The Parent Project

This is a story where some of your beautiful OTP's are given a realistic baby doll to look after for 3 weeks while attending boarding school. This includes:
Johnlock, Destiel, Amy and Rory, 10 and Rose, 11 and River, Everlark, Phan and Zalfie.
Please note that some of these ships are side ships. There may be some triggering stuff so be warned.


1. Day 1 (part one)

The group of 108 students sat in the lecture hall of Saint Trinity's Boarding School bored out of their minds. They had been sat there for 10 minutes already, waiting for the Head Teacher to turn up. Mr Meyers was always late. 

However, many of the 17/18 year olds were anxious and couldn't wait to get out of there. It isn't very often does their year group get called together. Rory Williams sat talking to Matt Smith about a party that is on tomorrow night while Rose Tyler and River Song were humming a song they both loved. 

Suddenly, Mr Meyers walked in, his hair messed up and tie not done up. He had dark red circles under his eyes and was walking weirdly. He was surely hung over from yesterday which was Sunday. The 56 year old man coughed to clear his throat before he started to talk. 

"Good morning, everyone. Is everyone here?" His voice was raspy and sounded dry. "I have gathered you all here today because the health department and I have been planning a surprise for you." In an instant, the students started talking. Zoe Sugg turned to her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes, and started panicing. 

"Oh my god, what is it? Is it something bad, what happens if we're all getting kicked out? I can't-" Zoe rambled on, starting to hyperventilate. 

"Shh shh Zo, it's okay." Alfie gently cut her off and wrapped an arm around Zoe in an attempt to calm her down. Thankfully, she took a deep breath and remembered what her therapist had told her to do in these situations. 

"Okay. I'm fine. Sorry." She whispered and lay her head on Alfies shoulder. Alfie kissed her forehead lovingly before zoning back into what Mr Meyers was saying. 

"We have come together that for your best interests, you shall be looking after a baby." This caught everyones attention, waking them up from their slumber. Mr Meyers smirked at the students reactions. You see, the thing about Mr Meyers is that he hates every single student in the school, regardless of their background story or what they have been through. 

"Before you go off on a rage, let me finish explaining. The project shall be called The Parent Project, or PP for short. The Parent Project is to help all of you cope better when it comes to you having a baby. Now, I've checked with all of your parents to see if this was okay so don't make up excuses. For The Parent Project, you shall be working in pairs, one girl one boy and-" Mr Meyers is cut off by Daniel Howell who sits at the back of the lecture theater. 

"And what if you are gay?! Do you have a problem with two boys or two girls getting married?" You should know that Dan is openly gay and people respect him for that. He also has a boyfriend, Phil Lester. Those two are up for a fight on sexuality anytime. 

Students turn to look at Dan and Phil with agreeing expressions. "Sir, are you being homophobic?" Katniss Everdeen, the girl who fought for equality, spoke up sternly. 

"No! And if you let me finish, please, I was going to say that there are 4 more boys than girls in your year so there will have to be two male couples. So Daniel, Philip, you can be one. The other one will be sorted out later on." Mr Meyers explained futher.

"Thank you." Dan said and glared at Mr Meyers. They hated each other. No, hated isn't a strong enough word. Mr Meyers is actually homophobic towards Dan all the time. Not Phil, just Dan. Dan has homophobic comments thrown at him from Mr Meyers everyday. Dan could go tell someone, get Mr Meyers fired but Mr Meyers threatens Dan, telling him that he will be kicked out and punished if he tells a soul. The reason Dan is in boarding school is because of his issues he had back home. Bad behaviour, experiments on drugs of all kinds, vandalism. To stay out of prision, Dan agreed to come here and sort his act out. If Dan got kicked out then he would be off to jail for sure.

"The person you buddy up with will also have to share a room with you for the duration of the project, so chose wisely. The project shall last 3 weeks and during this time, your baby shall be looked after with care. It is up to you how you look after it. Lessons shall carry on as normal, but you will be bringing the child along with you. Any questions?" The students sat there, dazzled. They were not ready for this.

A hand popped up from Peeta Mellark. Peeta was a well behaved student who was always cooking and painting in his free time. He was known to the school as the boy who set fire to the work top in Science two years ago. "Are we using real babies?" He asked, confused. 

"God no. I wouldn't trust you guys with a piece of ice let alone a baby. You are going to be given a doll who has realistic features of a baby. That means it will cry, poo, need feeding and changing, also bathing. You will also get a small bed for him or her, a car seat, nappies, packets of food and clothes." Mr Meyers told the students. He loved their expressions. Mortified, absolutly bloody mortified. 

"How long will this last?" Castiel asked. Castiel, or Cas, didn't have a last name as he is an orphan who is too old to get adopted in the care system now. 

"3 weeks. Lessons shall continue as normal and teachers have been informed that the doll will be with you in lessons so they don't mind as much if the doll starts crying suddenly. Anything else before you spilt apart?" Mr Meyers scanned each student with suspsion. 

"What if we leave the baby unattened for the 3 weeks and take the batteries out or something?" Sherlock Holmes asked. Sherlock was Mycroft's younger brother. Mycroft was head boy of the school and a total nerd which not many people liked. Sherlock and Mycroft are complete opposites. 

"You will have to do this project, Mr Holmes. It does count as part of your life development plan in Health class. If you don't get at least a C in this, then you shall have to re do the three weeks in the summer hoildays." That scared everyone. This project isn't going to be easy but some students liked a challenge.

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