Just So You Know

"This is going to be a short story, because my time with Louis was short.

I guess I thought that somehow, I was going to be different. That my deepest and not necessarily dark fantasies would come true.

But this isn't a fantasy. It's real life

This story is for you, Louis. Just so you know."


3. Part Two

I couldn't think of anything better to name the second chapter of my story, so I guess we're going with 'Part Two'.

This is where things start to get interesting. So listen close:



She attacked me in the hallway, wearing her famous half-smirk that you're probably familiar with by now.

"Annabel Jensen, right?"

"Er...just Anna," I corrected.

Camille Sanders. One of the nicest, prettiest, most popular girls in school. Definitely girlfriend material, don't you think?

I see why Harry would like her.


She offered to walk me to my next class, which happened to be Biology. I wondered if I was her latest charity case.

I was wrong. She had personally picked me out from a couple hundred girls that went to this school. What an honor. Did you note the saracsm?

Camille said that we should hang out sometime. "Hey, why don't we go to a party together?"

She told me that she had a crush on some boy who was in a band and was hoping to crash his party this weekend.

Remember that party? Your best friend's 20th birthday? I saw you there.

She even promised to hook me up with one of his bandmates.


I didn't have a boyfriend at the moment. In fact, I hadn't felt that way towards a guy since Hunter. And being seen at a party with Camille, that was something no one could resist.

"Who's the boy?"

Imagine a loooong drum roll.


"Harry Styles."

Now, you probably guessed who he is. You know how things worked out in the end. But me, I had no idea. I thought she was kidding.

She was dead serious.

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