The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


13. Chapter Thirteen: An Unexpected Visit

Part Two: The End



Chapter 13: An Unexpected Visit

The whole universe felt my vengeance that night. The force from the transformation was severe and was even powerful enough to destroy Salt Lake City to absolutely nothing but rubble. What was once a home to me is now destroyed to nothing, and it's all because of Black Matter.

When I transformed, all I felt was pure anger and something rising from deep inside. My anger was so powerful that it took me over, and during the transformation process, I couldn't control my emotions no longer. It was as if I was being reborn into the world once again as a new person.

The transformation made me feel as if I'd evolved into a whole new person fueled by anger and love. It changed my personality, way of life, and made me even more stronger on the inside and outside. My flosanella had become so hard, that one punch would break someone's hand to nothing but loose skin.

My confidence was no longer of any doubt, because I knew that Black Matter's demise will happen sooner than he suspects. My thoughts of not even being able to stand up against Black Matter were gone and were replaced by thoughts of killing Black Matter in the worst way I could possibly think of.

If he deceives me again, the period of training will be over, and I will kill him right on the spot, for the transformation also gave me new powers. The powers were ones that only a true warrior of great power could do and control them. The powers were mind communication, gravital force, and a technique I call the "hairstreak slash attack"

The mind communication allows me to contact anyone I can think of by picturing them in my mind. Gravital force allows me to target a certain enemy and literally pull them toward me, like an imaginary rope pulling an object. I can do this by imagining I'm grabbing my target and pull with my fist.

The last one is interesting, because since the transformation changed the tips of my hair into a blonde color,whenever I use the attack, the blonde streaks leave my hair and turn into small individual blades. You control the directions and movements of the blades by finger patterns, and once you're finished with the blades, you just put your hand into a fist and the knives return to your hair as blonde tips.

I've practiced all of those except the mind communication, due to needing to have a person to communicate with. All of the people I can think of are dead, and the people of the Resistance are too far away from me to communicate with. It doesn't matter, because the main subject of being out here is more important.

The main techniques I practice are the two-out-of-three I just mentioned and the Rosna attack. I rarely practice the Thunder Strike anymore, because if I am in a battle, how will it help me to win? Another thing is that my inner warrior no longer speaks, and I think I know why; just as he said that day I learned to fly. "You are getting closer to becoming the Ultimate Warrior. Next time we meet it will not be like this. You'll find out in the future."

I knew that the thing I felt rise from deep inside me. The night of the transformation. That was my inner warrior rising from inside to evolve me into the Ultimate Warrior. He knew I would no longer need his help after the transformation, and that I was ready to transform, so he did it and finally rose from inside of me into the open.

The thing that shocked me was that I didn't have to even accomplish that last technique. I had I again done the impossible and transformed in a different way than any other

Ultimate Warrior before me? Another that shocked me was when I said that my name was the Arm'eian word for "sacred." Did the transformation affect my knowledge on my Arm'eian culture?

All I knew was that now I was a completely different person than before. A being that has capabilities beyond any other ordinary Arm'eian. Something that only certain Arm'eians can accomplish and succeed in fully. I was the almighty and legendary being called by legend the Ultimate Warrior.


* * *


It was noon when I took my first break for the day. Usually, the kind of training I just did for two hours straight would make me sweat severely, but strangely, I wasn't even sweating, breathing heavily, or even exhausted. The transformation must've effected my body's limits, and my body could train for hours and hours without breaking a sweat. The one scary thing is that sometimes during training when I really get into it, my body gets out of control to the point I can't control it.

When my blood and adrenaline begin to rush, my body wants to lose control and do its own thing, but luckily, I can control it but just barely. My speed increases every time this happens, so my punches are so severe that they could punch someone and destroy every bone in their body to dust. Black Matter was mechanical, so I was going to have to find a weak spot to damage him. Sure, the Rosna attack may damage him severely, but not enough to kill him to nothing.

I sat down against the mesa, and I looked up at the sky. There wasn't a single cloud, despite it being winter. The Dry Wastelands didn't even have a sprinkle of snow on the ground, but that's normal, because the temperatures-even during winter- are in the high seventies and eighties.

I didn't know the date or time at all, so today could be Christmas and I wouldn't even know. The best part however was that the first year of my training was almost up, and Sorenska will be born in less than a month and a half. Even though I don't need a second partner to become the Ultimate Warrior anymore, I'm still sort of excited to be a dad.

In that time, I suppose I'll train on to become stronger and even better become so strong that I can even pass Black Matter's full power limit. I know for sure that when the day comes that we meet and battle, I will triumph over him until he's begging for mercy at my feet.

I stood back up and went back to training for another full two hours non-stop.


* * *


I called it quits by the beginning of the evening, when the temperature falls to a decent temperature. All day I practiced the gravital force on boulders and the Hairstreak Slash attack also on boulders. The boulders were nothing but separate pebbles lying next to each other as results from both of the attacks.

I also practiced high-caliber Rosna attack on mesas which created tons of craters. It looked as if a meteor shower had struck the Dry Wasteland in multiple spots. My aim was dead-on with each Rosna attack, my pull was getting stronger with the Gravital force, and the slash's were getting faster and faster with the Hairstreak Slash attack. In other words, the results of the transformation were progressing every training session I had.

During my relaxation, I wondered if tomorrow I should extend each training session by two more hours than today. That'll make each training session four hours instead of two, but I knew I could handle it. Also, I'm going to only have two resting sessions, instead of four. My training was about to intensify by much more caliber than before.

While closing my eyes, I stretched out all my limbs. I sat back against the mesa, folded my arms, and fell asleep.


* * *


A strong force woke me up near dawn. I rose off the ground and immediately got into my fighting pose. What I saw made my anger rise so high, that I nearly lost it. It was a giant spaceship that could only belong to one person that I despised with a burning passion. It was Black Matter's ship.

The ship landed lightly on the ground, and its airbrakes deployed by releasing the stored air. There was silence, then the main door of the spaceship opened, and out of the shadows came Black Matter now stopped, looking at me with those blood-red eyes.

My anger was high at a dangerous level, and the more he looked at me the higher my anger rose.

"So, it's true. You've done it. You've become my greatest adversary."

I stood with nothing but an angry expression on my face.

"Aren't you going to yell at me? Talk? Threaten?"

I just stood looking at him with anger on my face.


I rose my head and continued to look at him. "I do have something to say to your deceiving ass." He chuckled, then I used the Gravital force to pull him from his spaceship to me. With anger, I shoved his face into a mesa and pressurized it so hard his mouth plate. I pulled back then shoved him into it again and again until his face was a little out of shape and was bleeding so severe that it leaked onto the ground like a waterfall.

Next, I landed a severe mirage of punches to his lower abdomen. He shot blood from his mouth into my face, while I shoved him against the same mesa soaked with blood from his mouth. "If you ever deceive me again like you have again, I swear that you will suffer much worse than this! You're lucky that I am still not strong enough to kill your ass, because right now you'd be dead and removed from existence! I should rip your throat out right now, but I won't end it that easy. Trust me. When the day comes we battle, you will suffer so bad that you'll be wishing you were never born!"

I threw Black Matter back toward his ship. He fell so hard, and screamed a small burst of pain. He rose from the ground, struggling to stay up, and re-entered his spaceship. Before he shut the door though, he yelled out "kill him!" At that moment, a small number of Dorsians flew out toward me.

I prepared a new move I learned by mixing up some of the techniques. "Rosna Dome attack!" A large blue dome enclosed me and protected me from the Dorsians. The Dorsians that tried to break the dome though stuck to it. Once every Dorsian was on the dome, I raised my arms, then suddenly, the dome began to turn inside-out and enclose the Dorsians in a large ball that used to be the dome.

"Help us sire!" All the Dorsians yelled inside the dome, but it was no use; they were trapped and doomed. I gave the final command, then the ball the Dorsians were trapped in exploded.

The explosion was loud and rumbled the entire battlefield. A giant blue haze formed in the sky that blinded Black Matter a little. The blue haze cleared, and I was looking straight at Black Matter, quivering in his boots.

"Wh-what was that!" Fear immediately struck his face, as he returned to the inside of the ship.

"One last thing you scum. See you in less than possibly less time you think." Black Matter didn't hear me, but I knew that he knew I was no longer any ordinary Arm'eian. The ship deployed back into the sky and out into the universe. "Be scared. Very scared, because you've seen nothing yet Black Matter. Nothing."

It was morning, so I stretched, popped my neck, back, and all my knuckles and begun the first four-hour training session.

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