Long Way Home // C.H

Cally has always had hard times whether she's at school or at home but one day when she's getting pushed around four boys notice and consider to help the helpless girl. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Txitter Queen on movellas.com


3. Long Way Home; Chapter Two


Long Way Home: Chapter Two



Cally POV


Blinding light attacked my face as I began to flutter my eyes open only to shut them back tight pulling the cover above my head. I slowly opened my eyes to make sure it wasn't too bright.


I quickly slipped out of bed, like literally I slipped. I still had the covers over me as i crawled the window making sure to keep my head down. I jumped up causing the cover to fall to the floor, I launched myself toward the two curtain sides to connect the two instead I found my self head butting the wall creating a sound to slip out my mouth along with it.


"Oomph!" as fell backwards on my butt rubbing my sore forehead. Lets just hope they're won't be a swelling. I gave up being the spy of the morning and just closed the curtains with no effort needed.


I skipped to the bathroom feeling oddly awake. I grabbed a towel along the way. Once my shower was warm enough I scrubbed my body with raspberry body wash and massaged my hair with vanilla shampoo and conditioner


I turned the shower off wrapping the towel around my body tucking in the end. I did my usual morning routine including face washing and creams along with brushing my teeth. After that I dried my body off then walked back into my room with the towel still around me.


I stepped inside and shut the door. I walked over to my underwear drawers pulling out some new bra's, knickers and socks. I held onto them as I placed the towel on the radiator to dry. I slipped on my underwear before walking over to my clothes.


It was a non-uniform so I picked out my: Black ripped skinny jeans, white crop top saying ' Milips 96 '(pretend it says 'Milips 96' so thats her last name),red and black checkered flannel, Black vans with white rim, black beanie with my hair curled for a change then wavy.


I walked over to my jewellery box to find out an yingyang necklace and with my three ear piercings on each ear in order I had: gold ball studs, yingyang, gold moon. My nails were painted glossy black with a clear top coat. I applied a light pink lipstick smoothly after I had applied my wing eyeliner, mascara, bronzer to contour, blush, filled in my eyebrows lightly and applied a thin layer of foundation.


When that was done I grabbed my phone walking over to my stand which held my phone cases I picked out the one with a black background with a yingyang on it. I opened up my closet picking out my black satchel slipping in any books I need for today. As I was walking towards the door I picked up my sunglasses slipping them on quickly making sure I wasn't going to be late. (Picture above is the outifit)


I jogged down the stairs quietly knowing my family were still asleep. I opened the front door grabbing the keys on the way out. I pulled my arm back to me which resulting in the door closing. I twirled around to slip the keys in. Once I knew it was securely locked I started making my way towards school. I put my headphones in hoping to lift my mood as I gained closer to the 'prison' which would keep me 'trapped' for about 6 hours.


Author's Note:

Chapter two....finally :) Hope you like it so far?


Love ya :* Mwah x

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