All Ava ever wanted waking up Friday morning was her coffee so she wouldn't be late for class even through she was already running late.

But things as such for her never turn out right. It's seems since day one she's been dealed the bad end of the stick and this time. There's no running from this problem, trouble found her that day and it'll follow her to hell if it must.

'Once he sees you, you can't escape. Your his now'


3. Chapter 2

It's finally Friday and I have zero classes along with Eleanor, so we decided to just to do a little shopping.

"Do you think Louis will like this one?" El holds up the tenth dress in front of me modeling it out. My lips press in a thin as I examine it.

"To much cleavage?" She ask as if she knows exactly what I'm gonna say next.

"So is it you anniversary or something?"

You see one day El told Perrie and I that she has a boyfriend now just out of the blue and we've yet to meet him or at least I have.

Both girls are in relationships and I'm over here single as a Pringle.

"No, we're double dating tonight." I nod mindlessly still looking through the stack of cloths.

"With who?"

"Well you know Lou and I...you and his best mate." I quickly turn to her and she's already making a run for the dressing room.

"El! Get back here!" I screamed, she knows so hate blind dates. Like seriously I don't can know her boyfriend for all I know his friend can be complete asshole.

"Ms. If you don't quite down I'll have to ask you to leave." A high pitched voices says from behind me and I grumble taking a seat in front of the dressing room. There's only one way out of there and I'll be damn if El gets away with this.

El finally comes out after an hour and I drag her out of the stupid store flipping off the rat nose manager who scowled at me for being loud earlier.

"You seriously did not set me up with one of your boyfriend possibly jerk off friends." I hissed at her through clenched teeth as she calmly started at me.

"I did." I loudly groan turning away from her, "oh come on, Ava you haven't been on a date in how long?" Since when did my love life become any concern for her. I like being agile thank you very much.

So what I haven't has time for a love life during college all I'm worried about is getting good grades and my degr-"Eleanor!" My thoughts are cut short when a blob runs past me and towards El lifting her off the ground while I stand there totally not sure what the fuck is going on.

"Lou! What are you doing here?" I turn away making gag noises seeing how cute El and her boyfriend are being. Wait that's her boyfriend.

He's tall, lean, some muscle tone with tattoos as well a eye brow piercing. He has brown hair that has the slightly messy clean look to it.

As my thoughts rack over El's boyfriend trying to figure out exactly who this guy is going to hook me up with. If he's anything like El's boyfriend then In pretty sure this date will end before it even starts.

"Ava, this Louis." El rather proudly says smiling up at the fellow, I nod finally meeting his gaze. "Hi! I'm Louis it's nice to finally meet El." He holds out his hand for me to shake and hesitantly take it before quickly drawing my hand back.

"Are you excited about tonight?" He asked and I stared at him for few second before realizing he's talking about the stupid double date. El stares at me almost pleading for me to go along.

I sigh, putting a fake smile on. "Of course I can't wait to meet the guy. So what's he like exactly?" From the corner of my eye I can see El giving me the thumbs up before her attention is drawn back towards Louis.

I make it back to the apartment kicking my shoes off and setting down the bags of cloths next to the couch as I made my way towards the kitchen. Louis really didn't tell me much about the guy just his name is Harry. He goes to the same college as me. Cool. That's basically it and nothing really worth listening to.

"Come on, Ava sit still!" Perrie hissed brushing through my hair. I groaned crossing my arms over my chest as she and El picked out my outfit for this stupid double date as well do my makeup.

I honestly don't see why I'm their making a big deal out if this anyway? Who the fuck is Harry anyway? I'm picturing him just being some punk boy with to much time on hands along with doing different drugs.

"What about this dress?" El comes back in the bathroom with a nice black dress, some cleavage is showing but enough to leave room for imagination. I actually like the dress, it's sorta casual yet still party like.

"Oh!! The boys are on their way! Perrie, hurry up!" I could hear El squealing with excitement as she ran to her room stripping from the cloths she's had on.

"God, I hope she gets laid." Perrie says as she unplugged the curling iron. I truly hope El does to and that this stupid date ends quicker than it starts.

A knock comes to our door and before I could move off the couch El bolts to the door but not before checking herself out first. Bitch working hard ain't she?

"Lou!" Perrie groans loudly making funny faces at El as she mimicked her. I but my lip trying not to laugh at them both.

I stand up fixing any creases in the dress before joining El and Louis at the door. "Ava! You look great." I nod shrugging off his compliment.

"So where's you friend at?" I asked getting straight to the point. El shots me a glare but I ignore it. She knows I don't want to go on this damn date.

"He's coming in a few, so don't worry about it. Reservation aren't till 9."

"Plus it'll give you both some time to get to know each other." El adds pecking Louis lips before they go into a straight make out session right in front of me. Great.

Those few minutes Lou said, turned into being an hour and thirty minutes nearly making us late for the reservations. The douche bag didn't even have the fucking decency to text before hand that he was just going to meet us at the damn restaurant.

Seriously, does it take much to send a simple text.

"Ava" El shouts, I look over at her my gaze narrowed. I'm not going to be good on this date, nope. I could've been doing something better than being dragged out on a double date. I don't know why El didn't just ask Perrie and Zayn to go with her and Lou.

As we reached the restaurant El turned to me with a pleading look, "please just give him a chance." She begs.

I roll my eyes and unbuckle my seat belt quickly getting out off the car making my way towards the entrance. "Ava, wait up!" I heavily sigh crossing my arms over my chest.

"Av- El quit nagging her. She looks pissed as it is." Lou interrupts her for the first time tonight and I'm really grateful he did because I'm two seconds away from busting Eleanor in the damn mouth.

Love her to bits but she's can get really annoying sometimes to point you want to duct tape her mouth shut.

We walk into the restaurant and I'm over come with the mouth watering scent of food that if this wasn't a date I would seriously be pigging out at the moment like come on. Food is amazing!!

"Reservation under Tomlinson." Louis tell the waiter as he checked his clipboard for the name. Tomlinson....that name sounds familiar but then again it's probably nothing really.

"Good sir, will this be all of your party?" The waiter says in this weird French accent, I silently giggle turning my head way so they couldn't see me.

"Yes, Styles. Just show him to our table." Louis orders and the waiter nods writing everything Louis says down in his little notebook.

"I'll have Victor show you to your usual spot, sir." A guy steps forward his hair slick back as if there's so to much gel in it. Reminding be of stretch here who's all proper and all.

Looking around the place I start noticing that there's not a lot of people here only a few. Like the group of men in the back whose been drink the same thing since we've got here and a few couples who are eating outside. They're all dressed in causal formal wear.

"Do you wish to start off your appetizer with our special drinks, sir?" Victor ask kindly pulling out my chair for me as Louis does the same for El.

"A bottle of your best wine and what do you want Ava?" Louis looks at me and I glance down at the list of drinks.

"Long Island Ice tea, please." I ask looking at Victor who cheeks heat up as our eyes meet.

"I'll have your drinks out right away." I giggle watching him run off to the back.

"Well your certainly in a better mood now," El points out and I can hear the attitude in her voice. Ignore her I pick out my menu and start looking through it for what I want for dinner.

The rest of the evening goes on and Harry has yet to show up and I'm really starting to get annoyed with having to watch Louis and El lovey dovey shit.

"Sorry, I'm late!" A deep voice says from behind me causing me to jump slightly in my chair. Louis pushes out from his seat making his way around the table to great Harry.

"Bout damn time." I grumble under my breath and El sends me a look knowing she heard me.

"Harry this is Ava," I roll my eyes looking away from the menu, my body freezes when I look at his face and I can see his jaw clench tightly.



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