Harry Styles: my love story

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
the story is about Harry Styles falling in love with a gorgeous girl who is not famous. her name is Zoella. he is shy to tell her how much he loves her but one day he faces her. what happens next? keep reading to find out


6. up all night

While Harry and Zoella were out the rest of the gang were planning to have a party for the couple. Louis started to decorate the house while Niall worked on the food. Liam called the DJ and invited the guests. Zayn called up Harry and told him " Harry we are sending you professional stylists to get you and Zoella ready." "Ready for what." Harry asked " Don't worry just get home by 8."


The party was all ready and good to go. The guys got ready. A few hours later Harry arrived with Zoella. He opened the door and his mouth fell open. "Omg guys, so this was what you guys were up to all this time. "Thanks guys. " " Your welcome Harry, so lets get this party started."  said Liam. It was a really fun party. The music was banging, everyone was enjoying themselves. The party was a hit. Louis met some hot girls. " Hey girls, what you up to?" The girls were like " Hey Louis, This party is awesome." "Thanks." well Louis was hitting it off with those girls.


Meanwhile Niall was eating all he could, he was so hungry. " Aw food I love you so much, come to papa." said Niall " Niall stop eating so much or you might become fat momma." said Liam " Liam taste this chicken it is peng." said Niall "Na I'm not hungry Niall." On the other hand Zayn was fast asleep. Zayn was being vain just always. Girls were staring at him. One of them said " Aw he looks so cute when he sleeps."


It was midnight and everyone had left the guys were asleep in the weirdest places you cant imagine. Niall was sleeping on the counter with a chicken wing in his hand. Zayn was on the couch. Liam was on the floor, Louis was on the stairs. Harry was still awake. He went to drop off Zoella to her house. they had a fun night.


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