Zombie apocalypse- 1D imagine

What if zombies take over the world?! That's a reality for a girl named Allie Anderson, She goes in search for her family, meets people on the way and tries to find away to change the world back to what it once was


5. get out

I awoke realising I had fell asleep for a Few hours I opened my eyes and looked around, was it just a dream? My question was answered by a loud crash at my front door and grunting, noises only to be met with a 6ft person covered in what looked like half eaten mushrooms, spread across his skin, infecting him, I sat there frozen not even daring to take a breath, he made a small clicking sound, like when you click your fingers and call a dog over, only 1728938292x more scary (not that dogs are scary) he walked past me and through the door to my back garden? Maybe he didn't see me, maybe these things can't see?

I need to get out I though as I looked around at my unsecured house, like a light waiting for moths to fly towards it, only this time giant creatures ready to attack me, I got up slowly trying to not draw attention to myself, the lets call him clicker as that was the sound he made, didn't see me, maybe they hear, as I didn't make a sound, and they can't smell because I was right next to the clicker, so to make no sound I stood up and started crawling on the floor, so as to not be seen, even if they can't see but hear, doesn't mean there all the same, I crawled into my bedroom, turning the light on only to realise 2 things,

1. That would draw attention

2. The power isn't working

Come on Allie don't be so stupid I'm honestly kind of glad the power isn't working otherwise my house would light up like a damn beacon, I took my back pack from my wardrobe and took about 5 tops and jeans out and stuck them in there, moving along to the bathroom, I picked up my travel first aid kit, which would probably come I'm handy, as I was making my way into the kitchen I remembered back when I was 10 writing about what to do in a zombie apocalypse I thought it was silly and stupid at the time but now I look back on it and I'm kind of thankful, by the time I reached the kitchen I had picked up some rope and a bunch of hair bands that I stuck into my back jean pocket, remembering how easily I brake them, and put my hair up in one, this was to keep the hair of my face and to avoid being grabbed by a "clicker" I picked up a few water bottles and a bunch of energy bars that I had in the morning, just about to go the front door I noticed a large kitchen life and picked it up so I could use it as a weapon, I don't have a gun I'm an 18 year old girl?

I got to the front door and grabbed my hoodie making sure is was zipped up tight, and that the hood was up, double checking I had everything, I opened the door to try and find a safer place,

But as I looked outside I saw....

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