Bring Me Back

I was gone.. I died, or at least that is what I thought. I sold my soul to the devil in order to save the one that I loved. But now I am back... I have so many questions, and no answers, until the day that they showed up at my front door.


10. Running from Love

"We have two theories." Sam said looking at Dean, and then at me. "One, he could be healthy, and fine, and is trying to find us." Sam said.

"Or two, he is a demon." Dean said without any emotion. I knew which one was probably right. "I mean, I am sorry, but I have never heard of anyone healing that fast from an injury like that." Dean said trying to make up for his asshole tone.

"What if he is posessed?" I asked looking at Sam?"

"Then he is still probably trying to find us, we need to leave now."

The sun was finally down, and we needed to make our way back to the house to get the car. The walk was long, and so cold. I couldn't help myself from shivering anymore.

"I just need to grab my book." Sam said running towards the house.

"No, its fine I will go grab it!" I said stopping him, and starting to take off in a jog to the house. I didn't take one step in the door when something grabbed me, and covered my mouth.

I was scared, I could feel my heart kickstart into my ribcage. "Shhh Baby." I heard a familiar voice say.

He slowly took his hand away from my mouth. I couldn't stop my self, my arms were wrapped around him in a matter of seconds.

"You're okay, you are you!" I said almost in tears. I wanted nothing more than for him to just never let me go. His arms wrapped around me so tightly.

"You need to come with me." He said grabbing my hand, and trying to pull me to the other end of the house.

"why?" i asked still walking with him.

"They are both posessed. They are going to take you in." He said starting to get more forceful. Then I knew what was happening.

"Let her go Caine.

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