Hi, my names Victoria, my friends call me Vicky, at least they would if I had friends. I live in a lonely village with my mum, dad and brother. My life may seem ordinary but honestly it's not! My brother tries to kill me, my parents try witchcraft on me, but one day, I had had enough...


1. the real me

Hey, my names Victoria, Vicky for short, and I'm no ordinary person. My mum and dad occasionally try witchcraft on me, my brother tries to kill me, but I cannot be killed, because I'm already dead. I'm a vampire, and vampires are just people who have been drained of blood and awoken with no life, no organs, no heart. But I was different... Somehow I was born with a heart and organs but I was still a vampire, my parents don't know of course but there have been times where they nearly found out.




I was up in my room just looking at my wrists, all the bite marks, I couldn't dare kill someone, let alone drink every awnts of blood out of them. I hear a knock at the door and quickly hide my arms. "Here's ya dinnar ya little scruff" my so called mother says to me, "Awww thanks" I say sarcastically. My mothers a witch and my dads a wizard, one of the reasons they do magic on me. I opened my window and chucked the food out, my gums began to hurt, also known as my fangs had came out, I sunk my teeth into my arm, squinting my eyes trying not to scream in pain, and began drinking the blood in me. I stopped so I still had enough in me to stay alive, and my fangs slid back up into my gums. I walked downstairs and shoved the plate on the side of the bench where my dad was reading, "nearly 6 o'clock scruff, you know what that means" 6 o'clock was when my dad would try anything on me. "It's only 5:00 actually" I said smiling sarcastically at him, he rose from his seat and grabbed my cheeks, "who do you think your talking to!?!" I just laughed and he smacked me around the face, I felt my cheek burn and I was trying so hard to hold my anger in, my fangs were urging their way out. My mother came in and handed my father something, "we've put up with your shit to long scruff, and it's time to put a end to it!" He rose his hand with a silver blade in, my mother grabbed me and pinned me down, just before he could stab me I sank my fangs into my mothers arm, she flew back with pain. "What are you?!" I stood up and just laughed and said, "I'm a vampire!"

My father ran at me but I moved quickly and stood behind him, the next thing I knew, my teeth were sinking into the skin on his neck, I tasted the blood trickling down my throat, I didn't feel guilty at all, I slowly pulled my fangs out of his pale lifeless body and watched it drop to the floor. I picked up the blade, which was a huge mistake! It pulled out of my hand like it had a life of its own and dug into my right arm, strangely it was filled with pain, I looked at my arm and saw it was drawing something. It stopped and dropped back in my hand, my arm had a thick black pattern on it, the blade had 'fearless' written across it. I looked at my mother who sat in shock, "you dont know how long I've wanted to kill him, now it's ur turn" before I knew It I had my fangs sunken into her neck too! I pulled them out not realising what I had done! I just had the sudden urge to do that, I've never had the urge! I guess I'm a fully fledged vampire!...

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