Dont Ruin It

Jhordyn is a simple girl but she has a twist to her. She won't fall for just anyone and she can't really trust anyone. Read to find out why.


2. Bestfriend


Jhordyn Pov

Omfg it's our last year in high school. Our meaning me and my bestfriend/crush Calum. We'd been friends since first grade but at the same school since 5th grade. Our moms are bestfriends so that's how we met each other . Ok back to high school. Calum and I were excited because once we left high school we are getting our apartment together and going to the same college. I know I know it sounds like were boyfriend/girlfriend but were not even though I wish we were.

It's time for first period and I'm not really excited.Im sad because I don't have any classes with Cal.

*Skip to End of the day*

The first day of senior year is over and I'm outside waiting for Calum when I see him talking to the schools biggest bitch. Bethany. I'm not really surprised even though Calum says he hates her. I gave up on waiting and I walked home alone and when I got home I got a text from him.

Cal: Where are you?

Me: At home I already walked

Cal: Why?

Me: Because I have legs

Cal: Real funny J but really why?

Me: you seemed busy at the time so I walked myself home

Cal: ok whatever see ya tomorrow

I didn't reply . I was mentally exhausted over nothing. They were talking but if they're an item I'll fully support them because I not going to ruin our friendship over my silly crush.

Next day.

Calum Pov

Yesterday was really weird . First Bethany talks to me.( even though I hate her) Then Jhordyn kind of cuts me off when I texted her. Well I'll just talk to her at school. Today I wore all black with a blue flannel tied around my waist then I was out the door on my way to school

Jhordyn Pov

I woke up a little late today. I got up showered, did my hair and got dressed in all black with a red flannel around my waist. Once I got to school I tried my best to avoid Calum but he's locker was right next to mine." Jhordyn!" He yelled" What's up Cal?"

" what's up is you basically being mad me yesterday!" " Sorry . Well I got to go to my class now. See ya round"

Calum Pov

"See ya round". What the hell is that supposed to mean? Ugh I hate when she does this. It always means she hiding something

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