The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


16. Chapter Sixteen: The Ultimate Challenge

Chapter 16: The Ultimate Challenge

My mind boggled at the reply, but it was true. The figure looked exactly like me, except that the figure had a heavy blue jacket on with a "1" logo on each shoulder. The other figure had logos on their shoulders too, only it was labeled as "2".

"Surprised? Both of us resemble you two."

"I'm a little surprised and angry at the same time."

The figure that resembled me laughed the same way he did before with a look on his face that showed nothing but pure evil. "You should be. Both of us are the same, except for my personality. I was built with only one purpose and that's to kill you."

"Black Matter built you didn't he!"

The figure laughed again. "Yes he did. Now, let me introduce ourselves before you die. I'm Clone 1 and this is Clone 2."

"Nice to meet you, and it'll be you who will die today."

"What a joke. Black Matter calculated your power limits by measuring the amount of damage that you did on him before this puny runt next to you existed."

"Sorry, but I've become much stronger since then, and when I attacked Black Matter, I was nowhere near my true limit of power."

"He thought about that and calculated the true amount you have."

"You'll see for yourself that nobody can calculate how much power I have inside. It's too large a number to even calculate."

"Let's see it then."

"Is that a challenge?"

"Yes it is. Now show me this limitless power that you keep bragging about."

"Alright, but just remember that you asked for it."

"Show me now."

"Brace yourself. Nobody's seen me at the power I'm about to show." I bent both my arms, put my hands into fists, and bent my legs as I began to build up my energy to a new level. My body began to glow in a halo of energy that enclosed my body. The luminosity of the glow grew more and more as my energy built up.

My muscles began to expand in my arms and legs. My entire body grew a few inches higher than before. My hair grew a few inches higher and wider, and every vein in my body was poking out to the surface of the skin. They were beating at a high rate, which meant my blood was rushing along with my adrenaline. I finished off my power-up with a giant burst of energy that shook the entire battlefield.

When the dust cleared, I appeared as a totally different person than before. Clone 1 just chuckled and looked at me with the evil in his eyes.

"That's it? Disappointing. All you did was increase your muscle size and grew a few inches taller. Tell me how is this supposed to intimidate me in anyway?"

"Come at me and find out the hard way."

"Very well. Prepare to die."

"I'll let you make the first move."

"Foolish. This will be over quickly."

"We'll see."

"Here I come."

I got in my battle stance and watched as Clone 1 vanished. "Really? Teleportation is child's play." Little did Clone 1 know I could see him moving toward me. Without hesitation, I punched the invisible Clone 1 in the abdomen. He immediately appeared in pain at my side.

He spew up blood then backed away from me. "You runt! You'll pay for that!"

I used the same technique as he did and vanished from sight. "Try and find me."

Clone 1 stood up straight and focused as hard as he could to find where I was hiding, but it was useless. "Impossible. Why can't I find you?"

"Oh, don't be so blind. I'm right here." I reappeared at Clone 1's feet and before he could even make a move, I punched him straight in the chin. He flew backwards and I followed him. As he flew, I continued doing an onslaught of punches, kicks, and combos that I'd used in my training.

"Come on. I thought you said that you were superior to me and that I was weak. Hit me already."

"Quit mocking me! Take this!" He made an attempt to punch me in the face, but he missed. "How is this possible?" I shut him up by hitting him in the jaw with my left fist. I decided to back off and let him suffer, so I transported back over to where Sorenska stood.

About thirty yards from Sorenska and I, Clone 1 fell hard to ground after hitting his head against a tall mesa. It took a few seconds for Clone 1 to rise from the ground to his feet, stumbling as he tried to catch his balance. He spat out even more blood onto the ground and struggled to catch his breath. I could understand why. I punched him in the upper and lower chest multiple times during my onslaught.

He was cut on his lower lip and was bleeding out of the right side of his lower lip, and his entire lower body was bruised severely. He wiped the small streak of blood from the cut on his lower lip onto his right hand. Once he saw the blood, he immediately broke out in frustration.

"How dare you! You dare cut my face? That insolence will cost you your life! That I swear!"

I chuckled at his anger. "Why don't you just give up and go back to your excuse of a master. It's what's most wise for both of you."

"Never! I'd rather be dead then lose to the likes of you!"

"That can be arranged."

"Quit acting like such a smart-ass! I'm not down yet."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Black Matter himself thought this might happen, so he gave me a special feature that will assure my victory over you and your pathetic excuse for a son."

"You'd best not talk like that to me about my son, or you'll end up dead in the gutters."

"That's funny, because it's you who will be dead in the gutters after I perform my special feature."

Before I could respond, Clone 2 cut into the conversation. "Are you that foolish Clone 1?"

"Clone 2 shut up and just sit back!"

"It's your loss." Clone 2 settled back. I wanted to respond to Clone 2's concern toward Clone 1, but I knew that he'd tell me nothing but lies. He was created by Black Matter, therefore he has evil inside his heart.

"Are you done daydreaming Vern'e?"

"I'm just thinking of what your partner here just said."

"Focus on the battle! All I see him as is, is a mere piece of trash."

"How can you say that about your ally?"

"I could care less about him. He's no more than a mere setback."

"You act just like your master."

"Thank you for that compliment."

"Your welcome. Now, about your little technique. I'd rather finish you now than wait to see it."


"Yes. I won't take any risks. My life-or-death battle is with Black Matter, not a counterpart of myself."

"You're not anything like your father."

"No. I'm completely different, and I'm tired of deception! Tell your master that if he really wants to see me at my full, come and fight me."

"The battle between you and I isn't over, so that'll have to wait."

"Fine. Time for you to die."

"Let's just see you do that."

I rushed at Clone 1 at my top speed and began to hit him, but surprisingly, he was blocking my every move. I was surprised that he was able to block every punch and kick I threw, because before he wasn't able to even keep up with my speed. What happened? Did he somehow power-up while we were talking?

Suddenly, pain struck me from a punch to the abdomen with one of Clone 1's hands and the other hand punch in the jaw. I spat blood into Clone 1's face, causing him to be caught off guard for a second. I used this as an opportunity to strike, so I rammed my fist into his face and kicked him so hard in the abdomen that it rumbled the battlefield.

Seeing him in pain, I quickly charged up a high-caliber Rosna attack and launched it straight at him. Unfortunately, before the blast could reach him, he charged up a energy blast of his own. It glowed a blood-red color, and I knew that attack. It was one of Black Matter's moves; the Red Nova attack.

The Red Nova launched from Clone 1's hand, straight into my Rosna attack. The blasts' calibers were even, so neither blast broke though another's blast. I pushed as hard as I could, trying to break through the Red Nova, but it was too even with my Rosna attack.

"Try as hard as you can Vern'e! You can't break through my Red Nova!" Clone 1 thrust more caliber into his blast, causing me to struggle to keep control of my Rosna attack.

"Come on! I have to break through his blast!" I knew I had no choice but to add more caliber into the blast. "Please work!" I thrust more caliber into the blast, causing my Rosna attack to break through the Red Nova a little bit, but not enough.

"Fool! It's useless! By the time you get to the limit of power you need to break through my blast, you'll be out of strength!" He thrust more energy into the Red Nova.

He was right though. I need a lot more power in order to have a chance at breaking the blast's barrier. I needed to come up with something. Clone 1 thrust more energy into the blast, causing me to nearly lose my balance and lose control of the blast. It was getting hard to think of a solution to the situation I was in.

I thought so hard of anyway to gain anymore power without killing myself. "This is the end Vern'e! Die!" Clone 1 thrust so much energy into my Rosna attack that nearly broke all the way through my Rosna attack. I was doomed, then I came up with a solution to my problem; mind communication.

I focused my hardest to reach Sorenska's mind by trying to find his energy. It took me a few seconds, but finally I found Sorenska's energy. Quickly, I called out a message to his mind. "Sorenska can you hear me?"

"Dad is that you?"

"Yes. I'm using mind communication to talk to you."

"What is it?"

"Lend me some of your energy."

"Why do you need my energy?"

"I don't have enough energy in my body to take down Clone 1's blast."

"How do I lend you my energy?"

"Hold your hand out to me. The energy will find its way to the Rosna attack."


"Thank you."

Sorenska held out his hand toward me, and immediately, I felt my power begin to increase. "Okay. One last try." I rammed every bit of Sorenska's energy and some of mine into the blast. The blast began to over-power Clone 1's blast.

"What!" The blast closed in on Clone 1. "Impossible!" Clone 1 tried to hold back the blast, but he couldn't hold it and was engulfed by the blast.

"Everyone get down!" I fell to the ground and put my hands over the top of my head in a prone position. Sorenska and Clone 2 did the same. As the blast began to explode, I could hear Clone 1's screams coming from the blast's core.

The blast exploded and sent me flying through the air into a mesa. The wind was so massive, that it caused half of the mesas in the Dry Wastelands to disintegrate to nothing but separate pieces of rock. The sky glowed completely blue and white, and was so bright, it could blind a human eye easily.

It took a few minutes for the blue and white haze in the sky to fade away. I stood up from the ground, nearly able to stand because of my energy loss, and looked out in the distance for any sight of Sorenska or Clone 2.

"Sorenska! Clone 2!" There was no response, so I tried yelling their names again. No response. I was worried now. Could they be hurt? Did they get caught in the blast? "Dammit. What now?" Then I heard something nearby. I looked all around me and caught a glimpse of a moving boulder.

I ran over to the boulder and moved it out of the way. Sorenska was sitting on the ground struggling to move. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm just a little startled from that boulder crushing me."

"Well, at least you're okay. I don't know about Clone 2 though, cause I haven't seen him."

"He wasn't far from me when he was blasted back by the impact of the blast, so he can't be too far from here."

"I hope he's okay, because you still have to fight him."

"About that dad, it's not that I'm scared, but I don't think that Clone 2 is really evil."

"What makes you say that?"

"Clone 1 thinks that he is nothing but trash, which kind of made me think if Clone 2 had good in him."

"Good point. I thought the same when he warned Clone 1 of that special feature."

"Well, if he is good that's all fine and dandy, but we can't let our guards' down."

"Right. Let's find him and get this whole deception over with."


Sorenska and I looked around for Clone 2, listening for any response or sound in the distance. The wind blew silently though, not a sound was in the air or around where Sorenska and I were positioned. Both of us searched the entire perimeter but found nothing but the sight of mesas and boulders. I truly didn't believe that Clone 2 was dead by any means, because the blast's intensity wasn't even strong enough to kill Sorenska.

"We've searched everywhere. Where could he possibly have gone?"

"I don't know dad. Do you think that he got caught in the blast and was annialated along with Clone 1?"

"I don't think so Sorenska. He seemed to be strong enough to take a blast of that caliber's aftermath."

"I don't think he is either, and you're right about his strength. He seemed strong enough to take the outcome of the blast."

"I'm glad you agree."

"Thanks. Should we keep looking or take a break?"

"I say we keep looking."

"Fine with me. Let's go."


* * *




Ten minutes passed, and all that Sorenska and I found was nothing but the same things as before the ten minutes. In the ten minutes that've passed, I was at least able to recover all of the energy I used to eliminate Clone 1 with. I felt refreshed and ready for any type of challenge or deception that you-know-who can throw my way. Still. I was wondering if Clone 2 had gotten caught in my blast and was eliminated along with Clone 1.

Sorenska was still looking around the perimeter for any shreds of clothing, blood, severed limbs; anything that could show that Clone 2 was still alive and hiding somewhere. I scratched my head then joined Sorenska for a final effort of finding Clone 2 somewhere in all of the rubble created by the blast's impact.

Sweat ran down my chest like a waterfall, due to the temperature being over one-hundred at least. Sorenska was also sweating and panting like a dog on a hot day. He was also walking as if he were a drunken sailor in the days when pirates still roamed the seas, and was having a hard time standing. I was afraid he was going to vomit, so I drew back from him just a little.

He looked back at me with a look of weariness on his face.

"Dad, I think I'm going to be sick."

I rushed to Sorenska and held him up straight. "Hang in there. We'll get through this. Why don't you take a break?"

"No. I know he's out here somewhere."

"Sorenska we've looked everywhere. Face it. He's dead."

"No! He isn't!"

"Sorenska!" I grabbed Sorenska by the shoulders. "He's dead."

"He could've helped us."

The reply Sorenska gave me entreged me. "What do you mean?"

"While you were fighting, Clone 2 spoke to me about a way that we could get stronger then we are now."

"Did he say how?"

"No. Before he could tell me how, you asked me for power in my mind."


"Don't be. We'd all be dead now if it weren't for me giving you some of my energy to finish Clone 1."

"Well at least it's over for now."

"True. So what was that technique that you were going to teach..."

Suddenly, a red beam shot out of nowhere to where Sorenska and I were standing. "Watch out!" Both Sorenska and I dodged the beam by ducking to the ground.

The beam hit a mesa and completely annihilated it to nothing but rubble. "What the hell!" I was cut off by a familiar laugh of nothing but evil and horror. It was Clone 1's laugh. "It can't be!" The laugh echoed throughout the field. I tried to make out where the laugh was coming from.

I looked around, struggling to catch any sight of anything, due to dust infesting my eyes. My eyes were cover in a full layer of dust, so my eyesight was foggy and blurry. I stood up and wiped the dust from my eyes. In the distance, on a plateau, I saw Clone 1 looking right at me with evil and fire in his eyes.

He was injured severely, and his clothes were stripped away from the upper chest. Burns covered his face and chest, and blood was dripping from the cuts all over his face, legs, arms, and many other positions on his body. He was gritting his teeth and barely breathing correctly.

"How is this even possible?" Clone 1 flew from the plateau to me.

"Ha! You think that blast would finish me off? Keep dreaming Vern'e."

"There's no way you could've survived that!"

"Is that so? Then why am I standing here injured but still alive?"

"I don't know, but I know that you're going to wish you were dead now!"

"I don't think so. This time around I'm going to use my back-up special ability, and I guarantee that this time you'll be the one who's going to die."

"Just try!"

"Very well, just prepare yourself for the ultimate nightmare."


Sorenska cut into the conversation. "No dad! Don't hesitate! Finish him now!"

Clone 1 was the one to respond first. "Shut up brat!" Clone 1 shoved Sorenska violently onto the ground.

"You bastard!" I went to punch Clone 1, but I was stopped by Clone 1's open hand. It felt like I had just punched a piece of pure lead, and the pain that increased as Clone 1 enclosed my fist with his hand. I could feel my knuckles being crushed by Clone 1's strength.

"Now, now, let's not get too rowdy. You'd best back-off or risk losing a hand. This is your first and only warning." Clone 1 opened his hand again and freed my fist, now crushed. I rotated my wrist a few times then popped every knuckle. Doing this helped my entire hand return to normal.

"Just get it over with. I want to kick your ass so bad now, my muscles are aching."

"That's cute. Alright, see you on the other side another day." Clone 1 got in a position similar to the position I use to power up my energy and began to scream so loud it shook the entire planet. Rocks and boulders began to rise from the ground and waves of evil energy began to fill the air. The evil in the waves was so powerful that I was beginning to feel as if my energy were being sucked out of me. Sorenska felt the same way.

A dome of energy enclosed Clone 1, as he continued to scream to the sky and beyond. It wouldn't surprise me if the Arm'eians could feel Clone 1's energy wave, due to it being so powerful, it was hurting Sorenska and I. It was as if we were insects and that we were being killed by a poison, which in this case was Clone 1's energy.

Clone 1 stopped screaming and began to speak something. "With the power of all my surroundings. In the air, water, grass. All elements of this world join together!

I didn't like the sound of Clone 1's phrase, because I knew that something bad was going to happen now.

"Element Absorbency!" At that moment, Clone 1's arms opened up to open holes, then all of the air, rocks, and other objects begun to be sucked into the holes, as if it were a whirlpool sucking in a boat. Clone 1's arm muscles begun to grow along with the rest of his body. His chest was getting buffer along with the rest of his muscles, and he was growing from about my height to about seven feet or more.

Clone 1 finished the process by closing the pores on his arms. Immediately, I was worried about how strong he had just gotten and wondered if I truly would come out of this battle alive.

"I see you are worried. Good, because I assure you that you'll be begging for my mercy in a mere two minutes or less."

"You've improved no doubt, but my instincts tell me that I can still win this battle."

"Go ahead and follow your instincts, for they'll cost you your life."

"We'll see."

"Come at me."

I wasted no time and quickly rushed at Clone 1. Clone 1 dodged my rush, then he elbowed me in the kidneys. The blow made me lose my breath and strength as I fell to the ground. I tried my hardest to get up off the ground, but my body refused.

I was hardly breathing normally and had little feeling in my legs. The blow that Clone 1 threw was devastating and powerful. I knew I was now in for one hell of a fight and may not come out alive.

Sorenska looked over at me with a look of worry on his face. Tears formed in his eyes and leaked onto the ground like an open river. He was yelling at me to get off the ground, but it was useless. Until my body is strong enough, I'm going to have to fight from the ground.

"Really, I only touched you Vern'e, and you're already on the ground struggling to arise. Pathetic. What happened to the power that you had before? Is it gone, or is it just weaker than my power? At this pace, it's not even worth fighting you at my full power. Rise and fight!"

"I can't."

"I said rise!" Clone 1 kicked me in the ribs hard. I screamed out in pain, for I knew that at least three ribs were broken and he ruptured my lungs and heart. "Come on fight me you pathetic runt!" He continued to kick me multiple times in the side, causing my lungs to be ruptured more and my heart to decrease in heart rate.

I spat up blood onto the ground, not even able to breathe anymore and my heart was slowing down. In other words, I'd be dead in a minute or less.

"I failed. It's over." Sorenska was screaming and crying at the same time, trying to encourage me to not give up, but it was no use. I was done for.

"Dad get up!" Sorenska continued to cry tears that glimmered in the sun, making his tears look like silver.

"Relax brat! He's not dying this easy."

At that moment, I immediately got a horrible feeling in my stomach. How was I going to die? I really didn't want to know, but I knew soon I would find out.

"Leave him alone!"

"Shut up, and stay out of this! Once he's dead, you'll join him."

"He'll beat you!"

"Sorry to tell you, but your father is good as gone kid."

I decided to interrupt. "Sorenska just stay back!"


"There's nothing you can do."

"Yes there is! I can try and save you!"

"No! Just stay back!"

"Let go of my dad you piece of trash!" Sorenska rushed out to both Clone 1 and I.


Clone 1 laughed. "Come and get it kid."


* * *


"Stop Sorenska!" A voice came from nowhere, but Sorenska was stopped in midair by whoever yelled. On the ground, a figure held Sorenska in both arms. I struggled to make out who it was, and immediately I recognized the figure when I caught a glimpse of him. It was Clone 2.

"Clone 2!" Clone 1 had a look of anger and disgust on his face.

"Clone 2 what are you doing!"

"Stopping any further massacre. Why do you care anyway? From what I heard, I was nothing but a mere piece of trash and a minor setback to you. Shut your trap!"

"Just stay out of my way! After this pathetic excuse of an Ultimate Warrior is dead, the runt dies along with you!"

"You're such a fool. You'll lose if you continue."

"Don't be ridiculous! I'm throwing this one around like a rag doll!"

"You were warned."

"Just shut your trap, and stay out of this!"

"Very well."

Sorenska got a look of sadness on his face, knowing I was going to die. I tried to smile a little as a last salutation to Sorenska.

"Time to die."

"Goodbye Sorenska." Clone 1 picked me up from the ground by the neck and held me high in the air. "This is it." Clone 1 threw an energized punch to my head multiple times, kneed me in the groin. The pain was so intense that I even shed a tear. My mouth was filled with teeth fragments and all I could taste was blood. My sight was beginning to fade to black and I couldn't even feel any part of my body. Clone 1 finally threw one last punch that caused me to scream pulsively. He shot a powerful blow straight through my stomach and out the other side of the body.

A giant hole was now imprinted through my entire lower chest area. Blood soaked onto the ground as Clone 1 pulled his giant fist out the giant hole in my stomach, then dropped me to the ground.

I felt nothing when I hit the ground, except the massive pool of blood that now surrounded me. My eyesight began to blur away to nothing, and I began to see old memories of my days in the orphanage. Finally, my eyes shut and went to nothing but black and pitch darkness.


* * *


My body suddenly began to regain feeling, and the hole in my stomach began to reform to the way it was. My scratches and bruises all began to heal back to normal and my eyesight returned to 20/20. I felt no more pain and I was completely back to normal. "How is this possible?"

I rose from the ground and looked over at Clone 1, who was about to attack Sorenska. "Clone 1!"

He looked back and immediately received a shocked look on his face. "No! That's impossible! You have to be dead! There's no way!"

"I'm right here." The blonde tips of my hair was glowing at a high level of luminosity, and inside of me, I could feel a new power growing.

"You have to be a ghost! You can't be alive!"

"I'm alive and well, and I'm back with a vengeance!" Some of the power inside burst out, making Clone 1 retreat a little.

"You should've stayed dead! I don't know how you came back, but this time I'll make sure you stay dead!" Clone 1 rushed at me, but I stopped him dead in his tracks. I grabbed one of his arms and began to crush it with my hand. He screamed as loud as I did when he punched me straight through the stomach.

I looked Clone 1 straight in the eyes. "It's time for you to die and go to oblivion!" I pressurized more on Clone 1's arm, causing him to scream even more. "I told you that my fight is with your creator, not the likes of counterparts!" I squoze more and more on Clone 1's arm. "Time for you to die!" Clone 1's arm snapped, and to make it worse I ripped Clone 1's arm clean from his shoulder joint.

Blood began to splatter out of a main artery, making Clone 1 scream out in pain. I quickly grabbed his other arm and pulled it clean from his shoulder joint. More blood shot out onto my chest. I threw a severe punch straight to the crown of the head and knocked him onto the ground.

I jumped high in the air and bent my legs so that my kneecaps stuck out. I fell onto Clone 1's knees and broke them with the impact of my kneecaps striking them head-on. Both of Clone 1's legs were shattered and bent the opposite way.

I jumped off of Clone 1 and grabbed both his legs. I bent them backward slowly, listening to Clone 1 scream even more. Both of his legs snapped, so I quickly ripped both his legs clean from the knee joints. An entire pool of blood surrounded Clone 1.

"You should've perished in the blast, otherwise you wouldn't be going through this misery. Time to die!" All my power burst out, as I lifted Clone 1 from the ground by the neck and prepared for the final blow. I threw my fist straight into the center of Clone 1's chest and began to lead my fist up through his throat in the mouth.

Clone 1 gagged and began to reach the point of dying. "I hope you're watching Black Matter, because I'm sending a message. Quit throwing these deceptions at me and come and fight me if you want me dead so bad! This is only a fraction of what I'll do to you the day we fight! So watch closely, because I'm about to show you the true power of an Arm'eian!"

"Goodbye Clone 1." I charged up my new amount of energy into a Rosna attack. "Rosna attack!" A blue orb shot out of my fist into Clone 1's head, causing all the openings in his head to release blue light. I pulled my fist out of Clone 1 and watched as the explosion began. Clone 1's head blew up into nothing but a blue explosion, that left no remains of the head at all. Clone 1 was at long last dead.


* * *


No trace was left of Clone 1 except his severed limbs and chest. I powered down and took two deep breaths of relief that the fight was over for now. Sorenska ran to me and gave me a hug around the waist. I smiled and bent over to give him a real hug around the shoulders. Sorenska retracted from me after about a minute of hugging me. He had some blood on his face, so I wiped it away with my thumb.

"I knew you'd win!"

"Truly Sorenska, I have no idea how I was able to escape from death and be healed back to a new person."

"It doesn't matter. All that matters is that it's over."

"When I regained my strength, I was able to draw more power from myself than before. That's how I was able to beat him so easily."

"How did you do all of that?"

Clone 2 interrupted the conversation and spoke. "I think I can help explain what happened. You see, when an Arm'eian is put in a near-death situation, they're able to regain strength from the injuries and heal themselves back to normal."

"That's why you warned Clone 1. You knew he was stronger than me, and if he were to injure me the way he did, he would lose after I came back stronger."


"It's amazing what you learn."

"Thanks for the compliment, but we need to focus on something important."

"What's that?"

"Black Matter."

"I hope that bastard's on his way to Earth right now."

"Vern'e, if you were to challenge Black Matter now, you'd end up dead."

"How are you so sure?"

"I was created by him, so I know how strong he is."

"Okay, so how strong is he?"

"Let's just say you're way off as far as power goes by over a mile."

"Are you serious?"


"What am I going to do?"

"I have an idea, but it's dangerous."

"What are you suggesting?"

"Far in the universe, there's a planet with a building that contains rooms that bend time."

"What do you mean by bend time?"

"In these rooms, you can train for over seven years in only seven days."

"So, you're saying a day out here is a full year inside of these rooms."


"I'm in on this."

"Now, let's not rush. It's dangerous."

"Why is it dangerous?"

"The planet these rooms are located on is Black Matter's home planet."

My heart sunk. "Great. It's probably infested with Dorsians now."

"No. They're all on Arm'e."

"Then there's no chance of danger."

"What if Black Matter shows up out of nowhere?"

"We'll have to annialate him."

"How can you be so confident?"

"I'm an Arm'eian. Aren't I?"

"So, you're willing to take the chance no matter what?"

"You guessed right."

"What about Sorenska?"

I looked at Sorenska. "Are you willing to take the risk?"

"You bet. I want to see you annialate Black Matter!"

"Okay. Well Clone 2, that's two out of three."

"Then I agree as well."

"Excellent. Shall we go?"

"Yes we shall. Grab hold of me."

Sorenska and I each grabbed one of Clone 2's hands and prepared ourselves for anything that was coming next.

"Hold on you two. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

Sorenska and I both gripped Clone 2's hands tight and prepared for take-off.

"Five, four, three, two, one, hold on!"

A dome of light enclosed all of us then-with one final flash-we were off to Dorsa.

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