Just So You Know

"This is going to be a short story, because my time with Louis was short.

I guess I thought that somehow, I was going to be different. That my deepest and not necessarily dark fantasies would come true.

But this isn't a fantasy. It's real life

This story is for you, Louis. Just so you know."


8. Part Seven

I thought Camille would ignore me again the second the party was over. Surprisingly, she didn't.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

She even kept her promise to hook me up with a friend.


Harry and Camille had officially started dating. Fast, huh? Paparazzi already followed her everywhere. It's a good thing that Camille loves attention.


"We can go on a double date. Me, you, Harry, and whoever you want to take."

Did she even have to ask? Of course I would take you.


I'm reliving that night in my head right now. You should do it too. It helps sort things out.

I think it was the best date ever.

We went to that restaurant in the fancy part of Los Angeles. You guys were paying, so I didn't have to worry about how expensive the food was.


Harry and Camille started making out right in the middle of the meal. With you and me glancing at each other uncomfortably.

Then we locked eyes, and something magical passed between us.

We both smiled at the same time.

You asked the waiter if we could move tables. And there we were, two people on a "date", telling each other every single joke and funny story we knew. Laughing our heads off.


I don't know if you did this on purpose, but you put your hand on mine that was inching closer and closer to yours every second.

My stomach went crazy with the butterflies.

You drove me home, even walking me to my door. Giving my mother a pleasant surprise.

Best. Date. Ever.

Too bad you had to ruin it later on.

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