My Diary.

This is actually a real diary, my diary. I want to share it with you, because there might be someone out there going through some of the stuff I am. So, Don't mock.. Not okay, okay? Just want to help, and maybe get some helping advice myself. I will stay anonymous.


1. They are pulling me like a puppeteer, my strings hurt.


Dear Diary.

Today I broke, and it is not okay in my eyes.
I just want to feel okay and have friends again, go partying, have fun.
You know, like any other teenager. It isn't fun not knowing what is wrong.

For a long time I have felt numb.
Now I just feel lonely and lost. Broken, scattered all over the place.

I don't know what to feel anymore, other than depressed.
Which I actually think I am, I think I have a depression. It hurts.

Why do it have to be me, why am I the one.

My mom has post traumatic disorder and a depression.
My dad has borderline. Including my sister.
Which has other mentally disorders too, so actually.

Why not me.

I am bound to be wrong upstairs, I am bound to be screw-less.

Well.. I guess that is all for now..

I'm also going to visit my sister tomorrow, a long walk..


Love the loneliest girl in the world.

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