Harry Styles: my love story

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  • Published: 17 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 17 Aug 2014
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the story is about Harry Styles falling in love with a gorgeous girl who is not famous. her name is Zoella. he is shy to tell her how much he loves her but one day he faces her. what happens next? keep reading to find out


4. a dream come true



The next day Harry was still feeling a little down. The guys were just walking down the street when Harry saw the girl again. " Guys lets go I don't wanna be here." the girl said "Wait, I need to talk to you." Harry turned around and said "What do you want to say." " I am sorry about the way I talked to you yesterday. I thought about you all day and night and I think I am falling in love with you. Yes I will go out with you." "yes." Harry spun her around. He was so full of joy. " I will get you Friday night at 8." "Ok I will be ready." " quick question what's your name" said Harry "I'm zoella and you are?" "I'm Harry."


Harry  was so excited he couldn't wait till Friday. " Man you are so lucky, you actually got what you wanted." said Liam. " Right I need to get her a gift for our first date and you guys can help me." said Harry. They went shopping and they found the perfect gift. It was a stone that said girlfriend, every time I look into your eyes I see love and comparison. Every time I think about you, you brighten up my day every time I sleep I dream of you because you are my dream come true. I love you. " I'm going to buy this, its perfect."



It was Friday night and Harry got dressed. "Good luck Harry with your date." said the gang. "Thanks guys" said Harry. He left in his car to pick up Zoella. He got to Zoella's house and knocked on the door. "Hi." said Harry "hey" said zoella "You look so beautiful." "Aw thanks your so sweet." "Lets go" said Harry. They drove off to the posh restaurant and had really nice dinner. They shared a milkshake. After they were done they drove off to the sunset. They held hands and watched the sunset. They came close and yes they kissed. It was so sweet. It was like love in the air. After a long night Harry dropped Zoella home. When he dropped her home he gave her his gift. She loved it. She gave him a great big hug. Then he left.


At home the guys were waiting to here the big news from Harry and how the date went. Harry walked in to the house and he screamed. "Ahhhhhh you guys freaked me out." "So Harry give us the juicy news. How was your date with zoella." said niall

" I mean it was a wonderful date, I really like her. She is fun to be with and so beautiful." " Did you kiss?" "Erm yes." said Harry. " guys I am really tired out, can we go to sleep now." said Harry yawningly.




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