Cant live without you

Harry styles girlfriend is jaime. It comes to the time in the year where harry has to go on tour for 7 months, jaime can't live without him for that long so she surprises him what will she do?!.•please read trust me it gets better•


5. surprise!


I waited outside the hotel until 4pm and then I decided they have to let me In.

I walked back inside this time there were two different people at the counter

J: hi I'm harry styles girlfriend what room number is he in please"

"Oh hi they said I can't tell you what room number he is in but I an get Mary to go and get him for you" she said

OMG thank you so much

Mary walked upstairs I decided to be sneaky and follow her.

She knocked on a door and about 10 seconds later came out harry OMG i thought in my head he so perfect

"Mr styles you have a visitor"

"Oh I do"

"Yes right down here"

Before her could stRt walking out his sore I dropped my suitcase and ran to him

His mouth dropped when he seen me



J: OMG harry I have missed you so much

Before he could say anything I smashed my lips into his. And kissed him passionately.

We stopped kissing and he had a speechless look on his face

H: OMG what are you doing her I'm so happy to see you

J: I could resist not seeing you for those 2 months I just had I come see you.

H: and that's what I love you babe

J: I love you more

H: and I love you most

J: omg harry stop being cheesy aha

H: sorry for being happy that my amazing beautiful sexy girlfriend just turned up in California without telling me

J: haha sorry but I could help myself

H: let's go inside


Harry like a gentlemen went and got my suitcase and brought it back into his room.

H: what do you want to do babe.?

J: i could really sleep I'm so jet lagged babe

H: sure let go to the bedroom he said making bedroom sound so sexy!

J: harry that so childish I said laughing

H: well I have to make up all of those 2 months where I didn't get to kiss you don't i ?

J: well I would like that

Harry picked me up and layed me down on the bed, him on top of me of course we made out for a good 30 minutes until I said I was tired so we stopped and went to sleep

H: night babe

J: night handsome




I woke up and smiled because I had my arms wrapped around the love I my life now that's something I have missed in the 2 months i have been gone I was staring at her and how beautiful he was when all of a sudden louis barges throught my door


H: louis shut the fuck up jaimes asleep

L:jaime? What's she doing here?

H: she came yesterday now go get out now!

L: okay haz but remember use protection


I looked back at jaime who was still sound asleep

Oh how I love her so much

J: stop staring at me haz I look horrible

H: jaime! No you don't you look beautiful

J: no I don't haz

H: yes you do (I leaned in and kissed her)

H: what do you want to so today

J: what's tw weather look like outside styles

H: it's a bit overcast

J: let's go for a walk along the beach?

H: sounds perfect babe

We got up and ordered room service

H: what do you want babe

J: what ever your having will be fine

H: (on the phone) um can we have two plates of pancakes please

H: jaime?

J: yeah?

H: I love you!

J: I love you to haz

*knock knock knock*room service

RS: here is our breakfast mr and mrs styles


H:jaime breakfast is here I called


We sat at the table eating our pancakes when I wAs laughis I my self

Haz what's so funny jaime asked

H: she called us mr and Mrs styles

J:haha I wish I was

H: one day! One day very soon( I said the last part quietly)

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