is the populor guy in school really my friend

about a guy who gets bullied all his life what will happen when the most popular guy in school becomes his friend will people be his friend or is the popular guy just pretending o be his friend


2. whats wrong with me

James did not let the bullies get to him his best friend knocked at his window his name was  Daniel. James opened the window hey bro why are you coming from the window because I heard about you getting bullied is everything ok yeah I'm fine I mean it really hurts. But I'm fine he closed the window tomorrow I am going to come with you to school. And sort everything out ok no Daniel I'm fine your not you have tears in your eyes. Yeah but who wouldn't after getting bullied right. Ok but ill come in with you tomorrow   no I'm going to straight things out  by myself are you shore yes ok see you bye Daniel.   But James wasn't ok and was scared of going back tomorrow .But then he heard a knock hey is James hear oh no its them he closed his bed room door hey um where hear to just say where sorry James sat up you mean it ofcource  not. they where about to attack him you see what happens to you tomorrow 2 of the boys said hey what's wrong Liam said the other  2 who was part of the group of bullies mouthing yeah see what happens tomorrow bye .  After they left  James got a text message from someone he didn't know meet me by the gate tomorrow morning 8 am sharp James kind of knew who it was saw he called the number hey Liam its not Liam oh sorry anyway thanks for helping me who ever you are no problem man see a tomorrow you do know who I am that's all I'm going to say  have a good sleep ok  James was wondering who the person that was going to help him was he hears a knock on the window James opened it Liam climbed in his room  ahh get out James calm down I want to  say I'm sorry and he gave James a hug. and said I will leave the bully's tomorrow did you just text me no why ok weird read this hey you have 2 people helping you know yeah but wonder who its from we will find out tomorrow I guess see you  tomorrow buddy 8 am sharp he locked at the text I wonder who it is though end of part 2 

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