The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


6. Chapter Six: The Sword's Secrets and Deception

Chapter 6: The Sword's Secrets & Deception

The evening breeze was cool instead of hot tonight, so I decided to lay on top of the mesa and admire the stars in the sky. I could see afar many different types of stars, such as giants, supergiants, and white dwarfs. There's a red star in the sky that I admire every night, because it blinks at me like an unknown stranger.

In my mind, all I thought was what that star could possibly be. Just a star, or a planet, because it was red and bright like Mars when it appears in the sky at certain times. Maybe it's my own home planet and all my life it has blinked at me, as a sign of my destiny. Whatever it was, it's a beautiful thing to look at, due to the reason that it calms my nerves.

My eyes were half-shut, so I decided to take a short moment to relax myself in a trans. In the trans, I feel free and away from any peril or danger. My mind is calm with positive thoughts and no negative thoughts. Black Matter's remnants in my mind were banished now to somewhere away from my mind currently.

Memories of the orphanage; when I was growing up into who I am today. When I taught the small orphans and fed them, the time I accidentally hacked the computer's programs while fixing a small electrical problem, teaching geometry to the teens in the higher levels when I was only ten years old. All of this really calmed me to a somewhat even level, because the fact that I have to defeat Black Matter in five long years is still on my mind no matter what.

I opened my eyes out of the trans, and noticed that the sky was now pitch black with no stars or even a moon. It was strange, because it was also freezing cold, as if I had walked into an ice age. The mesa I sat on was now solid ground that was sharper than hell, so I rose off the ground.

A pool of blood sat in the spot where I lied, so apparently I



was cut severely on my back, because pain suddenly struck me like a brick wall. There is cuts on my back, that are I suppose are an inch or two deep in my skin. Confused, I shook my head trying to escape wherever I was, because I was definitely not in the Dry Wastelands no longer.

My feet were bleeding from the sharp surface, so I walked slowly, hoping to find a way out of this Hell. The winds were cold as ice, so I did all I could to stay warm, by rubbing my arms with my hands that were also bleeding, so it hurt to even rub my arms to keep myself warm. "Where the hell am I?"


* * *


I scratched my head, causing blood to get in my hair, but at this moment I didn't care. No civilization was to be seen, all it was was complete never-ending desert. What was I going to do? I'll die if I don't find a way out of wherever I was. My mind was boggling inside with so many questions, causing me to get a headache. I didn't even bother to shake it off, because I knew it would only make it worse.

Walking along the ground was so painful, that it was unbearable, so I stopped and just stood. "How? How am I going to get out of here? It is impossible that I couldn't have went somewhere else, because all I did was go into a small trans to calm my mind; free of Black Matter being stuck in the same spot at all times, as if haunting my memories.

I've never even read or studied any place such as this. I thought that no place could exist like this. Am I dreaming? Is this all a nightmare? I knew that asking questions was useless, so I thought in my mind of what could of caused this. That was when I thought of the only thing that could've caused all of this trickery. The only thing that has that kind of power. "Black Matter!"


* * *



"Show yourself! Now!" The wind suddenly quit blowing, and

all there was was complete silence. I gritted my teeth, and my face was red, with every vein sticking out of my forehead, arms, even my legs. The sound of my breathing and heartbeat echoed throughout the hollow sky, then my echoes were interrupted by a deep laugh, which I knew for sure was Black Matter.

"You coward! Show yourself!" The laughing continued then the deep voice of Black Matter responded with words that shot fear up my spine.

"As you wish."

I awaited the manifestation, but suddenly I was punched hard in the right side of my jaw, that nearly knocked me out cold. The punch cut the inside of mouth, so immediately I tasted blood. I spit it out onto the ground then looked, only to see Black Matter standing about fifty feet from me in the distance.

He stared at me with pure evil in his eyes, and was chuckling a laugh, that gave me chills, but I knew I couldn't be scared now. No more selfishness or doubt! Being as strong and brave as possible, I began to walk toward Black Matter. The ground no longer hurt my feet, so I felt invincible and my confidence was higher than it has ever been in my entire life.

Black Matter looked as if he were trying to intimidate me with his glare, but this time it didn't work as I got closer to him. Now, he let down his glare and seemed confused about a change in my attitude; he even looked a little worried. He stopped laughing, and unfolded his arms, because he knew that I was no longer the same boy he met in the orphanage, and that I was a completely different person.

I stopped about five feet from him, then smiled an intimidating grin, that made Black Matter worry a little more. "Well, I see you haven't changed any bit Black Matter."

"Couldn't say the same for you. You have changed very much, and have finally come to the fact that you are an Arm'eian that must battle me in five years."



"Correct. I'm advancing much faster than you thought I would, aren’t I?"

"You dare to judge my knowledge! That's it! You're finished!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, because I've learned how to push my power to its full level. So, if you wish to not be fried like a burnt french fry, I suggest you back off."

"Ha! I admire your confidence, but if you think you can defeat me now, then you are sorely mistaken!"

"I have more confidence than you."

"Why you...I will crush you like a bug!"

"Back off!" I began to form a huge Rosna attack in my palm, that wouldn't finish Black Matter, but injure him severely.

"Ha! You think that'll stop me! Ridiculous!"

"You want power? I'll show you power!" I increased the Rosna attack by doubling its size.

"How are you even able to sustain that much power and control it?"

"I've learned a few new tricks since our last meeting."

"Grrr! I will crush you!"

Black Matter rushed at me, so I tripled the size of the Rosna attack then fired. "Rosna attack!" It struck Black Matter head-on, then all I heard was screaming then it exploded, causing a blue haze to appear. When the blue haze faded and the smoke cleared, Black Matter was on the ground, and was severely injured. He moaned, due to half of his circuits being fried and not able to function right.

"Ooh... You little runt." He slow arose from the ground with blood drizzling onto the ground from his chest. "I may be injured badly, but I still can kill you."

"Really, because you look like the weak one. I can't finish you off; you are still too strong, so let me out of this nightmare, or I'll fire another Rosna attack of that caliber."

"Never. You die now!"


"You deceiving demon!" Black Matter went to rush at me, but suddenly an unknown stranger grabbed Black Matter around the neck, and pulled Black Matter back away from me.

"Vern'e go! Get out of here!, said the stranger.

"Who are you?"

"Go! Eresna moroa epa sonoro esren nosa!" A portal appeared. "Go! Now!"

I listened and quickly rushed at the portal and looked back. As I entered the portal, I caught a glimpse of the stranger. He looked just like me. "Was that my father?" The portal closed and I was back in the Dry Wastelands.


* * *


Throughout the night the question of if that was my father who saved me vibrated in my mind and repeated itself over-and-over. He looked just like me, and he suddenly appeared out of nowhere to save me. Who else could enter Black Matter's realm to save me from death. "It was him. My father. Vern'eska."

I lied on the mesa, but this time without closing my eyes, because I'm afraid if I fall into a trans again, I may not come out of it this time. It was almost dawn, so I decided to do my stretches and begin training. "Today, I think I'll work on the Rosna attack by increasing the caliber, then do the Lightning Strike technique. Into the night, I'll cool down by increasing my kicking and punching speed. Then again, maybe I should see if I can do anything with the sword."

I grabbed the sword hoping to find out anything. "Come on you stupid sword!" My anger rose, then suddenly, the sword burst to flames like before. The fire was green as grass and was hot along the grip. I swung it around, creating a line of green fire. I swung it around in formations I do some of my punches and kicks. Next, I went faster, slashing through boulders and mesa.

"I can get used to this. Maybe I should try and combine a



Rosna attack through the blade." Holding the blade, I focused my energy and lead it to the blade from my palm, past the grip, and along the center line of the blade. The blade glow blue mixed with the green fire. "Here goes. Rosna attack!" The blade's glow grew brighter, then a giant blast of energy left the blade.

"It worked!" I awaited for the blast to explode, but instead the Rosna attack stood floating about five feet from the ground as a three-dimensional sphere. "What?" That was when the sphere suddenly turned into a gateway or portal.


"Who the... who's there?"

"You possess Te Spetar Swors. Therefore, you are the Ultimate Warrior. Now, enter."

I stepped into the portal, then the portal closed. I stood in a gigantic room, where a giant throne sat dead center. The floor was gold, so was the ceiling. Portraits of spiders hung on the sides of the room, so I guessed I was in the presence of a royal spider. "Hello."

"Ah, so this is the son of Vern'eska and Moonsha."

" Who are you?"

"Look up."

I looked right above me, only to see a gigantic spider hanging from a web the size of twenty school buses stacked on top of each other. I gulped, due to my fear of spiders.

"You mustn't worry, I mean you no harm Ultimate Warrior."

"Sorry, but can you tell me how you know who I am."

"Te Spetar Swors only ignites in flames when it is in the presence of the Ultimate Warrior. Plus, only Ultimate Warrior's are able to create portals the size of what you made."

"In that case, my name's Vern'e."

"Pleasure. I am Arachno XXX, but you can just call me the Spider King."

"Pleasure to meet you. Why have you summoned me here?"

"To inform you of the sword you possess."

"Go on."

"It is my most precious possession."

"Why did you give it away."

"I gave it to your father to fight Black Matter, but not even it was enough. He must've given it to you."

"Yes, because it was found with me when I crash-landed on Earth."

"Has he found you."

"Black Matter."

"Yes, and since you know his name, you have met him."

"Now, I'm stuck training for five grueling years to defeat him and become the Ultimate Warrior."


"Fine. Besides, he's already deceived me, by putting me into a trans, where I nearly died, but thanks to my father, I escaped alive."

"Hold it! Your father saved you?"


"How could you tell?"

"I caught a glimpse of his face before I escaped."

"Your father really loves you, if he risked being extinguished from existence as a ghost or human."

"What surprised me was how badly I injured Black Matter, before he arrived to save me."

"You've progressed in many ways. Somewhat, you've progressed much faster than your father ever did."

"I know. When I first started, I thought that I wouldn't progress as fast as I have."

"As an Arm'eian, anything is possible."

"I suppose so."

"Now, back to the sword."


"Vern'e, that sword has many features other than the flames. That sword could be over thousands of miles away, and if you were to say the Arm'eian words for "come to me", the sword would immediately appear next to you. So, in battle if you need it, say the words "sear cos rena" and it will appear."

"Another feature is in the grip. The blade detaches from the grip, due to what is hidden in the grip. In the grip is container of a special medicine that can prevent and heal even the most severe injury. Just insert a single drop into the wound and the medicine will do the rest."

"The last and most important, is that the sword can only fire a major blast of extremely high caliber once. After the blast has been made, the blade will disintegrate to ash. The blade will only reform if a new Ultimate Warrior possesses it."

"All of this is important. Can you remember it all Vern'e?"

"Yes, your majesty."

"Use it only when it is serious."


"Our time is up. You must leave now."


"Just as how you got here."

"Through the sword."


"Okay." I gripped the sword, causing the sword to ignite in green flames again. I formed a Rosna attack like before and began to lead it from my palm to the grip, up the center of the blade, until the blade shone blue with mixes of green due to the flames. "Rosna attack!" Once again a beam of blue shot out of the end of the sword, forming a portal.

"Until we meet again majesty."

"Good luck."

I nodded my head, then walked into the portal back to the Dry Wastelands.

The flames of Te Spetar Swors extinguished as I released my grip from it. I set it in my bag with the sheet of techniques, which I grabbed next to study the next technique listed, then set it back in the bag. I walked out in the opening and did my stretches while popping my knuckles and neck, and prepared myself for my third day of training.

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