This Is My Life

This is my life. A lot of you will say that it's fake, or that I just want attention. That's not true, this is simply my life.


1. Being Different

From day 1, I knew that I was gay. I always had a crush on my best friend. No one knows, except for one of my friends.In my town, being gay is just about the worst sin in the world. It was hard enough to come out to one person, so how do I do it to the whole world?


I was born when my mom was fifteen, so everyone thinks that I'm a slut, just like my mom was. Honestly, they could call me worse things. When I walk down the hallyways, people will yell things like,"Hey! There goes Whore-a The Explora!" If I'm with my best friend, she'll threaten them. She's really over'protective, but I don't mind.


I'm really over-weight. This is the one thing that people have been teasing me about for years. In first grade, I had a broken chair, so when I sat down it totally colaspsed! People still tease me about it. 


These are three ways that I am different from all of the perfect little angels at my school. I could name about 10 more, from the top of my head.

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