My Diary.

This is actually a real diary, my diary. I want to share it with you, because there might be someone out there going through some of the stuff I am. So, Don't mock.. Not okay, okay? Just want to help, and maybe get some helping advice myself. I will stay anonymous.


2. I gave up, and it wont stop.


I am in hurt, and it wont end.
Someone wants to help me, but I wont take it.
I gave up and it wont stop, I'm sorry if you hurt.
Seeing me like this, is not you pain.

It's mine.

So please, live on.
I'll survive, even though I have nothing left.
I've never felt so lonely, but it doesn't matter.
Live, love and laugh.

Even though I wont.

Have friends, love you true love.
Even though I wont have that,
do it for me.

I'll survive.

Empty, broken and dark.
But I will make it, maybe not out of the dark.
As long as you're happy, I'll survive.

I'll survive.

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