Sold |L.H|

I been kidnapped , I been sold, & now I'm his slave


9. 9

Carter's POV


I woke up with Luke's arm around my small waist.

I turned to look at him. He looks so adorable.

I gently got up and checked the time.


Wow I woke up early.

I realized that I haven't seen the whole house. I guess I can give myself a little tour. I tip toed down the stairs and walked to the backyard.

It was big and beautiful. It even has a pool!

I walked to another room and it was a little gym.


I walked into the garage and I saw 2 guitars, a bass, and a drum set. Are the boys in a band?

I started to get hungry.

I walked to the kitchen and see if i could make pancakes.


Luke's POV


I woke up with an amazing smell. A familiar smell. A smell that brings great memories when I was at home with mum. PANCAKES!!!!!!

I walked downstairs to the kitchen and I saw Carter there making the pancakes. she turned around and stuttered.

"My gosh you scared me Luke"she laughed

I love her beautiful laugh and smile.

"you are the one making pancakes?"

"yeah. who else cooks in this house? "


"well michael looks like he sucks. ashton would burn the house down. You would be so confuse and making a huge mess. so calum?"

i gave a small funny pout.

"I can cook. Me and Calum cook actually."

" so i was 50.% right?" she asked and i laugh.

"yes yes you were"

"you+cooking? This doesn't make any sense!"

I made a grumpy face and crossed my arms.

"you look like a 5 year old who has gotten his favorite toy away" she laughed

"why so many descrption?"

"because my brother made that face."

"you have siblings?"

"i have an older brother that is 21 and my little brother that is 5. how about you?"

"i have two older brothers. Jack and Ben."
"Breakfast is ready!" she said

we both then heard loud running footsteps coming downstairs.

"someone made pancakes!!" yelled Michael.

"PANCAKES!!!" yelled Ashton

"SHUT THE FUCK UP " yelled Calum.

I could here Carter laughing her ass off.


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