Will You Marry Me?

"I've loved you since I was five years old. I never thought I'd have the guts to speak to you but the games threw us together. As much as I hate them, everything they portray, I can't help but feel thankful. They brought me to you, I will love you forever, I promise we'll always be together"


2. Chapter Two

Title: Will You Marry Me?

Summary: "I've loved you since I was five years old. I never thought I'd have the guts to speak to you but the games threw us together. As much as I hate them, everything they portray, I can't help but feel thankful. They brought me to you, I will love you forever, I promise we'll always be together"

POV: Peeta Mellark

Disclaimer: I don't own the Hunger Games, all rights to Suzanne Collins. I don't know how weddings go... So.


After a morning of showers, shaving and suits I'm finally standing at the alter. Well sitting on the front row chairs. The priest is shuffling some papers and flipping his bible to the right page. I feel my stomach flip repeatedly and fiddle with my hands. Soon Katniss will be my wife. Katniss Mellark. I check for the millionth time that Tom has the rings. Tom works at the bakery with me, I started rebuilding it shortly after I returned from District 13. 

"Peeta, I don't care what the rings look like, as long as we both wear one on the fourth finger of our left hand" Katniss says peering into the shop window. I notice one in the far right catch her eye and look at it. Wow. That is the one, I'm sure of it.

The collar of my shirt is well starched and is kind of uncomfortable, I'm twitching at it when Tom announces "guests are arriving, come and greet them." My knees feel weak but I force myself up and walk along the petal-strewn aisle. The aisle Katniss will walk down. We reach the stooping doorway just in time for the first few guests to arrive. "congratulations" says a gruff voice, making the hair stand up on my neck. Relax Peeta, he's meant to be here. 

Katniss lay with her head on my chest starting to drop off when there's a sudden tap on the door. Her head shoots up and I detangle myself whispering "it's okay, I'll get it" I already feel annoyed at whoever woke Katniss, every second of sleep is precious. I unlock the door and step backwards in shock at who's standing in front of me. "Can I speak to Katniss?" Gale's low voice asks.

I stick my hand out for a brief handshake and say "thank you" before darting my eyes to the next guest. Most people are inside and seated comfortably when Poppy arrives. "You look beautiful" I say as she approaches. Her eyes mist up and she embraces me, "you look perfect Peeta" she says with a small sigh. Smiling I lead her to the front and stand in front of the priest. I think back to the first arena.

"I'm not good at saying something" Katniss mumbles, barely audible. "Then come here" I beg, she hesitates and lays down next to me, her head on my chest. "If I don't make it-" Katniss silences me with a finger to my lips. If this is how I'm gonna die, then I'm glad it's with her.

I smile to myself and listen the quiet buzz of chatter behind me, then there's the second arena.

"I need you" Katniss says. She leans in and our lips connect.

It's a short memory, but it's all I need and want to think of. The chatter is hushed and silence fills the room. This is it, as the opening bars of music start I hear a door opening and hold off the temptation to spin around. I can't wait much longer, a few seconds later I give in and turn my head. Walking towards me is the love of my life.. and a crying Haymitch. I don't have time to think of the absurdity of it because my eyes automatically connect with Katniss' beautiful grey eyes. She smiles as they reach the bottom of the little steps. Then kisses Haymitch's cheek and steps towards me. She smiles at me and stares longingly at my mouth as though she can't bear to wait a second longer. The priest welcomes everyone and get's right on to the ceremony. We repeat sentences until he asks me to recite my vows. I swallow and clench Katniss' hands tighter before I begin. "Katniss, you grew up in the seam, I was a town boy. You didn't like people.. much, I was too scared to talk to you. We didn't cross paths. Lot's of my memories are shiny, but there's one that stands out. The day I threw you that bread. The morning of the reaping I had decided I was going to talk to you. Sadly the odds weren't in our favour. When Prim's name was called  and you volunteered I felt as though my heart was being torn in two. Then my name was called, I knew my brother wouldn't volunteer for me, we were never close, and I didn't want him to. I knew if I went I would try my hardest to save you. But it was you who saved me, in every way a person can. Finding out you were pretending to love me, being thrown into the second arena, making alliances, being captured, torture, 13, hijacking, rebellion, flashbacks we've been through everything together. I'm lucky to know you, lucky to love you and extremely lucky to have you love me back and now here we are, on our wedding day. Despite our past, together. Katniss, I love you." There's tears rolling down Katniss' cheeks and I can feel hot drops wet mine. The priest blinks himself and coughs before asking "Katniss, are you going recite your vows or repeat after me?" Katniss never said she was going to write her own vows so what happened next shocked me. "Peeta, I did something terrible. I tricked you, I pretended to love you and I know it hurt you so much. I was convinced I was just trying to save us but I wasn't really sure how I felt. I took you being taken away from me to make me realise I do love you, and I always have. Thank you, for forgiving me, and not giving up." It might me short but it's perfect and as I slip the ring onto her finger and she does the same to me I can't think of anything but the fact that I get to kiss her soon. "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife, you may kiss the Bride" the priest announces. I place my hands at the small of Katniss' back and hers clasp the back of my neck. Her eyes stare into mine until the second our lips touch, then I know nothing except that I am hers and she is mine.


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