Bring Me Back

I was gone.. I died, or at least that is what I thought. I sold my soul to the devil in order to save the one that I loved. But now I am back... I have so many questions, and no answers, until the day that they showed up at my front door.


7. Take Down

I didn't know what to do, but I knew that I needed a beer. We got to the hotel, and the first thing I did was search for a bar. I was relieved when I had found out there was one just across the street.

"Here's some money, go buy some clothes." Dean said handing me money, but not even bothering to look at me. I jut rolled my eyes, and took the money.

"I will come with you." Sam said walking up behind me, and following me. We drove to a mall, it was huge, I was surprised because it was such a small city. I was going out tonight, and I wanted to look good. I went to a women's store and bought myself a short dress, and some heels. Then went to the make up isle and bought almost every type of make up, you know just in case.

When we got back to the hotel room Dean was gone.

"He probably left to the bar already." Sam said putting the bags down on the floor.

"I'm going to change, and then can we was over to the bar?" I asked. He nodded his head, and I picked up the bag with the dress and shoes with my one hand and the bag of make up with my other and walked to the bathroom.

The dress was black, and skin tight. I wasn't completely sure how I was going to get out of it. It cut off short, and the top was cut low, it complimented to curves to my body well. My hair was long and blonde, it looks better when I just let it fall down. My blue eyes were outstanding by themselves I didn't need much eye make up. Just a thin layer of eyeliner, and mascara was all I put on. A coat of lipgloss and then the high heels.

I walked out of the bathroom. Sam didn't take his eyes off of me.

"How do I look?" I asked making a nervous face.

"You look hot.. I mean uhm sexy, I'd love to.... You look good." He mumbled out, and then opened the door to the hotel room for me. I was happy the bar wasn't that far, my heels were already killing my feet.

We walked into the bar, and at the first table was Dean sitting with some preppy brunette. They practically looked like they were sucking each other's faces off.

"And there is the famous Dean Winchester doing what he does best." Sam said. "Want to go get a drink?" He continued.

I just nodded my head, and followed him to the bar counter. The bar tender was a guy, he must of been only a couple years older than me. He had sharp black hair, and a pair of nice green eyes, that I now noticed were focused on me.

"Well hey there darlin." He said showing a half smile while he poured someone else's drinks. I just smile at him, and I could see Sam glaring at him.

"Two beer." Sam said dryly, and the bartender nodded but he still never looked away from me.

"I'm Chris." He said handing me an ice cold glass of beer.

"I'm Paisley." I said smiling, and then shaking his hand.

"Pardon me for staring, it's just not everyday we get a beautiful thing such as yourself walking in here." He said.

I could already tell he was interested in me.

"My shift ends at 10:00, and then I was wondering if you wanted to go do something?" He said, his cool calm voice was gone, and he actually looked a bit nervous.

"I would love to." I said smiling, looking up, and down his body, and taking a little sip of my beer. I could feel Sam glaring at me, his eyes were burning holes through me.

Ten came around, and I was watching for Chris. I looked over at Dean, and he was now teaching the little bimbow to play pool. Standing behind her pretending to show her how to do anything. It made a disgusted face, and he looked at me giving me a little wink. I looked away, and I could see Chris walking up to me. I smiled, and stood up. I looked back over at Dean, and the smirk that he had was taken right off of his face. I smiled, and then Chris grabbed my hand, and started to walk me out of the bar.

I stopped him, and ran over to Dean, "Don't wait up.." I said grabbing the room card from his back pocket giving him a smack on the ass. He jumped when I did, and then I ran back to Chris, and grabbed his hand, and walked out of the bar.

"So where do you want to go?" I asked looking up into his eyes.

"I know this great little spot.' He Said handing me a helmet, and then getting onto a motorcycle. I smirked, and hopped on the back of it behind him. I snuggled up close to him, and then I could see Dean walking through the front door of the bar. I knew he was looking for me, but I just waved and then we took off on the bike.

When we stopped we were in a field in the middle of nowhere.

"Where are we?" I asked looking around starting to get a little nervous.

He just pointed up at the sky, and I followed the direction of his finger. I had never seen the stars like this, you could almost see every single star that there was in the night sky.

"It's so beautiful.' I said almost breathless.

I looked down, and he was staring at me.

"Yes it really is." He said, and then I felt his one hand gently being placed on my cheek, and then his lips lunged forward into mine. This his hand fell, and both of them wrapped around my waist, and I pressed my body up tighter against his. It was honestly so warm compared to the cold night air. The I was blinded by the headlights of a car, and I immediately knew what it was going to be.

"Paisley get your ass in this car right now!" Dean yelled walking out of the car he was holding a baseball bat. I could tell Chris was a little scared.

"Who is this?" Chris asked stepping away from me.

"Some dumb ass who found a baseball bat." I said stepping in front of Chris.

"Dean what on earth are you doing?" I asked.

"He was right in front of me my face was right in his chest. "Dean stop.. just because your little date didn't work out doesn't mean that mine can't." I said.

"How do you think Harry would feel?" Dean asked still looking at Chris. I can't believe I let him slip my mind. I nodded and turned around, and gave Chris a hug, and slipped a piece of paper with my number on it into his hand, and started to walk to the car. Dean waited behind me until I got into the car, and then got in. I could see the little bit of smirk on Chris's face when he realized what was in his hand.

"You are stupid." Dean said pulling a shitter, and then leaving the field, and back onto the road.

"Don't act all smart and superior Dean." I said trying my hardest not to look at him.

"You can't trust people like that, he could of been a demon for all you knew!: He said raising his voice more, and more.

"Yah, well I mean that girl who was basically eating your tongue could have been one to Dean. They lie, and manipulate. Maybe if you thought with your head on top rather then the little one down below you wouldn't be such a fucking mess." I said looking him dead in the eyes.

"Woah, woah, woah little head?" He said.

"See you're problem, everything is a joke to you!" I said.

"At least I am not the one who has a boyfriend, and was trying to stick her tongue down someone else's throat." He said smiling with a smirk of defeat.

"Oh, I am sure you have done worse things Dean, you're little spat with that angle a while ago goes around quiet a but down there." I said. I watched his face drop from smirk to anger.

"You have no right!" He yelled at me.

"And neither do you!" I said in a calm cool voice.


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