King of the Hill summer adventure

Bobby and Khanie have decided to rekindle their relationship despite what plans their parents have for them: Bobby a beef inspector and Khanie a concert violinist . Joseph convinces them to take a ditch day that involves them getting on a hot air balloon ride that goes array and takes them to a Native American reservation in Arizona where Joseph finds love and the trio finds adventure . Joseph discovers his roots as they decide to venture out to rediscover a lost Native artifact as the kick off of their summer


2. The County Fair

Chapter 2 : The county fair

Bobby had tried to savor his plate of bacon and short stack of chocolate chip pancakes. He thought of how much his mother had been trying to subtlety get him to eat healthier , which proved to be a segue into the idea of Mr. Soupenoupenphome 's taunt of : " Hey Pillsbury Dough Boy, next time why don't you eat through the fence when you try to sneak over !!!" "Maybe your hill billy dad can use it for firewood!"

Bobby felt that some day when he and Khanie were married and they were rich, Mr. Soupenoupenphome would reference those things endearingly as merely teasing.

Peggy came over to Bobby and took a picture with the new digital camera she hardly knew how to use. She mused over the idea of the digital camera: " If this says it captures a moment in time" , then why does time still fly ?" Peggy chuckled at her own musing as though she didn't need to be told it was funny.

Hank Hill had made his way to the breakfast table hastily before going to his job at Strictland Propane. Before he would leave he would give his son his version of a coming of age pep-talk about becoming a man:" Now Bobby you are in the phase where a boy becomes a man.""I have talked to Mr. Strictland and he said that you can start an apprenticeship at Strictland Propane in two weeks." " It will be a good source of income and be a good sign for the ladies looking for decent men."

" Okay dad sounds great dad" Bobby said spitting the words out like a bad protein bar. He finished up his breakfast with purpose so as to hurry to see his friends before destiny tried to take over. He placed the dishes in the sink and slung his backpack over his shoulder as he ran out the door. He yelled back over his shoulder :" See you guys'll after school !"

When Bobby made his way to the alley, Khanie and Joseph were waiting for him at the bus stop .Joseph was reading a fold up pamphlet while Khanie listened to classical music on her headphones. She was listening to Bach when Bobby snuck up behind her and covered up her eyes. " Guess who ?!" , Bobby said with a chipper attitude .

" Bobby?!", Khanie said rather excited to see him. " Hey Bobby!" , Joseph said looking up from the pamphlet . " Hey Joseph , what you reading?" Bobby asked settling his hands into his pockets. " This fair is in town show casing renaissance ideas and inventions as well as a 19th century carnival", Joseph said filled with the excitement he put into all things new. " Hey!" " There are prizes for those who show up on the first day which is today !"

" Lucky people who get to go today." " Too bad that we have school."

"So?" , Joseph said honestly only interested in the fair. " We have school ." , Bobby said feeling that they had a responsibility to uphold with perfect attendance.

"It's the last day of school Bobby, you know that we won't be doing anything important and they can't hold us back because we met the requirements to graduate." Joseph said , proud of his knowledge of the educational system.

" Ok but won't we get caught?" , Bobby said partially contemplating going to the fair.

" You know we will probably just be doing meaningless things to pass the time , aside from signing yearbooks which we can always do." Joseph said prepared and armed with another rebuttal . " We will only be leaving the eight grade once and what better way to do it than being adventurous ?" , he said as persuasively as possible.

Khanie decided to finally take of her headphones and reveal that she had been listening all along. " Bobby, you know I care about school attendance as much as anybody else on the debate team, but I think this time Joseph may be right." " Besides I want to have something fun that I did in eight grade to look back on."

With a tone finality and deliberation Bobby said :" Alright! Inventions fair here we come!"

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