is the populor guy in school really my friend

about a guy who gets bullied all his life what will happen when the most popular guy in school becomes his friend will people be his friend or is the popular guy just pretending o be his friend


3. who is the text from

James went to sleep kinder excited to see who the text was from but Liam was nervous in case it was the bullies texting him from anointer number  he sore this  guy he has never seen before um may I help you he's my friend the guy ran away. Liam was very worried because he was nervous he went to sleep the next morning. James told Liam to be at school 809 to give him a sort of a chance to see who the text was from.  ok ill be their sharp 809 be aware ok he had his breakfast and left for school. it was 8am sharp but no one was their by 8 09 Liam come still no sign of  the guy that sent the text  suddenly James got a call ok I'm in the car park sorry I'm late just tell me who you are James said with a nervous voice no you will find out right now. James looked he could not believe who it was it was  one of his old best friends from his old school what are you doing hear Aiden I come to help you get rid of the bullies he looked at Liam hey I think we meet last night I'm Aiden I'm Liam sorry for being mean to you hey no problem the bullies walked in with an angry look their you are Liam dud they hurt you no they our my friends both the bullies laughed what hey ill be your friend said Aiden wait I thought you thought wrong buddy told you it was strange James I'm glad you where hear with me Liam um I need to talk to you tonight after school in your room ok yeah shore but what about cant say hear. it was the evening Liam climbed threw the window right the reason I need to talk to you is um how can I tell you this tell me what Liam. I'm moving to another school this is a joke right nope I'm sorry. James sat on his bed cried why is everything going wrong for me you never know maybe you make new friends very funny Liam I'm being serious . when Liam left James packed his stuff and left threw the window  without telling anyone end of part 3

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