The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


8. Day 3 (part two)

"David! Put Sherlock down now!" Miss French yelled at him. 

"NO! Castiel! Please, stop crying!" 

"I swear to the waffle Jesus, Katniss! Turn that damn song off!" 

"I am the rebellion, Miss French!" Katniss yelled back. "COME ON LADIES, COME ON LADIES, ONE POUND FIIIIIIISH!" She screamed at the top of her lungs while her phone also blared out the lyrics. 

"HAVE A, HAVE A LOOK ONE POUND FISH. HAVE A, HAVE A LOOK ONE POUND FISSSH. VERY VERY GOOD ONE POUND FISH. VERY VERY CHEAP ONE-" Matt joined in, standing on the table, thrusting into the air. 

"ENOUGH!" Miss French screamed. The whole classroom went quite. "Thank you." She sighed. 

"Shrek is love, Shrek is life." Amy whispered. And that sent the kids off again, in fits of laughter. 

"Hey, Pete? Do you know the llama song?" Katniss called over to him. He was busy doodling on a piece of paper he found at the back of the room. 

"Please. Do not. Call me. Pete." He growled. "Yeah. I do. Why?" 

"Fancy doing some harmonizing?" She asked, eyes as big as a pup's.

"Hmm." He looked down at his drawing. "Sure." He looked back up and got out of his seat. 

"Lemme go find some more peeps first, Pete." Katniss grinned. He let out an ugff kind of sound and threw his arms back. 

"I give up!" He exclaimed. 

"You and me both." Miss French muttered with her head on the desk.

Soon enough, Katniss had 3 other people with her who knew the lyrics and they were ready to start. "Here's a llama, there's a llama and another little llama. Fuzzy llama funny llama llama llama duck." They started off earning a groan from their Scottish Spanish teacher.

"Llama llama cheesecake llama tablet brick potato llama llama llama mushroom llama llama llama duck!" The group of 5 grinned at each other. 

"I WAS ONCE A treehouse I LIVED IN A cake BUT I NEVER SAW THE WAY THE oranged SLAYED THE rake. I WAS ONLY 3 YEARS dead BUT IT TOLD A TALE SO LISTEN LITTLE CHILD TO THE safety rail." They yelled and whispered. 

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE?" Mr Meyers yelled as he entered the class. 


Even Katniss and her people had shut up. 

You could feel the students hearts racing. No one dared to speak.

"Thank you, sir." Miss French said with happiness but after being given the biggest death glare in her life, she sunk away.

"I have been gone for less than 40 minutes and I come back to find my students, my most trusted students, bleating and yelling like a load of sleep deprived monkeys!" He bombarded them. The students sunk away from him as he started walking up and down the classroom. 

A baby started crying. Jane. Sherlock and John's baby. Wide eyed, Sherlock reached over to Jane and started comforting her, rocking her back and forth. 


"Yes sir?" He said polietly, trying to calm the baby down. 

"Shut the kid up now." He glared at him. 

"I'm trying." He muttered under his breath but was still heard. 

"Would you like to repeat yourself?" Mr Meyers asked with a raised eye brow and and an evil smirk.

"No sir, sorry sir." Sherlock said, resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the head. 

Mr Meyers hummed in satisfaction while his eyes roamed the room. "There's some students missing, Miss French." He turned to her while she furrowed her eyebrows. 

"Is there? I didn't get time to do the register." She said. 

"You must've done a head count," he insisted. "Or taken down names." Miss French said nothing and bowed her head. "We will need to talk later on, Miss French. Dan Howell, Phil Lester and PJ Liguori. Anyone know where they are?" 

No one spoke because no one knew. 

"Anyone?" He asked again and sighed. "Well I can't go looking for them. It's flooding outside." Mr Meyers said to himself. "I'll be back later on with food. And if I come in to hear any shouting or see any bad behaviour, you will be on detention for the rest of the month." He said and walked out, closing the door behind him. 

"Thank God." Miss French sighed, earning a few dirty looks from the students. "Just... quieten down please. Or else you will sit here in silence and do sheet work." 

In the corner of the room, Rose sat quietly with Amy. They both read together, neither really wanting to be told off. Or move for that matter. 

"Amy." Rose said all of a sudden. Amy looked up from her book and her glasses fell down her nose slightly.


"I think I'm going to throw up." She said quickly, covering her mouth with her hand hidden in her blazer. 

"Oh christ um..." 

"Dammit!" She said loudly. Rose stood up as did Amy, just not as fast, and followed her to the front of the classroom.

"Miss, Rose is going to be sick. I'm just going to take her to the toilet." Amy informed Miss French who nodded. Amy turned around to find Rose gone already, the classroom door left open. 

"Rose!" Amy yelled after her, waddling along. Because, you might as well waddle after your cancer striken friend who is going to die soon.

Amy entered the girls toilets to hear the sound of vomit and coughing colliding together to make one big noise that honestly, no pun intended, sounded like someone was dying.

"God, Rose." Amy said, crouching down beside, rubbing her friends back and holding back her short blonde hair. 

"I-I'm sorry!" She stuttered out after coughing out a load of blood. 

"I need to take you to the nurse! Or someone..." Amy insisted but then thought about where the nurses office is compared to their current location. Not going to happen.

"They'll just send me to hospital." She said sadly. "I don't want to spend my last moments alive in a bloody hospital, Amy." 

And cue the stupid eavesdropper. David was standing behind the shut girls toilet door, listening into their conversation. At first he was confused, worried even. 

Now, after his heart is broken, he felt numb. Last moments all that ran through Davids' head. Why didn't she tell him something was up!?

"Rose." He whimpered. He pushed open the door to see a scene no boyfriend would want to witness. His girlfriend was pale, blood around her mouth and a few splashes on her clothes. Eyes that were once filled with hope, grey as the morgue. 

"David!" Amy gasped. Rose lifted her head out of the toilet for that split moment. She wished she didn't see. 

She wished she didn't see the love of her life, crying. Shattering into dust before her. 

It wasn't much longer later, did she throw up even more blood. 

David should move to help her. He would have moved. He could not move. He was frozen in shock at the scene playing in his head, Rose's words echoing constantly.

"There there, it's going to be okay." Amy whispered to her. 

"When were you going to tell me?" David muttered. He slowly moved forwards but still left a large gap between him and his girlfriend. 

"David..." Rose said weakly, looking up at him in despair. "I swear I w-was. I n-n-needed time." She coughed once more, nothing coming up thankfully. Her voice was dry, like she had never touched water before.

"When?" He asked sternly. His eyes flickered between the blood and her a few times. 

"I-I'm sorry..." She whispered, her eys fluttering.

"Rose? Come on! Stay with me." Amy said, her eyes wide with fear. And then the eyes shut. And Amy cried. 

"Rose!" Amy screamed. "Come on David! We need to get her to the nurse, now!" David finally moved. He was feverish about touching her. She was cold. 

"Oh my giddy aunt.." He whispered to himself. She smacked him. He needed to do something. So she slapped him across the face. 

"David! Girlfriend! Dying!" Amy cried. David picked Rose up bridal style and ran out of the bathroom, Amy following him quickly behind. Stuff being pregnant. This is a life or death situation. 

They reached the door that seperated them and the storm. "We have to take the chance. It's just a bit of water." Amy said reassuringly and held the door open for David to get through. He nodded and legged it out into the storm, Amy following closely behind. 

It was hard to see anything out in the courtyard. But they knew the school after spending a few years there. 

Their feet and legs were being dragged back by the flooding. Constantly wiping away the running rain water from their faces, they basically swam towards the door where their safety retreat sat. 

"Rose! Come on darling!" David yelled over the rumbling thunder. A mob of lightning danced across the sky, making Amy scream in fright. 

Finally, they reached the door which Amy opened with struggle. Water cascaded onto the wooden floor, making the challenge harder as running on wet floors is hard. 

And slippy. 

"NURSE!" Amy yelled. "NURSE!" They finally reached the nurses station which was a mini hospital. But with the power being out, it was time for some old fashioned care. 

"Oh my gosh! Look at you three and-" Nurse Jenny Lee stopped when she saw Rose. "Put her on the bed." David nodded, not saying anything. 

"She... She's been throwing up blood for ages and it was bad this time. OhmygodMisswhatdoIdo?" Amy said in a rushed voice with water dripping off her. She shook in the cold room. 

"How long has she been doing this for?!" The nurse said, checking Rose's pulse and pulling a thin blanket over her. "Go get some thicker blankets for me, David. Go to your room! Get the duvet! It's bad enough she's like this but we can't afford for her to catch hypothermia." David said nothing and ran out. 

"I ... Rose hasn't told any staff?" Amy said. "She's got terminal lung cancer. She's going to hate me for saying this but she said she's going to die within the next month." 

"Holy crap. Right um...DAMN I NEED POWER!" Jenny exclaimed. "I can't check her lungs properly or anything and she needs to go to the proper hospital!" 

"I'll call 999 okay? Calm down!" Amy instructed. She pulled out her mobile phone that still had 78% charge and dialed 999. 

"Hello, 999, which service do you require?" The operator asked kindly. 

"Ambulance please." Amy stuttered out, shaking still. 

"Hello? What is your emergency?" 

Amy explained everything and soon enough they were on their way. It's just the flooding roads they have to get through. Maybe they'll send air ambulance.

"Here." David said, panting as he handed Jenny Lee Rose's duvet and Amy a blanket. 

"Cheers." She smiled, snuggling into the warmth. "I just called for an ambulance."

"The best we can do for Rose now is to keep her breathing." Jenny Lee put Rose into the recovery position. "To keep her airways clear." She told a curious David. 

"How do you remember that?" He asked quietly. 

"Funny story, back in year 10 in secondary school, we did first aid training. The man, I can't remember his name, showed us the basics. There's a rhyme he showed us. 'Please sir' you say first, lifting your hand, 'slap my face' so you put the other hand on the cheek palm facing up. 'Lift my leg' that's pretty obvious. 'And roll me over' also obvious. All together, it's easy to remember. 'Please sir, slap my face, lift my leg and roll me over.'" She explained. 

Because it's good to know this.

"There's also the Doctors DRS ABC which I would tell you about but I hear sirens." Jenny Lee went out the room to see an air ambulance team drop down to the ground from a ladder and into the mini river.

Jenny Lee banged on the glass to indicate where they were. The paramedics rushed in to see Rose on the bed. 

"Lung cancer. Coughing up blood." She explained to them. They nodded and put Rose onto a stretcher then strapped her in tightly. They covered her up with a foil blanket so the rain doesn't get her anymore wet nor cold. 

"Wait! Can we come with?" David pleaded. 

"I'm sorry but there's not enough space. We'll call you though, when she wakes up." The paramedic said sincerely. 

David nodded sadly. The paramedics took her away carefully transporting her up the ladder and don't ask me how they did it, okay? They are magic.

The room went quiet. "I think you two can stay here or go back to your dorms if you want. There's no way am I letting you back in that rain." Jenny Lee said, looking soulfully at them. 

"I think I'm just going to go to bed." Amy yawned. 

"Ditto. I'm cold and tired and I need to change." David seconded.

"I'll contact Mr Meyers and tell him where you are, don't worry." Jenny Lee said. 

"OH CRAP!" David yelled in realisation. "I left my kid in the care of Matt." He facepalmed. 

"Oh Matthew..." Jenny Lee said curtly. "He's quite the character, isn't he? I've had him in here more times then he's been to lessons." 

"He's a good kid. Just.. vunerable and people take advantage of that." Amy defended him. The blanket she had around her was now soaked and she was back to shivering. 

"Hmmm. He's good to have a chat with when he's sober." Jenny Lee replied. "Now! I'm sure your kids are in good care! Go get warm before you get ill." She shooed them away from the room and out into the corridor. 

"Thanks, Miss." David sighed and walked away.

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