King of the Hill summer adventure

Bobby and Khanie have decided to rekindle their relationship despite what plans their parents have for them: Bobby a beef inspector and Khanie a concert violinist . Joseph convinces them to take a ditch day that involves them getting on a hot air balloon ride that goes array and takes them to a Native American reservation in Arizona where Joseph finds love and the trio finds adventure . Joseph discovers his roots as they decide to venture out to rediscover a lost Native artifact as the kick off of their summer


1. the last day of School

Bobby Hill was awakened by the Hill's dog , Ladybird. Instantly he was reminded of what day it was, it was the last day of eighth grade. He bemoaned the fact the being in the eighth grade meant that the last day would be a full day without an end of the year party at Tom Landry Middle school.

Personally , Bobby knew that summer meant biking to the lake with Joseph to go fishing and camping in the forest under the wide and luminous Texas night sky , while Dale Gribble talked about his alien abduction conspiracy theory involving Amelia Airheart.

For Khanie it would mean being sent off to yet another musical camp competition by her parents. She would have to fulfill their dream of her becoming a world famous concert violinist. He wanted to se her before Kahn would find some way to get her socialized with ambitious Laotians. He wanted to become more than friends before her parents fixed her up with a Laotian boy whose parents had a membership at the Nine Rivers Country Club. He knew that she was such a push over when it came to pleasing her parents, it made almost wish that they had actually gone to Appalachia and performed so that they could be free and happy.

After lying in bed a few more moments his mother, Peggy Hill knocked on his door and said:" Bobby you don't want to be late for your last day of eight grade !" " My little boy is becoming a man so fast!" , she said to her self sentimentally . After all he was her only child so far.

As he let the spout of water from his shower run over his head , he thought about Khanie and how he would sneak over to her window before the bus came . This summer was about to be different.

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