Michael Clifford's Secret Sister

Michael Clifford is known to be the only band member with no siblings. But that's what you guys think. He never wanted anyone to know he had a secret sister, Melissa Clifford. It keeps on being a secret until someone finds out, and tells the entire world.


1. Seeing Melissa for the first time

Michael's P.O.V

It's been 7 years since last time I saw my sister. I need to see her again but she needs to stay a secret. "Hey Michael, wake up! We're here" Ashton just had to wake me up from my beautiful nap. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the doors of the bus to find out, we haven't even arrived to the airport. "Ashton! Quit being a dick!" Ashton laughed his head off. I went back to my bunk to fall asleep but I couldn't cause I'm fully awake now. Thanks Ashton.

*Arrived At The Airport*

"2:30" my phone started ringing, it was my sister. "Hey sis, have you found a place to stay while I come home?" "Ha funny thing Bro. I haven't cause I'm tired of being a secret. I want to see you and be with you." Oh no "sis you know you have to, it's the only thing that keeps you safe right now." "I know but I'm tired of it. I can take care of myself, he can't find me." "You sure" "yes I'm sure bro. I love you and see you later" "I love you too sis" Dammit, I need her to be with me. He can never know. He needs to stay away from her and I'll do anything I can to keep her safe.

*Arriving Home*

I see her.

My best friend

My #1 homie

My sister

The boys were getting their things off while I went to the door to surprise my mom. It was my sister that opened the door "MICHAEL'S HOME" she screamed and cried. I didn't blame her, I missed her also. The boys came from behind. "Sis, this is the band, Calum, Luke, & Ashton. Boys, this is my sister Melissa" The boys were confused "Sister? I thought you were the only child" Melissa smiled "it's a long story"

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