Harry Styles: my love story

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2014
  • Status: Complete
the story is about Harry Styles falling in love with a gorgeous girl who is not famous. her name is Zoella. he is shy to tell her how much he loves her but one day he faces her. what happens next? keep reading to find out


7. save you tonight

The guys woke up after that bubbletastic party. Harry went to see Zoella to tell her that he and the band have to go to America for their concerts tomorrow. When he got to Zoella's house he was in for a shock. Her parents opened the door and started to cry " what's wrong?" Harry asked. " After you dropped Zoella home yesterday she went missing. This morning we got a call from the kidnapper, they said that if we want Zoella back we need to give them 10 grand" said Zoella's dad. " Don't worry sir I will get your daughter back and my girlfriend. " " thank you Harry."


Harry went straight home to tell the gang about Zoella. When he told them they were all ready to help Harry.  Harry got a call from Zoella's parents. " Harry we got a call from the kidnapper, they said to meet them at the big tower with the money if we want to see our daughter alive. Don't worry sir we will get your daughter back and your money." Harry and the gang left. When they got to the big tower they were in for a surprise, Taylor Swift was the one who was behind all this. " So you have come with the money. " said Taylor " Yes we have your money." said niall. Harry walked up to Taylor while Liam and Zayn went from the back and grabbed Taylor. " Let go of me, I say let go." Niall called the police. They came as quick as possible. " Thanks One Direction you have caught the person we have been dying to catch for years." said officer Bill. " It was our pleasure sir." said Louis.


"You wont get away with this Harry." said Taylor angrily. The police drove off. Harry and Zoella hugged. " Harry you saved me, you are my hero. I love you." said Zoella. " Zoella you are my girlfriend I will protect you from everything." They had a sweet little kiss. "aww." said Niall. "Let me drop you off to your house." said Harry they got in the car. When they got to Zoella's house her parents were full of joy. " Ah thank god your back." said Zoella's mum. " Harry and the gang saved me." Harry  was getting late so he left. When he got home he remembered that he forgot to tell Zoella that he was leaving for America tomorrow. He called her. " Hey Zoella I need to tell you something important." said Harry " Go on." said Zoella. " I know you might not like this but I will have to go to America for a week for our concert. " " Harry you could have told you before, I don't want to ruin your work, you can go. "Have a good time." "thanks babe." said Harry. " I will miss you." said Zoella. " I will miss you too." said Harry.


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