Best Blogger's Diary

Charlotte Gone is South Africa's top One Direction blogger. When someone asks her out will she go? Will she stay? Will her heart be stolen? Will her heart be broken?


1. Dear Diary.... 1

*Charlotte's blog*


Hello everyone!

Lets start off with some 1D news:

One Direction announced a tour... On the road again 2015. So what is so good you may ask? Well.. They are coming to South Africa and I got tickets! Wow this is so phenomaNIALL!

Some thank yous: Firstly i would like to thank all of you for voting me best blog! It really makes me smile, then the next thanks, And everyone will agree I hope, To One Direction!!!!

Okay thats about all for now😃Thanks and keep fangirling!



*Diary format*

Dear Diary...

Hi! Back again! What did you think of my latest blog? Agh... There you go asking me to get a social life. Get this into your written head... I don't have friends. Maybe except for those who read my blogs but for goodness sake they do not even know my real name! Seriously, you are my only friend Diary... Only friend. Everyone at school HATES me!! You know in the movies? Ya how the nerds always get thrown with food? Yea that's me. But instead of food, its hurtful comments. Like, "Hey Charlotte! How about you go find a web to go get ur legs stuck to?". Well all thoughts go aside when they like Zara St. John. To bad, she doesn't exist! I wish she did though... She has such a beautiful smile, good personality and friends. Unlike me, Charlotte Gone, who is a complete oppisite...

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