The End of All Things

Izzy is a depressed teenager who longs for something more in life. On what seems to be an average day, she gets caught in a scientific phenomenon, and finally gets everything she's ever wanted. But is it what she wants? And will it last?


3. Chapter 2| What the fuck is going on?!

As I stepped into my dull geography class, I noticed my friends giving me strange looks. Not concerned looks, more like 'we've fallen out with you' looks. It really didn't surprise me, I knew it was going to happen eventually, I was always pushing myself further away from them. I've never been the type of person to take any friendship seriously, I guess I have a fear of commitment or something, but that sounds way more serious than what it is.

"Izzy, you alright?" Asked Will, one of my close friends.
"Yeah sorry, just really tired" I replied, with an innocent smile on my face.

I know it's so typical to just hide away your true feelings when you should obviously tell someone, but I just don't want to. I'm so terrible at putting things into words that I can never do my feelings justice, and I know no one will understand. It's no complaint to bring myself down even more, it's just common sense.

Me and Will continued talking when everything stopped. And no, not in a metaphorical sense. Everything had literally stopped; frozen. As I looked frantically around the room, hoping this was a prank, I noticed the clock. It had stopped.
Still in constant fear of it still being a prank, I waited a few minutes. I just stared at Will, waiting for him to blink, or move, or breathe. He didn't.
I quickly rushed out of the classroom in the hope of finding an explanation, but all I saw was exactly the same as to what I saw in my own classroom. Everyone, everything, was frozen. 
'What the hell is happening?' I thought, unable to come up with a logical reason to explain this. I mean of course I couldn't, time had literally frozen everything except me. Was it just me?

I rushed to the balcony and shouted from the top of my voice "HELLO? SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!"

10 seconds later I heard someone, a faint shouting.



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