The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


4. Day 2 (part one)

Everyone knows that teenagers like their sleep. So giving them babies which will wake them up at least 5 times in one night was not a good idea. The few that were excited for the project were now tired and ready to turn the doll off but the thought of spending an extra 3 weeks in school made them carry on. 

Dean and Dan came back to their dorm rooms at 3am this morning, both drunk. To their roomates delight, they feel asleep straight away but didn't wake up for their dolls. 

The first lesson Zoe had today was Maths with Amy, Katniss, Matt and Sherlock and no one was looking forward to it. Each of the students had to look after their dolls for the first half of the day without throwing it out the window was going to be a challenge. 

"And the formula to work out a surd is...?" Mr Blake asked the tired looking class. No one even blinked at the question. Matt was falling asleep next to Sherlock and Sherlock was not pleased. 

"Psst. Wake up you incompetent ass." Sherlock hissed at him. 

"Mr Holmes, if you will please pay attention to the class, that would be great. Thank you." Mr Blake said.

"I am paying attention! If only I was sat next to someone who was sober and actually worked instead of getting high secretly when you aren't looking then maybe, just maybe, will I look at this work which you call somewhat A level mathematics." Sherlock exploded. 

"Then answer the question I just asked!" Mr Blake yelled at him. Sherlock stood up out of his seat, waking Matt up properly now. 

"I don't need this peasanty work!" He yelled and walked out of the classroom to God knows where. 

"What's going on?" Matt mumbled with sore red eyes. 

"Don't go acting innocent now, Smith, we both know you need to pay attention more or else you are going to fail." Mr Blake targeted him. 

"Ugh." Matt said and slammed his head back down onto the table. 

The lesson dragged on with only 7 interruptions from the dolls. Zoe and Amy walked to their next lesson together which was Media. 

On their way there Zoe had to stop to change Holly Marie while Amy had to feed her girl called Melody.

"I swear to God I am not going to make it to the end of this trail thing because this little fucker is keeping me awake all night." Amy growls. 

"Hey hey hey. You'll be fine. When's Rory going to take her?" Zoe asks feeling free from her baby for the time being. 

"After Media and then until we go to bed thankfully.... Zo?" Amy drags off. 

"Yeah?" Zoe says unevenly. 

"What if I were to tell you something extremely important? Like, it's both good and bad news and I haven't told anyone else yet. But you have to promise not to tell anyone until I am ready to." Amy blabbers on. 

"What's happened, Amy?" Zoe asks quietly. 

"Promise me first." She urges her. 

"Okay I promise. Now tell me." 

"I'm nearly 13 weeks pregnant." Amy says and looks down in shame. God what is she going to think of me now?! Amy thought sadly. 

"Holy shit." 


During the transition to the next lesson, Katniss and Peeta were sat outside deciding whether or not to skive the next lesson, PE. 

"I mean, what the hell do we do with Humpfrey while being made to slave our butts of for the pleasure of out paedophilic teacher?" Katniss exclaims. Okay, so their PE teacher is kind of pervey and likes to watch the students every move with his creepy and beady eyes. 

The students have complained to the head about him but it seems that he doesn't care. As long as the students pass PE, he wouldn't care if the PE teacher was a carrot.

"We can't skip, Katniss." Peeta says sadly. "I don't want to get detention or be failed. I can't go spending an extra year with that freak." 

"We can't fucking run while holding a doll either, what's your point?" Katniss asks sarcastically. 

"Maybe he'll let us off." Peeta suggested. He shifted on the bench and grabbed the car seat which was on the floor.

"Yeah fucking right. Fine. You can go, I'll stay here with the doll." Katniss finalised.

"Okay... " Peeta replied unsure and stood up so he could place the car seat where he was sat. 

"Have fun being put through torture and pain." Katniss waved off Peeta and he sighed. He walked off to the gymnasium changing rooms and opening his locker to get changed. Most of the boys in there were already changed and a few were just finishing off. 

"Where have you been, Pete?" Rory asked him. Peeta groaned 

"Please don't call me that or else I will cut your nipples off." He said and took off his shirt. 

"Okay sorry sorry. But seriously, where have you been?" Rory asked and tied up his laces. 

"Katniss was asking if I wanted to skive with her and Humpfrey. Where's your doll?" He asks. 

"Amy isn't feeling too well so Melody is with her. Hopefully doing okay." Rory replied. 

Soon, Peeta is dressed and in the gym with the other not-so-enthusiastic teenagers. Most of whom have their babies with them. 

Oh this is going to be an eventful lesson, Castiel thought to himself while holding Josh is his carseat. Thankfully for him, Josh was asleep and fed. Castiel stood with Phil and John, waiting for the lesson to start so it can be over just as quickly. 

It came to Phil's attention that John was looking after two dolls instead of one and he did not look happy. 

"Why have you got an extra doll?" Phil asked him. 

John sighed and said, "Sherlock and I have been paired together and we still have to look after our babies but he doesn't want his and it's also now in my care to look after the doll." 

"Sherly needs to get his act together." Phil huffed. "I mean, Dan and I are sharing the kid equally. To be honest, I'd kill him if he didn't help me with Harry." 

"Well then how do I-" 

"ALRIGHT YOU PRE ADULT PARENTS. GATHER UP." Mr Bognia yelled and cut off John. They all reluctantly walked over to their teacher, preparing themselves for whatever pain he had lined up for them today.

"I can see that todays lesson is going to be different.... or so you think. I can't be dealing with kids going off every 5 seconds while getting you lot to do exercise. So what I have planned for you today is long distance throwing... with your dolls." The students eyes grew wide.

Mixed feeling filled the room. Disgust, anger, surprise, relief. 

"Sir, if these were real kids, then that would be child abuse. And it would probably kill them. We can't possibly throw them around the room." Alfie spoke up, cuddling Holly Marie. 

"All I hear is blah blah blah. It is up to you whether you kill your baby or not, so you better catch it. Whoever makes their kid cry first get detention for the rest of the month." The teacher spoke in amsument. 

"That's not fair!" Rose exclaimed. 

"Do you want to pass this class?!" Mr Bognia yelled at her and she sank back. 

"Don't shout at her like that you dick!" David defends her and hugs her from the side. 

"A weeks detention, Tennant. Insult a teacher again and you'll be kicked out, you hear me?" Mr Bognia had power in the class and the students had to follow it unfortunately.

"Yessir." David sighed and kissed Rose on her head, still cuddling her.

"Good. Let the baby games begin." He smirked and the students went off anxiously in their pairs. 

Phil, Castiel, Rory and River stood with each other, unsure of what to do. 

"Mr Bognia, our partners aren't here." River spoke up. 

"Where are they then?" He asked, annoyed. 

"Hangover, hangover, high and unable to do sports and throwing up." Rory replied for them, knowing too well where Dean, Dan, Matt and Amy were. 

Mr Bognia rolled his eyes. "Lester, Castiel; you two are together. Song and Williams, you too. I guess you will have to have an extra doll you two." He said looking at Phil and Castiel. They sighed and walked off into a space. 

A cry went off in the middle of the room and all eyes turned to Sarah Jane Smith and her friend Luke. 

"You two, my first victims. How does it feel to fail?" Mr Bognia tormented. The other students felt sorry for them but relieved that it wasn't their doll that went off. 

The rest of the lesson went poorly to say the least and the students couldn't handle what they were doing. Most didn't even dare to lift the baby from their seat. 

Next lesson was break. Break was good. Food and social time. Phil went to his room and left Harry with him as he couldn't deal with the 'little bugger' anymore. Cas went to find Dean and also left the doll with him. 

Rory found Amy puking in the toilet when he went to check up on her. He planned on staying with her for the rest of the day, screw lessons. 

John and Sherlock sat together in the canteen sharing a packet of gummy bears. "I need you to help look after your doll. I can't do this on my own Sherlock." John said seriously. "Oh my god I sound like my mother when she was talking to my dad." He realised.

"I'm sorry John, how about I take the girls for a little while?" He offered kindly. 

"Are you sure you can handle both of them?" John asked, moving Elizabeth and Jane towards him.

He nodded and took them. "And if I can't, you'll only be in the same building as me, I'm sure I can find you." John's stomach did flips. What. Why did that just happen?! John hung his head in confusion. "You okay there?" Sherlock asked. 

"Hmm? Yeah. Fine." John said and smiled at Sherlock. 

"Okay." The bell went off and so did the students to their next lesson of the day.


{A/N Not my best work I have to say. Or longest. But we needed messed up teachers in the story. Every school has a messed up teacher in it. And if not, they are secretly messed up and just good at hiding it.} 

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