All Ava ever wanted waking up Friday morning was her coffee so she wouldn't be late for class even through she was already running late.

But things as such for her never turn out right. It's seems since day one she's been dealed the bad end of the stick and this time. There's no running from this problem, trouble found her that day and it'll follow her to hell if it must.

'Once he sees you, you can't escape. Your his now'


2. Chapter 1

Ava Pov

"Ava, it's time for class!" Perrie yelled knocking on my door, I groaned pushing my covers off of my body. Sweat dripping down my forehead. "Hell, it's hot."

Stripping from my cloths I stepped into the shower turning the knobs only to have I've cold water hit my skin piecing like knives. "Perrie!" I quickly jumped out of the water grabbing my bath robe and marching towards the kitchen.

"What the hell happened to the water?!" She pulled away from her boyfriend Zayn, who always stopped by on the morning before he went to work or what ever the fuck he does for the living. "No hot water?" her gaze staying on Zayns as he Eskimo kissed her. I crossed my arms over my chest glaring at them all lovely dovey.

Irritated, annoyed and tired are the few things that are causing me not to have a good morning oh minus the fact that there was no hot water, again. I sighed walking into Louise Coffee Cafe, "Hello and How may I help you?" A girl with electric blue hair smiled, I wondered if she always smiled like that all the time to every single person. That has to be painful, "Hot chocolate with extra whipped cream on top." I tell her pulling out my card and handing it to her.

I took a seat close to the window pulling out my text book in hopes of getting the rest of my homework done before class start which is in thirty minutes. The bell chimed letting half the people in hear know that some has entered, if it wasn't for their loud as stomping of feet we probably wouldn't even have noticed.

A blood curling scream erupting through the small cafe' causing everyone to stop and look up seeing the girl with blue electric hair shaking like a leaf her face a ghost white as she stared at the man in front of her. He had broad shoulders making him look larger but not to large and curls that fell on his head rather nicely.

My phone vibrated against the table, fuck class was about to start damn it. I stood up pushing my chair back and moving past the people who stood stiff staring at the mystery guy who caused such a fuss.

"Excuse me," I called out tapping the guys shoulder taking my foot impatiently crossing my arms over my chest, "Fuck off, bitch. I'm busy!" He yelled, his voice rather deep and threatening. I glared at him sinking my nails into his shoulder forcefully turning him around with all my strength.

"Look you stupid bastard, I'm in no mood for your up tight ass being all bossy! I need to get my order now so I won't be late to class all because you wanna act fucking macho. So kindly do me the favor and move." I sweetly smiled even thou I was glaring daggers at him with much hate. The guy started down at me coldly.

My phone vibrated again meaning I had only ten minutes left, fucking hell I really wanted that hot chocolate. I turn on my heel grabbing my things before hurrying out the Café. I ran as fast as my feet could carry me, dodging every single person that was in my way.

I'm breathing heavy when I make on campus, "Shit." I groaned feeling the ache in my calves from not having run like that since junior high & high school. "Ava?" I looked up still breathing heavy from the running marathon I just did.

"Why are you breathing heavy?" Eleanor brows scrunched together. "I'm running late for class." I says in between breaths. "Umm Ava we don't have class today...they've been canceled didn't you get the text?" I quickly reached into my pocket retrieving my phone seeing the message.

El and I went back to our dorm, as soon as I walked in I feel face first into the couch groaning, "So you want to tell me why your were out of breath?" El lifted my legs up resting them on top of her thighs. "Well I was at the small cafe a few blocks from the school and I had order. So this total jackass came storming scaring the living daylight out everyone in there. I wasn't paying much attention until my phone vibrated again meaning I had a few minutes until it was time for class so I go up to the guy, kindly ask him to hurry up. He calls me bitch." My teeth gritted together and my stomach turned from the memory.

"After that I basically tell him I'm in no fucking mood for his tight ass and that I need my order, now. He just stared at me like I was out my fucking mind for speaking to him that way, but end of the story never got my drink and ended up running for no reason." I turned my attention to the Telly seeing sponge bob pop up, yes.

"What the guy look like?" El ask, "Broad shoulders rather lean figure slightly muscular, curly mops of hair, and tattoos covering both of his arms. I could see his eyes since they were covered with stupid Ray bands," Who the hell wears sunglasses inside, I mean come on there's no damn sun inside a cafe shop.

"Oh well, I have to go pick up Louis. See you tonight." El quickly stood up rushing towards the front door, I sighed in relief when I heard it shut.

Now I finally have some alone time well at least until Perrie and her boyfriend come barging in, basically sucking each other's faces off like always.

But I wondered why El left so quickly thou?



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