The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


5. Day 2 (part two)

Sherlock really could not handle 2 babies. Biggest mistake he had ever made. The crying and the pooping and the feeding and the lack of concentration he could deliever to the teacher was small and just about to be gone completely. Mrs Amosi, his science teacher, was annoyed with the babies to say the least but she didn't say anything.

Zoe, David, Rose, Castiel, Phil and Sherlock filled one table. All were tired. All were grouchy. All were about to drown their babies batteries in the habour that was only a 15 minute walk away. 

Learning about the carbon cycle to them, was boring, useless, rubbish. So they had to entertain themselves. "Follow my lead. And remember your kids." David whispered to the other 5. They looked at him with curiousity but paid attention. 

"HOLY MOTHER OF PANCAKES!" He suddenly screamed out, making his classmates jump 10 feet in the air. "GET IT OFF OF ME!" He stood up out of his seat quickly and started smacking his body in random places. 

"David!" Mrs Amosi sighed. "Please sit-" 

"OH MY JESUS BEARD IT'S ON ME TOO!" Zoe screamed and believe it or not, the others actually believed that she wasn't acting for just a second. She also stood up and frantically patted her school uniform. 

"Zoe!" Mrs Amosi facepalmed. 

"What is this!?" Zoe screeched and jumped closer towards the door after picking up her baby's car seat. 

"It's on me too, Miss! Ah!" Rose Tyler screamed her head off and ran next to Zoe with Mickey in her arms. David was soon next to the two girls along with Castiel, Phil and reluctantly, Sherlock.

"Go to your head of year now, please." Mrs Amosi said, shaking her head at the 6 teens. They rushed out of the room without a fuss and closed the door before celebrating their victory. 

"Yes! Way to go Dave!" Rose said and kissed him passionately on the lips. Phil wolf whistled at the two, earning a punch from David. 

"Ow!" He cried in 'pain'. 

"Grow a pair, Lester." Rose giggled at him and then coughed a little. 

"Guys, what are we going to do now?" Castiel asked uncomfortably. 

"Well, I don't know about you but I'm going back to my dorm room." Phil said and walked off with little Harry in his arms. 

Sherlock sighed, "I'm beat. See you later. Thanks for the get out of class card, David. I owe you one." He nodded at him and left with Jane and Elizabeth.

That just left the 4 of them. "I need food." Zoe says and turns in the direction of the cafeteria. 

"But break wasn't that long ago..." Castiel trailed off. "I feel bad for leaving the lesson..." 

"You need to loosen up a little bit, orphan." David said, making Castiel's blood boil in rage. 

"David!" Rose gasped, "that was fucking horrible! Say sorry to him now!" Rose smacked her boyfriend over the head. 

"It's fine." Castiel gritted through his teeth. "Just leave it." 

"No! David, apologise now." Rose continued. 

"I'm sorry, Castiel, that was kind of out of order. Forgive me, mate?" David offered a hand which Castiel ignored. 

"I said it is fine. Now, Zoe wanted food." Castiel changed the subject and walked over to Zoe. 

The four of them walked over to the cafeteria in an awkward silence thanks to the tension between David and Castiel. Zoe and Rose walked behind the two, staring at them intensely. 

Turning one last corner by some lockers, the quartet stopped. 

"You fucking skiving faggot." They heard a male voice snarl. Castiel stepped forwards but Zoe gave him a look to tell him not to go. "I have had enough of your shit and that gay boyfriend of yours. You fucking make me sick." Mr Meyers. 

"I'm sorry, Sir." A younger boy said. 

"I don't believe you, you piece of worthless shit. How dare you defy the school rules? What, do you think you are better than everyone else?!" Silence. "Do you!?" 

"No sir." Dan Howell whispered shamefully. 

"You will be spending break, lunch and 2 hours after lessons with me, Howell. For the next two weeks, I am going to make your life a living hell. Now get your fat ass to your lesson." Mr Meyers screeched at the poor boy who was almost in tears. 

"Fuck." David muttered under his breath. All the teens were dumbfounded with what they had just heard. Does Phil know? Why is Mr Meyers doing this?! It's illegal... child abuse.... It breaks so many child protection acts. 

A sigh and a smack came from Dan around the corner. "Ow shit." He mumbled and started walking towards the eavesdroppers. He stopped in front of them with wide eyes and had stopped rubbing his bleeding knuckle. 

"W-what are you guys doing h-here?" He asked innocently. No one spoke. Dan's uniform was a mess and his red eyes made him look worse. Hangovers must hit him hard. 

"What the fuck Daniel James Howell." Zoe looked at him sternly. "Why didn't you tell us that was happening?" She asked softly. He looked down, ashamed of himself. 

Castiel moved away from David and went to hug Dan but he pushed him away. That's not like Dan. At all.

"Dan... " Rose trailed off. "How long has this been going on?"

"4 years..." He said quietly. "Don't tell Phil." He said quickly afterwards. 

"HOLY SHIT DAN!" David yelled. "4 FUCKING YEARS?! You should've told someone. What he said is illegal and homophobic. He can easily get arrested. We can go to the police now if you want." 

"Just leave it." He said weakly. "It doesn't even matter." 

Castiel and Rose looked at each other sadly. "Dan-" Rose was cut off.

"I said leave it alright! I'm late enough for class as it is, I can't afford to be any later." He said, angered, and pushed past the group to get to his science lesson. 



John, Alfie, River, Matt and Peeta watched the clock in agony as their physics lesson would soon be over. Dan entered the room in annoyance and took his seat in the middle of the room, all eyes on him. 

"Sorry I'm late, Miss." He apologised. 

"Dan, can I speak to you after class please?" His teacher asked. He internally groaned but nodded anyway. 

The teacher continued talking about The National Grid until the bell rang and signalled the class to leave. Lunch now for the students and they could not be happier. 

"Dan, why were you so late to my lesson?" She asked when the room was empty. 

"Um... bad hangover... sorry. Could I catch up on the work back at my dorm room?" He asked hopefull.

"Fine." She sighed and handed him a text book and a revision sheet. "Can I have that in by tomorrow morning? That would be great. And if you are ever late again, I'll have to give you detention and I know that no one wants that." 

"Thanks, Miss." He smiled a small smile. 

"Now off you go." She waved him off and he happily walked out of the room to where John and Aflie stood talking. 

"Hey Dan." They greeted him. 

"Hi there. What are you two talking about?" He asked as if the past 20 minutes had meant nothing to him. 

"John here has a little crush on Sherly!" Alfie cooed at John and he blushed. 

"I do not!" John exclaimed, going red in the face. 

"If you need help with boys, I'm always here for a talk." Dan smiled at John. 

"I do not fancy Sherlock so you can both just piss off!" John snarle.d 

"Hey hey hey, calm down, little Hobbit." Alfie joked with him. John wanted to say something back but decided against it. 

"I ship it." Dan announced. "Johnlock. There you go. John plus Sherlock equals Johnlock. Now, my dearest John-"

"Daniel!" John exclaimed. 

"John!" He mocked back. 

"Just drop the subject!" 

"Fine then but you cannot sink a ship that just sailed!" Dan replied with a smirk and walked off leaving John and Alfie on their own again. 

"I'm serious, Alfie." John said with a stern look.

"You look like an angry hedgehog, did you know that?" Alfie asked with an amused expression. 

"Fuck you." John said and walked off to get some food. 



Lunch passed too slow for some students but too quickly for others. Dan spent his with paper balls being thrown at his head during detention with Mr Meyers. The Zalfie couple ate each others faces off for the whole hour. Katniss and Peeta sat in the art rooms, finishing up some coursework. Castiel went to check on Dean to find him still sleeping. 

Phil looked for Dan the whole lunch and soon gave up to join John in the library. Sherlock was going insane with the kids and abandoned them in his room so he could spend time with David and Rose.

Amy spent most of her days unready to tell Rory about her expecting child. And today was even worse for her as she had had morning sickness. She was hormonal, cranky, craving. She craved marmalade badly. Rory was weirded out but he didn't care or love her any less. 

Matt .. well Matt snuck into the cleaners closet and slept there the whole duration of lunch while River took care of Poppy on her own. Like always. 



The last lesson was I.T which they all had together. Sam was their teacher. They couldn't tell if Sam was a boy or a girl. Nobody could and the name didn't help. No one called Sam 'Sir' or 'Miss' just in case they got it wrong. Everyone was too scared to ask Sam if he or she had a penis or vagina. 

Weird teenagers.

Dan and Phil sat next to each other, holding hands underneath the desk. Dan whispered sweet nothings in Phil's ear, making him blush every time. 

The class were learning about some kind of virus that takes over the computer but no one was listening. The babies went off every 5 seconds. Sam was pissed to say the least. 

"You know what class, I cannot concentrate with those little fuckers going off. You can't either and that's why you can do what you want for the rest of the lesson." Sam said and went to the desk to do whatever he/she wanted. 

Rose ripped out a piece of paper from her note pad and wrote on it 'You need to tell him or I will'. She folded it up like an airplane and sent it flying to Dan. 

He opened it up and sighed. He looked up at Rose to see her stern look. He gulped. 

"What's that, Dan?" Phil asked curiously. He tried taking the paper but Dan screwed it up into a ball quickly and tossed it into his blazer pocket. 

"Nothing, little Lion. However, I have the most amazing cat gif to show you." He grinned widely and pulled up the internet browser. 

Rose rolled her eyes before coughing violently again. She raised her hand quickly. "Sam, can I quickly go to the toilet?" She asked and stood up without a second thought. David looked at her, just like many people in the room, and wondered what was going on. She continued coughing, keeping a hand in front of her mouth. 

"Yes sure, go go!" Sam ushered her out of the room. 

Rose ran to the bathroom and pulled away her bloody hand. "Fuck a duck." She cursed and coughed even more. She washed her hands under the nice cold water and then leant against a toilet door.

Her head in her hands, she slid down the door and cried. 

"Rose?!" A female voice called into the room. Amy. 

"Oh my god Rose! Are you okay?" She asked, kneeling beside her but finding it difficult with the bump growing bigger by the day.

"M'fine." She muttered and wiped her eyes. 

"Come here." Amy pulled her in for a hug. But Rose pulled away. 

"I'm going to die." Rose said surely. Amy's eyes grew wide. 

"W-what?" She asked quietly.

"I have cancer, Amy. It's terminal. I am going to die soon." She broke down crying again. Amy pulled her into a cuddle again and started rocking her back and forth slightly. 

"S-shh shh it's gonna... it's gonna be okay." Amy cried into Rose's shoulder. 

"I haven't even told David. I could die any day now. Any week. Lung cancer. That's why I have been coughing so much, Amy I am so scared." She hiccuped and sobbed. 

"No no no. You will live, don't go saying that, Rose." Amy tried to stop her crying but it was harder than she thought.

"It's terminal! Fucking terminal! I don't know what to do anymore. I will die. There is no treatment. I will die. I will drop dead any time soon and I wouldn't even notice. I've fucked up. I don't know what I have done but God hates me for some reason and now I am going to die early." She cried harder. Amy rubbed her back and tried to dry her tears. 

"Damn, Rose." She whispered and pulled away. 

"I'm so sorry." She muttered over and over again. "I'm pregnant." She blurted out. 

"What?!" Rose exclaimed. 

"If we are saying out secrets then there's mine. I'm nearly 13 weeks pregnant and Rory doesn't know. Only Zoe and well now you, know." Amy said and lifted up her blouse and showed the bump.

"Holy shit, Amy." Rose dried her eyes. "I guess we're both shit at telling our boyfriends stuff." She laughed dryly. 

"I guess so. How long have you known?" Amy asked.

"5 months. It started off as being a small cough which I pushed aside. Then it turned into coughing up blood at 4AM and I didn't know what to do. Zoe is a heavy sleeper. She doesn't hear shit." Rose explained. "I went to the doctors and they did tests and scans. My mum had to be told. We found out the results in December. That was meant to be my last Christmas. It still is. "

Amy wiped her eyes again quickly, "I can't lose you." 

"I'm sorry, but that't life. You can't tell David though." She said quickly. 

"I won't tell as long as you don't." Amy agreed. 

"Rory kind of needs to know that he's a dad, Amy." Rose lectured her.

"David kindof needs to know that you are dying, Rose." Amy mocked her.

"How about we tell them? On Friday? We have a few days before hand to get ready. We'll go into our rooms and we will tell them." Rose contemplated. 

"Deal." Amy stuck out her hand and they shook. "Now let's get cleaned up. We look like we've just escaped from the mental house." Amy smiled and Rose gave a small smile. 


Oh dayum.


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