Boys Vs Girls - Part 1 Rating Review

Parents need to know that the main issue in this action-packed, somewhat dark movella is violence. Many battles are fought, but no blood is depicted throughout the text. Also, Steven has an issue with a girl, and Emily is out to kill all the boys in the school simply for misbehaving. The entire war is between children. NOTE: On the age average, "yellow light" means "warning."


4. Violence And Scariness: 4

During a fair half of the book, the violence is almost nonstop, but the beginning is more mild. Andrew spears a wolf who attacks him. Many people get shot, but no blood is described. A monster attacks a living test subject. Towards the end, a climatic lightsaber duel is fought, followed by an intense duel between two Supers. Helen kicks a first grader to the ground, and Emily electrocutes Anakin twice.

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