Bring Me Back

I was gone.. I died, or at least that is what I thought. I sold my soul to the devil in order to save the one that I loved. But now I am back... I have so many questions, and no answers, until the day that they showed up at my front door.


6. Teach Me

"Who is Coon?" Sam asked, but I didn't want to talk to either one of them.

"Paisley, you are more important than your step dad." Dean said.

"You just don't get it Dean. You don't get what its like to stay in one place, and have all of these people there for you. I wouldn't expect you to understand." I said starring out the window. I knew that, that would shut Dean up for a bit.

"We might be able to help you if we know who he is, and how you know him." Sam said.

"He was my keeper." I said still not looking at either one of them.

"What do you mean your keeper?" Sam asked. His voice was so calm, and relaxing, he made me feel safe.

"He is the Devil's fourth in command. I had it a heck of a lot easier than others did in hell Sam. His job was to keep me around in hell. He is almost like a prison guard, he was to make sure that I was to stay in hell. I hadn't thought about that until now, he was obviously put in charge of me for a reason." I said.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked again.

"For the first little while, the Devil had sent me to the hell hound cages. I was their personal little chew toy for who knows really how long. When they took me from there, I met Coon. I would of much rather stayed with the Hell hounds.. He could manipulate your mind, make you see, hear, and feel whatever he wanted. They would sit me in a room, a white room, the door would close, and Coon would do what he would do best. He would force images, and feelings into my mind, make me see things that weren't actually there. I have watched Harry die, my parents die, and my step father die in more ways than either of us could imagine. I remember the worst one he would make me watch." I said, I realized that I really wasn't paying any attention.

"I am so sorry." Sam said, he placed his one hand on my knee.

"I would sit there for days, and watch things, creatures, people torcher my family, my friends. The worst one that he would put in my head was the box. They would put me in a box, a black box, and close it. You would feel your feet slowly starting to feel cold, almost up until the point until they were tingling, and then nothing. That would creep up your body, and it took you minutes to realize that they were filling the box with ice water. It wouldn't take long before you could feel your body shutting down, but the box would never stop filling with water. You would try to swim to the top of the box, but your couldn't move any part of your body. Nothing was working, you had to sit there, sit there and wait for your own death all over again." I said.

I zoned back into reality, the feeling of it was all to familiar to me. I could tell neither of them had anything to say to me.

"Coon is a hunter, and the only reason he is now in living flesh is because of me. He will kill anyone, for any reason until he can drag me back to hell." I said.

 "Not if we send him back there first" Dean said. I could feel the anger in his voice.

I could tell that the two of them were pretty much opposites. They both had these out standing personalities that were fighting each other. Sam was so sweet, he was strong, and he would do anything for the people he loved, but he opened his heart to a lot more than Dean. I still couldn't share the feeling of evil deep inside or him. I could feel it.

Then there was Dean, he was strong, and smart. He was brave, and not caring. He cared about Sam and that was about it. He was a man whore. He got with countless girls, but I mean look at him. Dean seemed to protect himself more, he would cover up his feelings. And they were both quite attractive.

"What do we do now?" I asked. I still couldn't bare to look at Dean.

"We are going to find a safe place, until we can figure this out." Sam said.

"I want to see Harry!" I demanded.

"Pai, if you go see him, it will put you both in danger you know that." Sam said.

"Pai?" I thought to myself, they are already giving me nick names, great.

"I can't do this Sam, why me.. What is so special about me?" I asked.

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