Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


1. the signs


hi my names Allie, when it isn't Allie that's just the name I have made up in my life, you could say I live a fake life, but only because if people found out who I am, I would have to do something I can not explain in simple words, but this is true--I'm 18 years old and are in my last year of college thank god, I'm studying to become an English teacher,

I've always liked the idea of becoming one, with the kids but no I just don't know, you will find more about me as this story goes on, that is why I told this story to show you who I am, this story could go on for ever I don't know all I know is that once you read this you can never go back, my story will have you up all night thinking, but I promise you this and when I promise I promise remember every detail I tell you as it could affect the way you think of me... With out further ado here we go....



Sat in maths is not a fun thing to do on a Monday morning ha, I'm sat with EVERYBODY I hate, I don't have much friends though, not because no one wants to be my friend, just because I don't want any friends, I want a normal life or as normal as it can be and to do that I need a job and got that I can't get distracted with boyfriends or friends or bitch fights that don't mean shit, I actually want to succeed,

"Allie?" Miss time says

"What?" I said snapping out of my daydream

"I said what is the intercept of line y and x?"

"Ummm 4,4?" I said looking at the board

"Yes well done Allie" miss said and turned back to the board, while all the "popular" kids looked at me in disgust and laughed ha not that I really gives a fuck, we have a prom coming up soon and that's all the girls can talk about, me ha I really couldn't care, the bell went off indicating that was the end of maths now English! Everyone else looked at their planners and groaned while I just grinned very widely.

I walked away and into the English department into room #133 and sat down in my normal chair, at the front away from everybody, I was the first in the class wen before the teacher! I looked out the window minding my own business and looked at all the graffiti on the walls? Why would anyone want to do that?!, I was reading through them out loud,

"John is gay"


"Zombie attack is coming"

"Olivia is an abs.."?? Wait what ha zombie attack. Is coming? Why would people write this wow not just that but everything, I turned around and there was imagine in my face

"Ahhh!" I screamed unexpected this day has been very strange.

"Class settle down" Mr gore says and looks around the classroom

"Today we will be doing hidden messages work out the adverbs, adjectives and nouns and wait for everyone to finish" god this is just so easy,

I get given my sheet and complete it in 25 minutes while people are still on the first question I have completed 48 of them, I look around proud and read the poem in my head

Died the first time

Dead the second

Come back to life

Completely Unbitten

Not dead in life

But dead in mind

Are the ones that will have to survive


"Mr gore, what does this poem mean?"

"Allie your done? Okay try and search it up and find out, come back to me tomorrow with the answer" I nod my head just as the bell went it's 'the end of the day' ( directioners should get that joke) and I ran up to the library I have to find out what this means!

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