The Murex Army

Ace finds he is the chosen of the Murex clan to raise an army from the sea to save his mothers crumbling empire. He must join forces with others like himself to stand against the worlds biggest enemy and claim back the throne belonging to his family.


1. Collision

  One second he was being dragged under the merciless waves, hands clawing for the surface but to no avail. He kicked and struggled against the unknown force hidden in the murky depths, his lungs screaming for air, his heart fit to burst. He fought until his energy had deserted him, along with his hopes as he let the darkness cloud his senses and the light of the eerie moon become nothing more than a dim glow.

  Then he woke up.

  The boy realized it was sunrise. The golden rays spilled through the cracks of the clouds. Through the shadows his eye caught the clock mounted on his wall. Six thirty. Great. he was going to be late for school. He lazily rolled out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom across the hall, still shaken by the harsh detail of the dream.

  Sitting at the kitchen table, he stirred his mushy cornflakes before finally giving up on his appetite. pushing the bowl away he made to leave for school.

'Hey wait for your brother why don't you?' A flaxen haired twelve year old lumbered through doorway clad in a padded jacket, two scarves and woolen bobble hat.

'You look ridiculous.'

'Wont be saying that when you freeze to death.' he retorted. The older sibling sighed.

'Let's go.'

  The pair trudged through the snow past the empty garage and up the country path. 

  These dreams had to stop. Every night was another horrifying sensation. Being buried alive, falling to earth, being drowned... they were cutting into his sleep and consequently his schoolwork. He could feel the wind whip his skin and the wind resistance snap his bones and tear him apart at lightning speed. It always felt so real. Up to the moment he woke up in cold sweat.

  The train rattled into the station and the boys got on. They sat in separate seats. one listened to music while the other read.

  Ace Weston watched the clouds wiz by as the train gathered speed. he could see the moon. Though it was faint it was there. But something was wrong, strange.


  It started to glow.

  It brightened by the second until the light was to intense to look at directly. 

  'Hey, Josh, come look at this.' He didn't make it over though. Of course not.

  with no warning the train lurched off the tracks and flipped over and over. Ace felt himself being thrown against the walls and chairs. He could hear the screams and the shouts and he could feel the fear

  Until all was silent.

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