Sold |L.H|

I been kidnapped , I been sold, & now I'm his slave


5. 5

I turned and slapped him across the face . Oh shit I shouldn't have done that ...

" you piece of shit !" He said with his hand on his cheek

He slapped me back . And pushed me to the ground

He picked me up I spat him on his face ' wow what a great idea you idiot ' i thought . He pushed me to the wall and slapped me again

I cried

" how do you like that huh ?! How do you like that ?!"

He punched me in the stomach and left me in the shower alone .

" I'm not finished with you yet bitch "

I got out of the shower and changed

I went to my room and cried .

What is he going to do to me ?

I'm scared !

I just want to go back home with my best friend .

Did she even called the police ?

What is luke going to do to me ?

I curled up in a ball and cried

Ashton came in

" hey car-" he froze and saw me crying

" carter was wrong ?" Ashton said running to me

" it's master . He hurt me and is going to hurt me worse " I said crying

Ashton hugged me and I hugged him back

" please help Ashton ." I whispered

" I'll try carter . I promise " he said kissing my forehead

*later that night *

I was sleeping when I heard someone come in my room . Then I heard someone trip . I got up to see what the hell was going on .

It was luke

I turned on the light

" what the hell ?"

Luke seemed drunk

" do you kiss your with that mouth ?" He said

" master luke you are drunk "

" no I'm not " he said

" yes you are "

I noticed he had a drink in his hand

" No I'm not !" He said and threw the bottle which almost hit me .

I jumped

Luke through me at the bed

" master w-what are you doing ?" I said scared

He didn't spoke

He kissed my lips . It tasted like achohal yuck !

He took my shirt and jeans off and kissed my jawline

I cried

" get off of me "

" shut up princess "he said kissing my neck

I grabbed the lamp and Hit it in him

" fuck !" He yelled then passed out

I cried. I then slept at the floor since Luke passed out at the bed .

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