as Peeta was drawing Katniss, the back of her, walking through the woods at sun down. He used watercolours too, but pastel ones. 

"That looks cool." John pointed out. He sat next to Peeta trying to do a chalk drawing of some man with curly hair.

"Thanks," he mumbled to continued on, humming along to Fall Out Boy. Spending so much time around Katniss and her music payed off.

"I know it's Katniss." He said.

"Huh.." Peeta was trying to focus but John really wasn't helping him. He looked over to his neighbours art. "Sherlock. Why Sherlock?" He pondered.

John shrugged. He looked over to Sherlock who was washing his brushes.

"I see the way you look at him." Peeta said. John sighed. 

"Oh yeah? I could say the same for you and Catnip." John answered back. After a few moments of sitting in silence, Peeta spoke up.

"Love sucks." 

"Yeah..." John replied with out thinking.

"Wait.. you love Sherlock?" Peeta asked, wide eyed. 

"Fuck!" He exclaimed. "Please don't tell a soul." John whimpered, looking down shamefully.

"I promise... that's quite expected you know? You and Sherly... I could see that happening." Peeta reassured him. 

"Thanks, mate." He continued darkening Sherlocks hair, on the piece of paper. 

"Doesn't he feel the same way?" Peeta further questioned. 

John shook his head. "He hardly takes notice of me." He picked up Jane from her car seat and mixed up a bottle of baby stuff. He started to feed her carefully and continued to talk. "We ... if you even want to associate us as a 'we' anymore; barely talk. I've tried talking to him more and yeah, he's opened up a little but not so much." 

Peeta nods. "In my opinion, you'd make an adorable couple." He smiled at him.

"5 MINUTES UNTIL LUNCH. PACK AWAY NOW, KIDDIES." Their teacher yelled at them. The boys cleaned up without sharing another word. 

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