Conversations With Myself

If you're looking for a proper story - one with a plot and suspense and a bunch of other stuff, walk away NOW. If you're looking for some deep and meaningful movella where the title has some hidden meaning, run away as fast as you can. I mean what I say; these are literally conversations with myself.


6. Conversations between the voices of the Co authors

Pride: *sitting in a cafe* Welcome to my world! I will make you intrigued. 

Creativity: *drinking a frappe* 'Course you will, old girl! 

Pride: *gives him a dirty look* Don't interrupt! As I was saying-

Bubbles: Who the hell are you?

Creativity: Oh look...a foreigner.... *He sniggers along with Pride's giggle*

Drama: Goodness me, what on earth are those accents?!

Bubbles: They sound a little like you when you're  being particularly pretentious, Drama. *Registers what they actually said* Also, what do you mean 'foreigners'? This is our... Thing!

Pretentiousness: Excuse me! I ordered a ristretto decades ago... seriously, get some organisation around here! This isn't bloody Australia!

Bubbles: Ha. Ha. What? 

Drama: Ohhhh no! He did not just go there. Somebody hold my thongs!!

Bubbles: That's flip flops, all you dirty dirty people out there.

Violence: You BEEP foreigners and your BEEP BEEEEP and BEEEEP, think you can BEEEEEP- *Is forcefully restrained by Bubbles before being able to pounce on pretentiousness*

Argument: *shakes head haughtily* Now you've gone and released the inner Bogan.

Bubbles: This is why we don't let violence leave the... Thing.

Hippie: *Holding about six leashes all leading to llamas of assorted colours* Honestly everyone, why can't we all just get along? *looks mournfully off into the distance*  I have a dream. A dream of a world in which we can put aside our cultural differences and-

Argument: You do realise Australia was colonised by the British, yes? And that we are apart of the Commonwealth? And that we use the British spelling for everything? And that-

Violence: No one cares, Argument! Where's your country pride? *Begins putting on green and gold zinc,a maroon football jersey, and knee-length (extremely dirty) socks under the thongs* AUSSIE AUSSIE AU-

Bubbles: Please. Please, just... stop. Forever. Crawl into a hole and die.

Violence: *Ignoring her pleas for death* Reckon you can call me Johnno or Steve-o from now on, right mate? *Makes the creepiest version possible of a wink emoticon*

Pride: Ahem....Violence your clothes are so....dated. And you're all yelling. 

Creativity: Yelling is good. *sees a glare from Pretentiousness* Sometimes....

Style: I say the French are better! Regardez....*he buttons his jacket and walks off* No shouting, no yelling. Just calmness.

Hippie: I totally agree, man! We should all just chill out for a while. Peace and qui-

Drama: *Appears to have been trying to hold the words in for a rather long time* Oh please, saying Violence's clothes are dated implies that that they were once in fashion. I mean, come on! That jersey with those socks? Which team are you even supporting? It's ridiculous!

 Violence: *finally breaks free of Bubbles' restraints (That's right, she's been sitting on top of her the entire time) and tackles Drama, crashing both of them through the conveniently placed window and disappearing from sight entirely*

Hippie: Please! *wanders forward and climbs out after them, ignoring the broken glass that slashes her arms* Violence is never the answer! Cuddle a llama instead - I have six!

Argument: *Gazes after them calculatingly* Something tells me we are never seeing them again.

Pride: *gets up* Come on...I cannot sit here any longer. I have a headache, I need to lie down...

Creativity: *gets up too* She's right, you chaps are really the limit. Anyway, cheerio! 

Bubbles: Three down, one to go. *Glares menacingly at Pretentiousness* Tell me, have you ever heard Argument's lecture about the myths surrounding the spread of the common cold? It goes on for quite a while (Like, an hour) and I believe she's had it memorised.

Argument: I'm so glad you brought that up, Bubbles. You see, P- may I call you P? Pretentiousness is just so long- there are many myths surrounding how exactly one catches the common cold, mostly involving -

Bubbles: *hurriedly shoves in ear plugs, before smiling sweetly at Pretentiousness and mouthing a phrase that could definitely be construed as 'Good luck'*

Pretentiousness: I have the sudden urge to go an art auction! *walks off*

Bubbles: *Grinning evilly* Thanks, Argument.

Argument: *Looking rather perplexed* Well that was a bit rude - I was in the middle of a conversation with him! Why'd he just walk off like that?

Bubbles: *Desperately trying to keep a straight face* I wouldn't know, but hopefully we won't be seeing him, or any of them, again.

Argument: Oh, we will.

Bubbles: *Frowning* What do you mean?

Argument: You haven't realised yet? Why they're here?

Bubbles: No...

Argument: We, Bubbles, have found ourselves a co-author.







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