Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


7. what walkers?

"My name is Niall"

"Nice to meet you niall" I replayed back,

"Sooo ummm have you seen any of that, any idea of what's going on?" He says

"No idea at all but I was quite close to one" I say as we both sat on the couch,

"How close?" He said intrigued

"One came in my but walked past me, It just clicked" so I call it clickers

"Oh I haven't seen those ones, what are they like" he said kind of wondering if he should have said that

"I don't know they just looked infected with weeds and mushrooms growing in them, and sharp teeth, no eyes" I said

"No eyes?"

"I thin they only pick up sound, that's why it didn't see me"

We both stared at the fireplace In front of us

"5"he said under his breath

"What?" I said back

"Oh well there's different types of walkers, I only knew 4 but now I know 5"

"What are the other walkers?" I said turning my head to face him.

-clickers like you said

-runners they can see and once they see you your more or less dead, you can't outrun them, they only have eyes and a mouth though, no nose or ears, but obviously they have a body

- scratchers you can hear them coming, because they scratch at the walls feeling their way through the walls or ground

-starves they just eat everything they come in contact with, human or not that look anorexic though, thats what makes it ironic

- wishes they can only smell, and are good at tracking familiar smells, human they always sneak up on you, without you realising, but are very slow, so if you spot them first you can run away, and hopefully not pick up a runner on the way,

"A wisher? I think I came across one of them, they were quite sneaky, I guess, I didn't hang around to really find out,"

"Ha yeah" he said looking down

"Why a wisher?" I thought

"Because you wish it won't hunt down you" he said

"I guess but that just an odd name"

" I didn't decide it, the news did, before it went off it told a bit about everything, and everybody, and all the states infected, and countries" he said looking up at the end,

"So What happened to you then?" I asked

"Ha thanks," he said

"You know what I meant" I said holding In a laugh

"I was with my 4 other friends at this music store, down the road, only 2 of the 5 of us, made it out, I don't know what happened to my other 3 friends" he said tucking his front lip under the bottom, making him look adorable

"Well where's the other guy that made it 'out'?"

"Upstairs trying to get a better signal on his phone", he said

" Niall I can't get hold of anyone, I think all the lines are enga..., the boy coming down the stairs, stops and stairs at me

Oh My God! Who could this one be, again you can decide-- if you want xx

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