Just a Love Story


1. Chapter 1

Hi my name is Gwen. I have long, straight hair that i dyed red when i was 15. I also have blue eyes. Sometimes in the summer they have a bit of green but they are normally blue. I am 23 years old.

Hi my name is Calista. I have black wavy hair with a cople of natural blonde streaks. My hair is a bit long. I have plain brown eyes. I am 24 years old.

Hi my name is Diane. I have black layered hair. It is pretty short but i would consider it mid length. I just have plain brown eyes like calista. I am 20 years old. The other girls call me the baby of the group.

Hi my name is Vanessa. I have long brown Ombre hair. It goes from a dark brown to a blondish brown. My hair is very long and wavy. I have hazel eyes. Everyone tells me i have beautiful eyes but i completely disagree. I am 21 years old. I have a 5 year old daughter. I was 17 when i had my daughter. I named her Bree. Her father Dane left us a couple month ago.

All four of us live together in a house. We live in London, England.


Vanessa's POV

I woke up to bree's foot in my face. I pushed it away and reached for my I phone 5 that was sitting on the desk. I looked at the time and it said 6:30 a.m. I think i should go get food for everyone.

They are all bed heads so they sleep in a bit later. I on the other hand cant fall asleep. It just doesn't happen. I think I will take Bree with me to get food as well.

I sat up and rubbed my sleepy eyes. I looked over at Bree to see her half way off the bed. That girl cannot stay in one place in her sleep.

I lightly shook her,"Bree c'mon get up." She didn't do anything at first but then she popped up,"boo." I decided to play along with it,"bree don't scare me like that."

She started laughing. I laughed with her and then stopped,"okay why don't we go get some breakfast for all of us in the house?"

She sat there in thought for a minuet tapping her chin with her finger,"Okay!"

We both ran to the bathroom but she beat me to the shower."Dang it."

I walked out of the bathroom and went over to her clothes. Bree knows how to choose her own clothes but sometimes she can choose some weird clothes so I think I am choosing for her today.

I looked through all her pants and pulled out a pair of shorts. For a shirt I grabbed her One Direction shirt.

I grabbed under wear and went into the bathroom. The mirrors were fogged up. I set her clothes on the counter,"here are some clothes Bree." I heard her though the water running,"okay."

I walked out of the bathroom and over to my close. I grabbed a pair of blue high waisted jeans. I also grabbed a loose floral high low tank top.

I grabbed my undergarments and headed to the bathroom. Bree walked out all ready. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door.


I walked out of the foggy bathroom ready to go. Bree was sitting on my bed playing minecraft. She loves playing on my phone

I pulled it away from her and we headed down the stairs of the two story house. Everything was plain silent.

Me and Bree slipped on our sandals and then I opened the front door. Bree started skipping out towards the car.

She stood by the back door of my car. I own a '2014 Honda Accord'. I put Bree in her black car seat and I got in the drivers seat. I started the car and headed to Mc Donald's.


I drove into the drive through. I ordered a grilled cheese for Bree and hash browns for myself. I also ordered six breakfast burritos for the 3 other girls. The lady said," your total is, $7.73. Pull up to the next window. I pulled up to the next window. I grabbed my wallet and pulled the money out. I handed it to her and she handed me my food. I drove off and headed to Starbucks.

The girls love starbucks. I remember when we were younger we would walk to starbucks from school. One time a creep was being creepy, if that makes any sense.


It was the last day of seventh grade. Me and Gwen started walking to Starbucks that was fairly close.

Half way there was saw a white car pulled over with 4 cop cars behind it.

His car was evacuated. All the doors were open. Everything was thrown out of the car.

Me and Gwen just kept walking. The first cop car didn't have anyone in it. The second cop car was empty as well. So was the third cop car.

The fourth cop car had a scrawny man with blonde hair in the back seat. His hands were cuffed.

We looked over at him. He leaned close to the door. He started wiggling his eye brows and making kissy faces.

Me and Gwen literally ran all the way to starbucks. We were really creeped out but then started laughing after wards.

~~end if flashback~~

I snapped back to reality. Bree was talking to me from her car seat in the back,"mommy can you put on One Direction."

I smiled and nodded. I turned the radio to 'CD'. Midnight Memories was already put in. I pressed play and One Directions song 'Best Song Ever' came on. Me and Bree stared singing along to it.

And we danced all night

To the best song ever

We knew every line

Now I can't remember

How it goes but I know

That I won't forget her

Cause' we danced all night

to the best song ever

I turned the music down when we reached the Starbucks drive through. Bree was still in the back jamming. I ordered the drinks, " hi can I have a medium Carmel frappecino, a grande mocha cookie crumble, a Venti mocha cookie crumble, a medium Vanilla bean, and an apple juice."

The girls had this annoying valley girl voice," okay that will be $20.88 at the next widow."

I started driving up to the window. I pulled up and saw the same valley girl. She had her hair down. She had 10 pounds of makeup on. I looked closely at her name tag. It said brisha. What the hell kinda name is that.

She opened the window. I handed her my credit card. she swiped it and handed it back.

She turned around and grabbed my drinks. She handed them to me,"here you go."

"Thank you." She rolled her eyes,"whateva." Wow ratchet much. I just drove off.


Me and Bree walked into the house. It was only 8:00 a.m.

Gwen was sitting at the table with a rock the size of her fist. It has a creepy face on it. She was petting the rock and calling it bruno,"okay Bruno sit...good rock."

That scares me just a bit. I have a feeling that Gwen went crazy.

Diane was sprawled across the couch. She had half a sandwich on her face. What the heck happened with Diane?

I heard 'Don't Stop' by 5 seconds of summer coming from Calistas room.

I had Bree go tell Calista to get downstairs. I on the other hand walked over to Diane and pushed her off the couch. She fell to the floor but jumped up instantly,"medina like a ninja."

I started laughing," ninja medina I brought food."

Her face lit up like a little kids. She ran into the kitchen. I walked Into the kitchen. I set the bags and cup holder down then grabbed my food and drink. I headed up to my room.

Once I reached my room I looked under my bed and found my Mac book. I have had my laptop for 4 years. It still work. It's as good as new. Things will last a long time if you take care of them.

I logged into my collage account. I take online collage. I find it a lot easier in my situation.

I have a child that I have to take care of. Her birthday is past the deadline so she starts kindergarten next year. That means someone has to be here and take care of her.

Calista's POV

Vanessa's birthday is in three days. She loves this band One Direction. I love them too but she is probably one of the biggest fans.

She has an obsession with them. She is not event a fan anymore it's like she is part of their family.

She does remind me of Louis just a bit. They both are crazy and energetic and just really funny. They also look very much alike.

I contacted Simon a couple days ago and told him that my friend loves their band. I told him I would pay any amount of money. He told me the boys would do it for free. Vanessa will be so happy when she sees then at her party.

Then she will love me. Oh yeah I'll be awesome. I can jut imagine her in complete shock.

I walked out of my room and headed towards Gwen's door. I knocked on her bedroom door.

She opened the door and looked at me confused," Calista I was having a serious talk with bruno. We were talking about how people interrupt us." she gave me an evil stare, "What do you want?"

Sometimes I don't get her. Se can be crazy and energetic like Vanessa or calm.," I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the mall. We have to get Vanessa a present."

Gwen seemed very happy that we were going to the mall. She started jumping around her room looking for stuff to bring.

I haven't told anyone else about my plan. I am going to tell Gwen in the car. I hope she doesn't freak out too much because I really don't want to get in a car accident.

I snapped out of my thoughts to hear Gwen's voice," okay I'm ready."

She had her bag over her shoulder and a rock in her hand. I gave her the 'really' look," Gwen leave the rock here."

She suddenly grew a frown upon her face," Calista you don't understand he is my love."

She started fake crying. Wow she is very lonely. I finally gave in," okay you can bring the rock."

She started cheering and ran down the stairs. Half way down the stairs she tripped on one of Bree's toys and slid the rest of the way down on her back.

I got downstairs to see her crying. She was in tears,"gwen are you okay? Are you hurt?"

She shook her head," no I'm not hurt. Bruno.....he broke in half. He's dead."

Wow this is what Gwen was crying about,"We will have a funeral. At the mall we can buy a really nice box and a lot of flowers." I lied, why the hell would we do that.

Gwen stood up and sniffled. She took the broken pieces of rock upstairs in her hand.

While Gwen was upstairs I noticed Diane asleep in the kitchen. She was laying in the ground with a half eaten apple. I took a picture with my phone.....sleeping beauty much.

Diane is always sleeping. I really don't know why but she always is.

Bree was in the living room dancing along with the teletubies. I never watched that show when I was younger but whatever.

Gwen got back downstairs. we both walked out of the house and got in the car.

We decided on taking my car. I said I would drive. It is probably a good idea considering what I am about to tell her.

I started the car and drove down the street. Gwen turned on the radio. 'Little things' by One Direction came on. It was Louis part. Gwen started singing along while attempting her British accent.

You can't go to bed

Without a cup of tea

And maybe that's the reason

That you talk in your sleep

And all those conversations

And the secrets that I keep

Though it makes no sense to me

A fly started flying around everywhere. It flew up her nose. Gwen started freaking out,"its in my nose. I am gonna die."

She smacked her nose a bunch of times and I was silently laughing while driving.

She got the fly out of her nose when she blew her nose into a napkin. She threw the napkin outside of the window.

I screamed," LITTER BUG!" I pointed at her but kept my eyes on the road.

She calmed down after five minuets of talking to her reflection in the window.

"Gwen, I have to tell you something very important."

She looked confused. I cant even imagine her face after i tell her,"I got One Direction to go to Vanessa's party."

Her eyes grew wide. her mouth dropped open. She was in complete shock. I decided not to bother her. I pulled into the mall parking lot.

She got out of the car and acted like nothing happened," Gwen you cant tell anyone, Okay?"

She nodded and zipped her lips, locked them, then threw the key away.

We walked into the mall and started looking for something to buy. Gwen wanted to buy Vanessa a new laptop. She ran off to the apple store. I decided on buying her a Guitar.

She knows how to play but she doesn't own one. I walked into the music store and looked on the rack. I found an acoustic.


Me and gwen met back up at the Nandos in the mall. She was sitting there eating a couple slices of peperoni pizza. I sat down and grabbed a slice. She didn't seem to mind. I saw her pull out a blue mac book air from the bag. It was really thin but nice. On the top in the apple sign Vanessa's initials were engraved.

Along witht the guitar i bought Vanessa a black guitar case. I took the guitar out and showed gwen. She seemed to like it. I put the guitar back in its case. Me and Gwen got up and left Nandos.


We pulled up to the house. I already texted Diane. She said that Vanessa was still in her room. Me and Gwen went up to my room. I had wrapping paper that i bought on the way out. Gwen put the laptop in a little box. She wrapped it with the wrapping paper.

I picked up a big box from some random store. I set the guitar in its case after looking at it. I then put the case in a big box. I wrapped it with the wrapping paper. Gwen decided to leave her present in my room. She left my room and headed to her room.

My phone started ringing. I picked it up.


Calista: hello

luke: hey

Luke is my boyfriend. No hes not luke hemmings from five seconds of summer. He has brown hair and is Irish.

Calista: hey

Luke: hey babe wanna go on a date?

Calista: yes

Luke: okay i will pick you up at 6:00.

calista: okay love you bye

luke: love you

The call ended. It was 4:00 so i should probably start getting ready.

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