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Cally has always had hard times whether she's at school or at home but one day when she's getting pushed around four boys notice and consider to help the helpless girl. © Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Txitter Queen on movellas.com


2. Long Way Home: Chapter One

Long Way Home: Chapter One



Note ~ I know Ashton didn't go to school with the others but it's just for the story. 



Cally POV



"Hey Cally!" Someone shouted from behind me as I made my way home from Norwest Christain College. I knew what they wanted so I just carried on walking. I could hear them running towards me. 


"Just stop, why dont you?!" Another one called from behind me. I guess I should just give up and face them once again. I stopped and turned around to be faced with thr- wait four teenage boys in their rugby jackets. Thats weird everytime it's been the same three boys. I studied each of them it was Mark, Peter, Sam as normal. I then looked at the one on the end he didnt have a mischievous smile stuck to his face it was a sympathetic frown. I knew who he was. A secret that won't be told from my history.


Sam grabbed me by my shoulders then pushed me to the ground forcefully. Powerful kicks then contacted with my side. I looked at  the boy who was just standing there. I mouthed 'help' we stared at each other but then he looked away. I knew how these usually ended with me bruised, scratched, bleeding and nearly passing out. It has got really bad before where I've been sent to hospital because they have knocked me unconscious.


Peter kneeled down as he slapped me. As soon as his palm hit my cheek I saw a flash of guilt in his eyes but that quickly lost its place as anger took over. When he stood up tears formed in my eyes, they then all walked off pretending that scene never happened. I looked over to them to see the boy I wished had helped me glanced back at me but quickly turned his head back to the others.


After making sure they had gone, I pulled myself up as groan escaping my lips. They wouldn't usually slap me they would just usually kick my sides and legs until I showed them pain but then they would still carry on for awhile. Finally, I heaved my body weight up and made my way home feeling sick and dizzy with my arm across my waist.  


When I made it home, I unlocked the door and dashed upstairs before my mum got home. I always had to do this, I would go in the bathroom and check what they've done then try to hide the damage. I looked into my mirror and pulled up my top to reveal bruises forming and some blood where they kicked me so hard. I leant in closer to the mirror to see a bright, red hand mark, I gently poked it but as soon as my finger turned my sore skin I had a stinging sensation in my left cheek. I quickly grabbed my make up bag and applied some concealer along with some foundation. 


You may be confused why nobody stopped to help? Well they use to but now people have given up and instead I just get laughed at and made fun of. I havn't done anything wrong. 


I almost forgot, you dont know what I look like. I have naturally wavy hair that comes below my shoulders, my eyes are a mix of my families. I have bright piercing blue eyes with a green rim surrounding the pupil. I'm short and usually quiet but i'm not if you get to know me.


I decided it was enough for the day and I needed a rest. I made my way over to bed and slipped under my duvet snuggling into my cold covers. I closed my eyes and dozed into a peaceful sleep to the sound of light rain hitting the roof.



Author's note:

How was that for the first chapter? How's the cover I made it myself?(:

Love Ya :* Mwah x

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