Cant live without you

Harry styles girlfriend is jaime. It comes to the time in the year where harry has to go on tour for 7 months, jaime can't live without him for that long so she surprises him what will she do?!.•please read trust me it gets better•


4. I have to go


I can't do it, it's been three months and I have to seem him I can't wait anymore I hear that for the next 4 months there I'm California so I decided I have to go and visit him


I tried calling jaime I tell her that we hae the next 3 months off so I can go back home and see her but she didn't answer I hope she okay and nothing is wrong! Anyways I'll try gain tomorrow I going to go to be now.


12 hours later

I got off the plane and into a cab "bright light hotel please"

The can ride was about 1 hour long and it was only 8 am so by the time I it there it was 9.

I payed the man and went inside I seen two ladies at the counter and went up to them and said

"Harry styles room number please"

They just looked at me and laughed

"Nice try fan now please exit the hotel and leave one direction alone"

"Oh okay then.... But"

"NO no buts get out of the hotel please"

" I'm sorry" I said as I walked out, if they had of let me finish my sentence I would have told them I'm his girlfriend but no. So now I'm stuck out here trying to gt to my boyfriend.

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