How to become a demon.

"This is not a happy story. But when you entitle something "how to become a demon" I think that kind of obvious."

Follow the story of Darren Griffin Jones and his fall form graces into the pits of hell.


4. chapter four

I walked into the convenient store searching the Isles for merious. I finally found him next to one of the big drink coolers. Far from the prying eye of the one security camera located at the front of the store.

"At lest him managed to not get himself caught on tape."I muttered to myself as I walked over to his "hiding spot".

As I approached merious gave me a sly smile clearly pleased that he'd be able to brake me down. "So you decided to come after all!" He said quietly

"Well I figured that someone had to come along to make suer this plan of your Doesn't blow up in your face." I shot back the words coming out slightly more aggressive than I had intended.

"Glad to see you've had a Change of heart." He replied. "So you ready for this , I swear to god this is going to be the best thing you and I have ever done!"

"Look merious , I don't know what your plan is but if we'er going to do this-"

"You mean when we do this!" He said cutting me off mid sentence.

"Right , I mean when. But anyway if we'er going to do this I want to be holding to gun!" I said looking him straight in the eyes to make sure he got the message I was not kiddingly around.

"Look man , it's not even loaded. It's just some old piece of shit that my dad left around last time he drifted though." He said shrugging but I wasn't going to take that for a answer.

"I don't care if it's loaded or unloaded or whatever! I'm still holding on to it!" I whispered furiously.

"Aright fine, here take it" said Merious pulling the gun form it's spot in his waistband and handing it to me.

I picked it up gingerly and put it in my jacket pocket. Hoping to never lay eye on it ever again.

"So how's this going to go down?" I asked

"Well , I was thinking we'd just go up there to the cashier , ask for the money. You know , like the way they do it in the movies." He replied

I stared at him , trying to figure out if he was just joking around or an idiot. "What, do you have a problem with that plan." Said merious annoyed

"No , it's fine." I said try hard to hide the fact that this was probably the worst idea I had ever hared.

"Anyway , I brought these along for the camera" he said pulling out a brown paper bag form his pocket. Inside where two white mask, there plastic faces a bit dented from spending to much time in merious's pocket.

"So, you ready to do this?" He asked expectantly

"As ready as I every be!" I said as I put on my mask.

"Alright then, let's get started."

After that there was no talking. We made our way though the Isles trying our best to look nonchalant , slowly making our way up the front of the store. Merious walked up to the casher and In a low voice said "we don't want any trouble so i'm going to need you to do every thing I say got it!"

The cashier look up from his magazine , took one look a me and merious and started laughing his ass off " you gotta be kidding me!" He said though laughter

"Look man , We'er not fucking around!" Shouted merious slamming his fists down on the counter "give us the god dame money!"

Look kid , you and your Firend there look about as imposing as a mother fucking toddler. So why don't you just run along and i'll forget this even happened!" Said the casher when he calmed down enough to speak.

"Look you dick , I don't think you get it. We'er robing you! Now give us the money!" Merious spat

"Ok kid now your really starting to piss me off! Said the casher "I gave you the chance to run , but if you don't get out of my store this fucking instant im gonna call the cops!"

Merious look back at me clearly weight the options of running and getting caught by the cops in his head.

This is around the part where I started to panic! I was sweating buckets under that mask. And strange feeling started to go over me. As if my lunges where filling with water. I wiped my head around quickly desperately look for a way out. Suddenly I yeah remember the gun in my pocket. A feeling of relief flooded over me , It was all so clear, if I grabbed the gun ...

I reached into my pocket wiping out the shout gun. Pointing it right at the man head. The look on the cashier face instantly turned form one of annoyance and anger to fear.

"Look ... Kid lets not do something you'll regret!" Said the terrified man

"I don't think you understand the situation sir!" I said in a deep voice that I didn't think I had in me. " you see , i'm holding a gun to your head. And if you don't give my Firend the money that he asked for I will pull the trigger!"

"Ok , wha... What do you what me to do!" The man said clearly shaking

"I want you to take all the money in that cash register and put it into two plastic bags , then your going to hand it to me. Then me and my Firend are going to take it and walk out of here. And your not going to do anything until We'er at least a block away. To do anything. Got it!" I said in a slow even voice

"O..,ok." He said as he took his keys from around his neck and opened the Register.

It took the cashier a few minutes to get all of my requests done. When he was done he handed us the money and we walked out of the store as if nothing had happened. As soon as we where back in the ally merious took off his mask saying "dude , that was awesome!"

"It's not over yet!" I said removing my mask as well "we better get out of here before the cops show up!" And with that we took off down the ally and back onto the Busy streets.

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