Sold |L.H|

I been kidnapped , I been sold, & now I'm his slave


3. 3

A/N IM ON VINES !!!@ 5sosDancingtomusic... .

" ahh mr.hemmings !which one will you want to take with you today !"

He stared at the girls and then eyed on my for a really long time .

" I'll take her ."

" the bitch ?"

" yes ."

" alright then . Just hand me the money and I'll give you the girl "

"Deal "

" bitch come down here !"

Why does he call me bitch ?

I obeyed and went down the steps . I went to master to get with mr.hemmings

"What's your name beautiful ?"said mr.hemmings

" c-carter "

" nice name "

" thank you " I said then looking down

" she's all yours Hemmings . Nice doing business with you "

We walked out and I followed mr.hemmings

We gt in his car

" why won't you talk to me carter ?" He asked

I looked down

Mr.hemming grabbed my wrist

" answer me when I'm talking to you " he growled

" because I'm scared of you . Please let go of my wrist " I said

He let go " why are you scared of me if you don't even know me "

" I don't know why . I just have a scary feeling "

" before we go to my house I need to put some rules . One . Call me master luke or master . Two obey ALL my orders . Three don't flirt with my friends . They live with me . And fourth don't try to do anything bad or be a bad girl or you'll get punished ... Badly. Understood ?"

" yes master luke "

" good girl "

We finally made it to his house which was huge .

We got out of the car and I realized that I was freezing . Then I remembered that I was only where a bra with undies and heels

Luke saw me that I was cold . He grabbed a jacket for me and put it on me

" thank you master luke "

We went inside and I saw three boys on the couch watching tv

" woah luke who's the girl ?" Said the red head ( a/n Michael )

" guys this is carter . Carter this is Michael Ashton and calum "

" nice meeting you "

" calum . Please take carter to her room "

" sure thing luke " said calum

He took me to a huge bedroom with all things that girls need

" this will be your room carter ."

" thank you calum "

" night !" He then left .

I decided to change

I grabbed a tank top with sweats I made a messy bun and went to the comfty bed .

I almost felt asleep when I heard the door open . I had my eyes close and pretending to be sleeping

" goodnight my princess " Luke said and kissed my cheek

He then left

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