How to become a demon.

"This is not a happy story. But when you entitle something "how to become a demon" I think that kind of obvious."

Follow the story of Darren Griffin Jones and his fall form graces into the pits of hell.


2. chapter two

That day started out like any other. Funny how one days events can be so life changing and you wake up not knowing a Dame thing.

Got up ,got dressed , made breakfast. Mom and dad weren't home they always had to get up really early even on the weekend so that they could rush off to one of there many jobs. My older brother James was off in his room probably smoking weed or looking up porn.

My family lived in a two story house that was so old that it was starting to lean forward and look like it would face plant into the side walk any day now. My father desperately tried to repair the thing. anytime he had off he tried to go out side and work on the house. But working three jobs doesn't give you much down time and even when he did have some spare time he spend most of it sleeping.

My parents where good people. They did every thing right when it came to my brother and me. We were not a poor family , we lived in one of the nicer homes in the area and always had what we needed to survive. But they still worked three jobs or more when they could fine good paying work. They alway made sure we had our grades up and if we where havering trouble on something they stay up and help us until we got it right.

They worked so hard to make suer me and my brother had better lives than they did. They wanted us to Escape and rise above are somewhat humble beginning. I guess I kind of ruined that form them. Again I'm sorry, keep getting distracted from the story. Talking about this brings up a lot of old memories and most of them aren't good ones.

But anyways on with the story. I got out of the house late and it was just about 1:00 by the time I meet Merious behind the convenience store. He was standing slumped up against the brick wall trying to look nonchalant. But It was obvious that something was bothering him.

As I approached merious jumped , surprised by the sudden presence of a another human being. "Dame it Darren , don't do that.!And anyway where the hell have you been! I've been waiting for hours." Merious spat , Irritated by the fact that I'd be able to surprise him.

"I was sleeping , like a normal person." I replied dryly

"Whatever!" Said merious

"So what did you want to show me?" I asked , prompting merious to give me one of the biggest grins I have ever seen in my life!

"I'm glad you asked!" Said merious lowering his voice and motioning me to come in closer " so this is going to be a bit of a stretch for you and me, but trust me if we pull this off We'er to be legends. So just hear me out ok."

I looked at him , a bit nervous. And asked in a hushed voice " merious , what exactly are we doing here?"

"We" he said he as pulled out a shot gun from the waste of his jeans "are here to commit armed robbery!"

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