Like a skull ( a bullying story)

This story is about me, Anna Mayish. How one girl brought me down. My mother used to say I was like a skull. Tough on the outside but soft and fragile on the inside. This is a story about that one girl, Suzanne Colander. The girl who brought me down


1. The Beginning

Have you ever felt locked in? Like you were locked into a small room, with every single word that hurt you, poking you, crushing you, killing you. I have and it hurts. Me, Anna. A normal girl. When I say normal, I mean like in a tv show where they have the populars, the geeks, the goths, well I would be that random person, in the back living my life. ,People picked on me like I was the only one to pick on. Like I was the only one who didn't fit in. But that's it, I fit in, I fit in right where I belonged. The background, the people that make a school look complete.I mean you need some people to live their live when you act your every emoticon like you were in a movie, like you could not do anything without someone telling you what to do. Suzanne was the actress in my movie, in my life that I played the background. This problem all started when I tripped at lunch:



ugh, this food smells gross, I thought as I was in line for yet another day of the thing they called lunch. It didn't even look or smell like real food. Today it was supposed to be pizza but I never knew pizza had a pink sauce. Anyways. I was walking to my table, a table that was near Suzanne's but not to close to steal what she calls "Stardom" I was walking fast, too fast perhaps as for I tripped over my other foot and crashed into the floor. My tray went rolling around in circles. But my food was high in the air and plummeting down on Suzanne's table.It basically exploded leaving Suzanne and her friends covered in pink sauce. "AHHHH!" Suzanne screamed. I was still laying on the floor, I felt like I broke my hip or something. But knowing Suzanne will be screaming her way to the bathrooms, I didn't want to get in her way. I pushed myself up and began retrieving my items when Mrs.Popularity walked up to me.

I saw the tray in her hand and I knew this wasn't going to be pretty.She flipped her tray over and all her pizza fell right onto my head and back. "That's how it feels to be covered in food." she yelled and she threw her tray to the floor and stormed out. Her 4 friends followed her out. I quickly grabbed my tray and put it in the tray return and I ran out of there. I was about to cry when I bumped into Mrs.Popularity again. "Well look who it is." she snickered. Her bright blue sweater had pink stains all over it.  "You little klutz." she yelled. She pushed me down and giggled down the hallway with her friends. I just laid there on the floor when a figure stood next to me "Need help?" the boy asks. I nodded and he held his hand. I didn't look at his face I just kept my head down and grabbed his hand. He hauled me up. "Suzanne is a brat, you sure your ok?" he asks again. I nodded and he walked away. I stood there, covered in pink sauce when I started to cry. I cried silent, so nobody would hear my pain, I didn't want help. I just wanted to go home.

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